Chapter 15:

Beware the Ides of March

Escape Witch

The station was in shock as they stared at the mentally broken Bianka. She had been completely humiliated before their eyes, and all they could feel was fear. Fear that they too would eventually end up like her.

“Damn her! Just what the hell is she!? All my instincts were screaming not to get near her," Serika thought as she slammed her fist in frustration.

The paramedics arrived 5 minutes later. One of them sighed as he recognized Fujiko’s handiwork.

“Not another one! And in the police station of all places! Its like she’s some untouchable politician," he sighed.

That last line resonated with Serika.

“Untouchable!? UNTOUCHABLE!?”

Serika slammed her fists on the desk to get everyone’s attention.

“LISTEN UP! I don't know who's in charge, so I'll assume command. I’m issuing an arrest warrant for Fujiko Yamaguchi! If we allow that menace to roam the street, we are all in danger! She must be stopped! Use as much force as necessary, even if it kills her! That’s all," Serika stated.

Everyone began murmuring as Serika walked up to Bianka.

“Don’t worry, I’ll avenge you, you skirt chasing perv. Though, why was she blabbering about sending a video to Mochi? Didn’t that twin-tailed bitch steal Mochi’s phone!?” Serika grumbled.

Life suddenly flowed back into Bianka’s eyes. She reached out and grabbed one of the paramedics as he rolled her on the stretcher.

“Gah! Wait!? You look better! I’ve never seen this happen! Hold on, lets unstrap her for a sec.”

As the paramedics reexamined a rejuvenated Bianka, Serika left to pursue Fujiko. She eventually caught up with her.


Fujiko turned and glared at Serika. As Serika began walking towards her, Fujiko took out her knife and slid it across the ground.

“Pick it up and shave yourself in the rain tough bitch.”

Serika gazed down at the knife. Seeing a sharp knife like this up close brought back memories of that fateful day. Serika grabbed the knife and lunged towards Fujiko. Fujiko immediately dodged and maneuvered behind Serika.

“Was that how you killed someone? SOOO scary! I saw tons of girls like that in prison, and I broke every single one of them! How funny! I’ve never killed anyone, yet I can break the minds of hardened killers without any bloodshed aside from tattoos and piercings. I wonder, were you some delinquent killer? With that green hair of yours, you’d probably be a [Mao] (ruler of demons).”

Serika dropped the knife in horror at the mention of “Mao”. Fujiko looked surprised, as if she wasn’t expecting this reaction. She decided to keep pressing.

“Yes, you were Mao-sama. I know who you are, now bleat for me sheep! For I am your queen!”

Serika retreated in horror.

“H- How, how did you-”


Serika ran away as fast as she could in terror as Fujiko scowled and picked up her knife.

“Oh? So she fears her past more than humiliation. Guess I’ll have to remember to look her up on the dark web once I’m done with Yuni-chan. Oh, Yuni-chan! I can’t wait! I’m going to have the greatest birthday ever!”


Serika slammed open the door of her apartment. She was so frantic, she almost forgot to take her shoes off and close the door. She then dove into the covers and shuddered.

“No, there’s no way! Sensei’s the only one who knew. She must have just been toying with me. They’re not going to come for me. They’re not going to come for me…”


Yuni woke up close to midnight to the sound of her phone ringing. It was Emeri.

“Emeri?” Yuni groggily groaned.

“Yuni-chan? Sorry to wake you, but I’m done," Emeri stated.

“What did you find?”

“Well, I recovered the video, but I couldn’t find much else. Though, her contact list is interesting. We’ve got “chief” who’s likely Nakajima, someone named Bianka, Kurobane, Kaori, Purin, Yumeko, and most shockingly of all, Fujiko.”


“Yeah, she even sent a demented video of her shaving and humiliating some delinquent girl in what appears to be the police station.”

“Was she scantily clad, and had a bleached blonde bob?” Yuni groaned.


“That’s Bianka, Mochi’s partner.”

“Wait! That girl was a cop!? I thought she was some poor delinquent that got arrested. Though if that’s Bianka, that makes things even weirder.”

“What do you mean?”

“I looked into Fujiko’s background, and apparently she’s got a criminal record!”

“I think Nakajima mentioned that. So what was it for?”

“When she was in her third year of high school, she was expelled and arrested for drenching the entire student body of her elite all girls school with hot wax.”

"With hot wax!?" Yuni shuddered.

“There were no casualties, though nearly all of them suffered either permanent hair and skin damage and/or mental trauma. What gets more interesting is that Mochika Myouchi is listed as a student at the time, along with a brunette named Bianka Yuzume. Based on what we know, its likely that these two are the loli and the delinquent cop that Fujiko humiliated. That would mean they both went to school with Fujiko. Though that’s not the scariest part of the story. Apparently, Fujiko was released from prison early.”


“Connections possibly. Her surname is the same as that of the Superintendent General.”

“Great, she’s untouchable. Just what I need.”

“What do you mean?”

“She somehow got my number and wants me to come to her salon tomorrow, most likely to turn me into a hairless freak show.”

“That’s bad! The rumors say Fujiko mentally broke the entire female prison population at her prison. To this day, all the female prisoners that were incarcerated in S-prison are in mental asylums. The web also has bad rumors about her customers. Apparently, 90% of them turn into masochistic slaves, while the other 10% end up in mental asylums on the spot. That monster has an evil talent for breaking and enslaving women. Be on your guard, and call me if anything happens."

As Yuni ended the call, the clock struck midnight. It was March 15th, Fujiko's birthday, as well as the Ides of March. Yuni then heard her doorbell ring.  She looked through the peephole and saw a soaked girl with silver hair standing outside.

"Yuni-chan, its me. Please open the door. They're after me," the girl pleaded. She sounded and looked just like Madoka.

“Madoka!?” Yuni screamed as she opened the door.

Lightning flashed as the silver haired girl shoved a rag in Yuni’s face and tore off her wig and mask. It was Fujiko!

“Happy Birthday to me! Let’s enjoy our date, Yu-ni-chan. AHAHAHAHAHA!”

Tears began to pour out of Yuni’s eyes as she slowly lost consciousness.