Chapter 16:

Ides of March Part 1: Hell

Escape Witch

March 15th 2:30 A.M.

Kurobane yawned as she laid down in a bed at the police station.

“Damn you Nakajima! Because of your little spectacle, we had to do far more damage control than need be. All those press conferences could have been avoided if you had just SHUT UP!” she thought as she dozed off to sleep.

Mutsumi, meanwhile was still wide awake.

“This is the most motivated I’ve been since the Ginkawa case. I wish you were here Reika, if your protégé can recover that video, our little Illumous senator is finished," she thought as she sat in front of her laptop.


In a hotel room, Carl furiously gulped down a bottle of whiskey before throwing it into the wall.

“[That fuckin whore! *hic* She betrayed me! She betrayed Illumous! She took the Ginkawa bitch and ran! *hic* Jimmy’s dead! *hic*Now they’re acusin him of bein a criminal!? *hic* DAMN that purple haired bitch!]”

One of his aides tried to calm him down.

“[S- Sir, we received a report that Madoka Ginkawa is being held in police custody.]”

“[WHAT!? Then send someone to go git er! *hic* And take out those other girls that saw me as well. I don’t care if that redhead was cute, torture her like crazy! Heh, an make sure you record it so I can jerk off to it later, I really wanna see that bitch break! *hic*]”


“Wake up you slut, it’s time for some early morning enslavement!”

Yuni’s eyes bolted open as she woke up to the sight of Fujiko pinning her down in her bed. She attempted to scream but found out her mouth was forced open with clamps, preventing her from screaming efficiently. Her arms and legs were spread out and bound with chains and her pajamas were ripped and torn in various places.

“WAA HA ELL AH U UN UE EE!? (WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!?)” Yuni tearfully glared.

“Oh, we just slept together. Your body warmed me up after I was wet and cold from the rain. Don’t worry I’m pretty sure we’re both still virgins… for now! I'll be sure to take it at the salon once I'm finished with your makeover!” Fujiko sneered.

She then grabbed Yuni’s tongue and pulled it out as far as it would go. Yuni gazed up in horror as she recognized the device in Fujiko’s other hand.

“Let’s start with a couple piercings! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!”


Yuni’s mouth and tongue ached as Fujiko finished loading them with piercings. She whipped out Yuni’s phone and took a picture of her completed work. She then removed the mouth clamps.


 The pain and piercings made it difficult for her to speak properly. Fujiko then pulled out a tube of highest quality super glue and glued Yuni’as mouth shut.


“AHAHAHAHA! Don’t worry, I’m being merciful, so you don’t need to worry about people seeing your vulgar tongue piercing, at least not until I upload the photo of it to social media! Best part is, that glue is said to be unsealable, so no one’s ever gonna hear your snarky little voice ever again! Better get fluent in gag talk! AHAHAHAHAHA! Now then, lets wash you down and wrap up all that long hair nice and tight!”


Emeri dialed Yuni’s phone.

“Yuni-chan! Are you OK!?"



“Hmm, it says you’re Emeri, oh, could you be that shy hotty with the bandages? Oh, your next after Yuni, I’m coming for you after I dump Yuni and send her to the asylum!”


“No, its not open yet. I will bring Yuni-chan over there as soon as I’m done dressing her! Right now I’m washing her at her house, say why don’t you bleat for Emeri-chan Yu-ni-chan!”

“Mmmphh mmph!” Yuni tearfully moaned as Fujiko held the phone up to her face.


Emeri hung up and immediately grabbed her smartwatch and Mochi’s phone as she  quickly got dressed and ran out of her room. She then hopped on one of her motorcycles and sped off.

“Damn! I don’t know her address! I’ll have to go straight to the police station," she thought.


“And it’s all dry now, ready to be walked bitch?” Fujiko sneered as she turned off the hair dryer. 

Yuni was seated in a chair, wearing her ripped pajamas. Fujiko had also placed handcuffs on her wrists and ankles and fastened a collar and leash to her neck. Yuni mind had nearly been broken, and she was now terrified of Fujiko as she cried at her appearance in the mirror. Fujiko had tightly wrapped up all her hair in rollers and then encased it all in super glue. She had also smeared super glue over her eyebrows and painted her fingers and toenails. The makeup that had been put on her face was all smeared due to her crying. Fujiko clicked her tongue and sadistically covered Yuni’s face in hot wax leaving just her eyes visible.

“Next time don’t mess up your makeup bitch! I’ll rip it off when we get there. Now let’s do something about your damaged hair. Don’t worry, you’ll look hideous when I’m done shaving you,” she sneered.

Fujiko tugged on the leash and dragged Yuni towards the door. Yuni’s eyes looked lifeless as tears oozed out of them.

“I can’t take it anymore, this is hell. How could this whore be so evil!? And she wants to do MORE to me!? Is she with Illumous!? She knows about Emeri and Madoka. Will she do horrible things to them!? No! No! I can’t let her hurt them like she hurt me. If Sensei and mother… mother… *gasp*”

Life suddenly began pouring back into Yuni’s eyes as she remembered her mother and all the hardships she endured.

“This is nothing compared to the hell mother and Sensei experienced! I’m resolved, I don’t care what punishment I’ll get for what I’m about to do to this monster! SHE CAN GO TO HELL!”

Fujiko felt cold steel wrap around her neck. She tried to pull it off and rolled her eyes back to see that Yuni was the one chocking her. Fujiko’s face went blue, yet her smile only grew bigger. She managed to slip free and throw Yuni across the room. Yuni immediately crawled towards the door. She slipped into her sneakers and bolted out the door as fast as she could move.

It was pouring rain outside, and Yuni's movement was restricted by the handcuffs, but all she cared about was getting as far away from that monster as possible. Fujiko kneeled on the floor and gasped for air. Her nose was bleeding, her cheeks were blushing, and she was aroused.

“*Huff* Wow I’ve *huff* never been *huff* so close to *huff* death before! *huff* Yu-ni-chan *huff* I think I’m in love!”  Fujiko cooed as she got up and slowly began staggering towards the door. 

When she reached it, she slowly slipped into her white sneakers and tied the laces.

“Naughty bitch! You didn’t even tie your laces, and you even wore shoes after I just painted your nails!” she sneered before  running out at breakneck speed with a demented smile on her face.

 She effortlessly caught up to Yuni and tackled her to the ground. She then began stomping all over Yuni, leaving her muddy shoe prints all over her.

“YOU NAUGHTY BITCH! I JUST washed you! Guess I’ll wash you on the way over,” Fujiko sneered as she grabbed Yuni’s leash and began dragging her down the wet street.

 Yuni slowly sunk back into despair as her body ached and became cold and wet.

“Damn that monster! How can she be this strong!? My body aches so much I can barely move. Please, someone notice this atrocity and stop this monster. Someone, anyone, please SAVE ME!” Yuni thought as tears began to once more pour out of her eyes.

Due to the weather, hardly anyone was out walking, some cars would occasionally drive by, but none would stop to help. Either they didn't fully notice, or were too afraid to confront Fujiko.

Thirty minutes later...

Fujiko unlocked the door of the salon  and dragged Yuni to one of the chairs. She shoved her into it and removed the handcuffs before activating the chair’s restraining feature. Yuni’ wrists and ankles were restrained with metal clamps as Fujiko  removed Yuni’s shoelaces and slapped her face with them.

“Should have tied your shoes bitch!” she sneered as she ripped the wax of Yuni’s face. 

Yuni howled in pain as Fujiko maliciously ripped the wax off and forced her to look at herself in the mirror. Her eyebrows were now gone, and her face was still smeared by the makeup. Tears poured out of Yuni's eyes due to both the pain and humiliation.

“You almost killed me back there. VERY naughty!” Fujiko sneered as she grabbed one of the hair rollers glued to Yuni’s head and ripped it off causing Yuni to howl in pain.

“Oh, looks like your hair is in bad shape, how about we see if a little scrub down will help,” Fujiko sneered as she turned the chair around, and leaned it into the sink. 

She lathered Yuni’s hair and face with soap and violently scrubbed. Some more of the rollers along with Yuni’s hair fell off in the sink. After rinsing, Fujiko lathered up Yuni’s head and face again. This time she also draped a towel over her face before waterboarding her. Yuni moaned in discomfort as she struggled to breath while Fujiko looked down at her and blushed.

“That’s for nearly chocking me to death, LOVE! AHAHAHAHAHA!”


After what seemed like an eternity, the wash was done. Yuni breathed heavily out of her nose as she tried to catch her breath. Fujiko rummaged around in the back before wheeling out a cart full of her tools. Hair clippers, a sharp shaving knife, two unopened cans of shaving cream, two brand new bottles of hot wax, a tattoo gun, a piercing gun, various pieces of vulgar jewelry, and a bottle labeled "perma-nair".  Fujiko grinned as she unscrewed the cap on one of the bottles of wax.

"The only way to get all that glue off is to WAX it off! Don't worry, I'll be sure to make use of EVERYTHING on this cart. AHAHAHAHAHA!"

Lightning flashed as Fujiko hoisted the bottle of wax above Yuni's head. Yuni stared up in terror as the wax slowly oozed towards the mouth of the bottle.

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