Chapter 23:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“Why don’t we wait until night to leave?”
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We hadn’t been attacked by any monsters during our trek from the church to the river.Bookmark here

Although it might’ve been a coincidence, I suggested we wait in hopes of increasing our chances of survival.Bookmark here

After discussing our options, we decided to stay put during the day and make a move once night fell. We’d make our necessary preparations in the meantime.
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I used the goblin’s club that Homura lit to build a fire and boiled some water from the river. Bookmark here

I scooped up the water using an aluminum lunchbox that I found at the bottom of Futoshi’s backpack, making sure to lay some flat pebbles underneath so it wouldn’t catch fire.Bookmark here

Once the water had boiled, I transferred it to some empty plastic bottles.Bookmark here

There. That ought to last us for a while.Bookmark here

“This should do for a torch, right?”Bookmark here

Surprisingly, Saburo made himself useful without complaining.Bookmark here

He’d brought a Swiss Army knife with him, which he used to cut branches and create torches for us.Bookmark here

“I’m not much of a team player, but I like camping on my own.”Bookmark here

Did this situation feel like a camping trip to him? I wondered.Bookmark here

He seemed to relish his tasks, though, so I decided not to say anything.Bookmark here

“I found another bag. Yes, there are snacks inside! Score!”Bookmark here

Chika returned in high spirits.Bookmark here

Chika and Shizuka were collecting the bags that the other troops had left behind.Bookmark here

Since we were attacked by the lizardmen while we were resting, a lot of our classmates’ stuff had been abandoned in the scuffle.Bookmark here

We highly doubted they’d come back for them, so we decided to take whatever we needed.Bookmark here

“How’s Shizuka doing?”Bookmark here

“She’s either puking at the dead lizards, apologizing to them, or crying. It’s pretty bad.”Bookmark here

Looks like Shizuka can’t handle this situation after all. I wondered if she’d be all right moving forward.Bookmark here

On the other hand, Chika seemed to have gotten over it and was proving to be quite reliable.Bookmark here

“I’ll have her take over the fire instead. Will you be okay, Chika?”Bookmark here

“Of course! Anything for snacks!”Bookmark here

If only Shizuka had even an ounce of Chika’s energy.Bookmark here

I approached Shizuka, who was sobbing into her hands next to a dead lizardman.
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“You don’t have to do this anymore. I want you to go back and check on the water instead.”Bookmark here

As I tapped her gently on the shoulder, Shizuka flinched.Bookmark here

“I-I’m sorry. Everyone else is working hard, but here I am, not doing anything.”Bookmark here

I shook my head and stopped Shizuka.Bookmark here

“It’s okay. I’d say your reaction is normal considering the situation we’re in.”Bookmark here

We lapsed into silence and moved to the fireside together.Bookmark here

“That’s very sweet of you.”Bookmark here

Charlotte was watching our exchange with amusement.Bookmark here

“What would you like me to do? I’ll do anything.”Bookmark here

“I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t explode. Just stay where you are.”Bookmark here

“Oh? No nice words for me?”Bookmark here

Hell no, I nearly spat out before biting my tongue.Bookmark here

I had more important things to deal with instead of Charlotte right now.Bookmark here

“Can you lend me your knife, Saburo?”Bookmark here

I asked him, ignoring Charlotte.Bookmark here

“Sure. Whatcha gonna make?”Bookmark here

Being a non-skill user, I needed a weapon.Bookmark here

I’d thought of one when I first saw the lizardmen’s sharp claws.Bookmark here

“It’s a surprise.”
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I don’t want to lose anyone else.Bookmark here

I stabbed the dead lizardman with Saburo’s knife, determined to make a weapon.Bookmark here

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