Chapter 34:

Volume 2: Chapter 2: When Friendship Blooms - Part 2


It was much later at night, the sun having long since gone down, and I was standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom—my personal bathroom.

Each of the four bedrooms had their own personal bathroom. It wasn’t just a half-bathroom either. They came complete with a shower and a bathtub, which could also second as a jacuzzi. The baths had jets. The bathroom certainly wasn’t the kind traditionally found in a Japanese home. It was probably European or something.

I still couldn’t get over how luxurious it was.

After brushing my teeth, washing off my face, and drying it with a towel, I wandered back into my bedroom. I padded across the room, which was thrice the size of my original bedroom, making it to the bed. The black kitten that I had brought home was already sitting on my queen-sized bed, which sank as I crawled onto it. The mattress, I was told, was made of memory foam.

I was already dressed for bed. Of course, “dressed for bed” in my book just meant boxers. As I crawled under the covers and rested my head on the pillow, the kitten plopped itself on my chest and curled up. I think this was the first time ever that an animal hadn’t run from me in fear. Warmth suffused my chest.

“You’re a strange kitty, aren’t you?”


The cat purred, though I didn’t know whether this was because he agreed with me or simply because I was scratching his ear.

“Goodnight,” I said to the cat.

“Nya,” the cat meowed almost in response.

It didn’t take me long to fall asleep, though I did not know if that was a good thing. My sleep was always filled with unpleasant dreams. I always dreamt of the times I had been alone, of the bullying that had been a constant throughout my life.

This time was no different. Images flashed through my mind. Cold eyes and cruel words. The scorn from children and adults. Taunting, bullying, beatings. They haunted me in my sleep.

I woke up with a groan. Looking out the window, I saw that it was still night out and sighed. It never changed. Nights were always filled with nightmares, and I would always wake up several times from them, my body breaking out in a cold sweat. Not even my new living conditions could change that, so it seemed.

Closing my eyes, I tried to fall asleep again, but I found it more difficult than before. There was a strange weight on my chest. It was warm and soft. What was it? The kitten? No, it was too big to be the kitten. I also couldn’t feel any fur.

I went to push the weight off of me. I placed my hands on whatever was on top of me. I froze. Whatever this weight was, it felt awfully strange. It was soft and yielding yet somewhat firm. Moving my hands across it, I realize that it had a strange shape to it as well. Certain parts were softer than others. I went further down, until I reached something that had a different texture than the rest. It was situated on top of two strange swells. Furry. That was what it made me think of. Whatever this thing was felt furry.

I stroked the furry something.

Whatever was on top of me moaned.

That was when I realized something. That was when shock coursed through me.

My eyes snapped wide open, and I looked down to see whatever was lying on top of me, even going so far as to pull off the covers. It was a girl. Long black hair fanned out across the bed and me. Dark tan skin filled my vision. The two swells, which my hands were currently resting on, was the girl’s soft rump. What jutted from the rump was a tail, which split apart into two separate tails.

She was naked.


A scream tore itself from my throat, such was my shock. The girl on top of me wake up with a start, leapt off of me, and turned around in mid air. She landed on the ceiling and stayed there, defying gravity. I think I was too shocked to really understand what that meant. All I knew was that a naked girl had been lying on top of me.

The door to my room burst open. Alicia and Matilda stormed in, both appearing as if they were ready for combat.

“What’s wrong, Jacob?!” asked a startled Alicia. “Is something the… mat… ter…?”

She took in the scene before her, me on the bed, and the naked girl hissing as she clung to the ceiling. Slowly, ever so slowly, her expression went from alert to deadpanned.

“Jacob,” she began calmly, “why is there a naked girl on your ceiling?”

I couldn’t think of anything to say in response.

“Oh, my,” said Matilda.


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