Chapter 26:

He fucking fell, didn’t he? [0.5 chapter]

Light of my darkest eve

Fuck. FUCK. How did I screw up so bad. Why did I keep screwing up so bad the whole day? Why the fuck did I kiss him at the end? What is wrong with me?

It’s like I learned nothing from what happened with Saki. I pushed it too far and now he’s fallen for me. Completely. I could tell the second he kissed me in that Photo Booth. I swore I wouldn’t let my hubris get the better of me, and yet, here I am. Fucking idiot.

Fuck, ok, this might still be salvageable. I just can’t act like I did today from now on. I’ll have to put the flirting and handholding and stuff on the back burner before this becomes unrecoverable.

It might just be a bit of a crush that he’ll lose over time if I stop showering him with affection.

Yeah. Yeah, that’ll work. I just have to hold back on the flirting and stuff. No more teasing, no more dates, and especially no more kissing.

Arghhh, this has the makings to end exactly the same way as it did with Saki. At least with Saki I was able to use her own pride against her to get her to talk things out with me in the end. If I break Taro’s heart, I doubt he’ll ever trust me again. I’ll lose him completely, and he has too much value to me to risk that.

Not to mention I’d probably get on Yosuke and Akane’s bad side.

Shit, this is shaping up far worse than I ever could have thought. I overextended way too much.

I have no choice. I’ll have to stop all the affectionate treatment and hope Taro’s feelings for me fade in time.

But… why does that make me feel… kinda sad?

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