Chapter 15:

BL, a Piggyback, and the Second Grand Romantic Scheme??

Writing a Guidebook with You

Am I gay?

When Kousuke opened his eyes and raised his upper body, he was on a curtained bed, and a big blanket covered his lower body. He seemed half-naked. And he found Hal was next to him, likely half-naked too.

Hold on. Calm down. There must be a misunderstanding!

He only saw rocks around him, so Kousuke concluded that he was in one of those artificial caves.

I collapsed due to that weird food called green brains. And this guy didn’t have enough rooms in his cave, so he slept with me. Wait, that sounds wrong.

Kousuke’s hands were trembling. And why am I half-naked??

He tried to be rational. Probably last night it was so hot, therefore I unconsciously stripped off my shirt. Yeah, only my shirt. I’m sure I’m wearing pants.

He raised the blanket and looked at his lower body. Oh, SHIT.

He quickly put down the blanket and was so shocked that he left his mouth open. What the fuck was happening last night??

But he also noticed something important returned, so he cried. I finally CAN get hard!

Probably because of that green brain thing. Or the situation calls for it, but I refuse to believe this is the case. I’m straight.

Kousuke sobbed and wiped his tears with the blanket. But Hal opened his eyes and left a mischievous smile. “Are you that happy we can be together?” Hal asked.

Kousuke jolted and quickly grabbed the blanket to cover more of his body, especially his chest although he didn’t have boobs. “Wha-what do you mean?? KYA!”

Hal chuckled. “Last night was so intense, Peasant. I want more.”

“I did NOT do anything funny with you last night!” Kousuke dropped the blanket and walked away to grab his clothes on the ground. But then, he stepped on something sticky.

He observed it and concluded. There is no fucking way!

Refusing to take the hints, Kousuke wore his clothes and rushed to the room door.

“If you are wondering, your fiancee stayed at the Great Library,” Hal grabbed his trousers and sat on the bed again. “I asked Flavia to lend some skill rolls to your fiancee. We are going to fight not only that damned monster but also the Order of Abbado and my twin brother. So, I'm sorry, I have to drag your fiancee.”

Ah, right, players can just use Skill Board to learn new skills. But people in this world rely on certain incantations or rituals from a skill roll or book, to acquire and learn the skill or raise its level.

People can also acquire some combat skills from training like knights. But usually, it’s not flashy or not much stronger.

That was why this library became private. The former and current dukes secretly wanted to hoard normal books, skill books, and other sources of knowledge to be strong and rule the world.

“So, what’s the plan, Peasant?” Hal asked. He also seemed to be suspicious of Kousuke.

“If I can’t get my hands on some items, then I will change my plan. But basically, we need to drive that monster’s attention to us, stun him, and give me a chance to shoot his left eye. Haven’t you heard about me from Lady Felis or Saintess Flavia?”

This is more complicated than the game. In the game, Rauf is the one who targets the monster’s eye. Then players just need to attack the monster.

Hal nodded.

Kousuke also nodded, but before he went out, he put his hand around his thigh and said, “You two shouldn’t have any regret, just in case. So, just do it!”

Hal just chuckled and said, "Nothing happened between us last night. This room was so hot for once, it was so sweaty that I had to take off our clothes."

"Yeah, I know," Kousuke replied. And that sticky thing is just mud.

Kousuke saw some cubes form a circular field, outside the cave. That field was on the other side of the shore where their ship docked, and close to Hal’s cave. So that’s the stage for the Ritual of Sacrifice.

He stepped on a nearby cube, used [Stance Buff], and descended to the town. He jumped and saw Adelina sleeping over her bag like that day. But now, there was also Mochita on top of her. I fucking knew that this dog is naughty!

“Peddler, wake up.” Kousuke lifted Mochita and shook Adelina.

Adelina jolted, popped her big mucus, and looked around. “Oh, I thought there was a buyer.”

“Yes, me. Is it always this rough?”

“Ehehehe... I sell unknown items after all.” Adelina rubbed the back of her head. “So, what do you need, Sir Sniper?”

“Do you still not know my name?”

She panicked and shook her head violently. “No, no, no! Sir Durian, right?”

“Yeah, you forget it.” Kousuke chuckled. “Anyway, Adelina, give me this.” He made a circle with his index finger and thumb, put them in front of his “o” mouth, and moved it back and forth.

Mochita had woken up, seeing what Kousuke did, he thought Kousuke would betray his master, so he revealed his sharp teeth. But Adelina quickly caught on and slipped her arm into her bag. “Ah, you mean that item, Sir Sniper!”

She took out a silver trapezoid with holes on its ends. Its shape looked like a megaphone. She presented it to Kousuke with a smile.

“Do you also have that silver clip or thing to change our voice?”

“Ehehehe, you are so knowledgeable, Sir Sniper! Yes, I have.”

“Alright.” He got closer to Adelina and whispered. “Hit on my place, tonight.”

“RAWR!” Mochita jumped and bit Kousuke’s hand.

“No, Mochita, no! You misunderstand!!” He tried to shake off Mochita, but he failed. “Peddler! Say something!”

But Adelina was just blushing before she tried to correct Mochita’s misunderstanding.


Afterward, Kousuke walked to the tower and climbed the stairs to the Great Library. Halfway, he saw Arabella sit on a stair and see the town through a window.

“Do you want to go somewhere and do something funny with me, my lady?” Kousuke asked teasingly.

Arabella turned her head and smiled at him. “Are you acting as a knight on a white horse, my fiance? Obviously, I’m too tired to go down the stairs.”

Kousuke just raised his shoulders and chuckled. “It’s just a coincidence. Do you want me to carry you in my arms, my lady?”

She still smiled, but now she also held her cheek with her hand, giving Kousuke a fond gaze.

I really want to f*ck this woman.

“Just give me a piggyback, my fiance. Don’t you want to feel my boobs?”

Kousuke snickered, turned around, and gave her back to Arabella. “What’s the matter, my lady? You sound like need consolation.”

Arabella hugged his neck and let her thighs be held by his hands. “It displeases me greatly when someone has to die for the sake of others,” Arabella said. “I lost my father for the same reason. I think it was just stupid. He was a duke. He didn’t need to go to that dungeon, he could just send some rebellious people to investigate. No need to be a hero.”

I’m too lazy to respond. Therefore, Kousuke just nodded. She just wanted to vent her anger anyway. She did not ask for an opinion.

“In our case,” Arabella resumed, “sure, I understand there might not be another place to build their town. But, isn’t it more humane and respectable than just giving up and sacrificing someone?”

“Yeah, my lady, sometimes we turn a blind eye to facts, thoughts, or whatever. Vehicle innovation over safety. Assumption over verification. And fear over rationale,” Kousuke said.

“It sucks when we have to go against the world, doesn’t it?”

“It really does.”

“But you will always be on my side, right, my dear fiance?”

“Oh, I will always be on your side, even when you read about a yaoi ho*e, my lady!”

Arabella chuckled. She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek on Kousuke’s cheek. And whispered, “Thanks.”


I did NOT scheme anything, but I got her affection???

Giving love, HURRAY! Exchanging love, go away!

When Kousuke walked out of the tower, he raised his chin and gazed at the sky. It was almost sunset, which was weird because it was morning some minutes ago. But probably, the game world realized that dusk was the perfect scenery for that moment. So the world speedran its day.

Well, then, let’s prepare for the event boss tomorrow.

He muttered:

“System. Assign 5 skill points to [Diva Aggro].”

“System. Assign 5 skill points to [Skill Delay].”

“System. Assign 5 skill points to [Physical Pierce].”

“System. Assign 5 skill points to [Defense Debuff].”

He also maxed [Shining Bright] and [Perfect Aim].

Let’s smash it!