Chapter 16:

K-Pop? What the Heck?!

Writing a Guidebook with You

Giving love can be in many forms. So, what can I do to make her happy, whilst being cool like I always be?

Kousuke put the silver trapezoid on the ground and the silver clip on his tuxedo collar. He sat on a stool, in Hal’s cave entrance, so he could see the circular field where the Ritual of Sacrifice would be held.

Hal also sat on a stool beside him. Obviously, they were going to sabotage the ritual that morning.

“[Charge],” Kousuke said. “[Skill Delay], [Diva Aggro], [Skill Delay], [Shining Bright], [Charge].” He prepared and delayed the activation of some skills with [Skill Delay].

What can I do? The answer is obviously, K-pop.

My female colleague was always enthusiastic when she talked about K-pop. Sure, the idols are just working, but although they don’t have to give fan services, they give them.

Luckily, she shared some K-pop songs through Discard, and I found my smartphone in my drag bag. Although I wonder why there were a tuxedo and a smartphone in a drag bag. Was I going to go to a friend’s wedding after that reconnaissance operation??


Rauf, Felis, Flavia, and ten knights from the Order of Abbado approached the ritual field. The knights wore white hooded robes like Rauf. And they held lances like noble medieval knights: mounted warriors. But no horses.

The townsfolk didn’t seem interested to see the ritual. All of them stayed inside their houses and read books. They were under or near their tables. Probably the Giant Minotaur could cause an earthquake.

The knights arrived at the ritual field. Flavia, alone, walked to the center of the field. She held a silver knife called Sudden Death. If she didn’t want to feel hurt when the giant monster ate her, she could use the knife to end her own life painlessly.

She looked at the ground, worried, and waited for the giant minotaur.

Rauf glanced at his twin brother, Hal, but since Hal just sat there, Rauf exhaled and was relieved.

While Felis threw a suspicious and sharp gaze at Kousuke. But she also looked horrified. Likely, she didn’t want to be kneeled down and shoved with Kousuke’s qi. It was traumatic.

Those people didn’t seem to realize that Adelina, Mochita, and Arabella were hiding near the ritual field. Adelina and Mochita ducked near a food booth. And Arabella just leaned her back under the shade of a house, confidently hiding.

Suddenly, a three stories monster leaped out from the water. A giant muscular man with a head of a bull. One piece of leather conveniently covered his lower body, and that minotaur held a huge stalagmite in his right hand as a club.

“KHUOOOOOO,” the giant minotaur landed on the field and made a daunting scream. Everyone in the World of Library could hear his scream.

Flavia was trembling. Now, she had to decide. Killed herself or ran away. But if she ran away, the minotaur would prey on more and more people until he consumed enough MP from the townsfolk. What should she have done?

Dum, Tak!

Dum, Tak! Dum, Dum, Tak!

Some drum pitches, and finger snaps, intruded everyone’s ears out of a sudden. Some people went out and joined the knights to look for the source of the melody. They finally landed their gazes on the artificial cave above them. And they witnessed, the presence of God’s angels: Kousuke and Hal looked shiny and mesmerizing.

It was actually the effect of [Shining Bright] and [Diva Aggro].

Hal snapped his fingers and tapped the ground with his foot. Kousuke closed his eyes, nodded, and looked like a bad boy chilling in the background with a wireless headphone.

Dum, Tak! Dum, Dum, Tak!

Dum, Tak! Dum, Dum, Tak!

Kousuke grabbed a cup on a table and moved it closer to his mouth. But before he took a sip, he paused and danced his lips, following the BGM from his smartphone near the silver trapezoid:

“You gotta wash it. When you ‘rive at home.

Seeing the cockroach, not booty at all.”

Kousuke sang with a high pitch: the silver clip on his collar shaped his voice close to a K-pop idol’s voice from DTS. Although it was weird that he sang before he took a sip. Because people likely wouldn’t do that. However, it was cool and memorable!

“You gotta soap it. Though it’s slim’ as hell.

Throwing the dishes, not booty at all.”

For anyone who was wondering, the original song title was “Chores”.

Hal brushed his hair, adjusted his crimson jacket, and began to rap. Dancing with his hands and facing the ritual field, he rapped:

“You rub the plate. Scrape the dirt.

Wipe the dirt. Clean the plate, YO!

Grab the broom. Sweep the floor.

Wipe the dust. Clean the house, YO!”

Kousuke and Hal stood up and got close to each other. They slid and slid, making “x”s with their bodies. Ducked, making wavy wings with their arms and slowly sliding their heads.

While they did that, the drum pitches, and also some guitar bass pitches, became faster and faster, like when a song entered its chorus:

Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum. Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum. (Drum)

Turu, Turu, Turu, Turu. (Bass)


They also sang in a low voice while they did that, opening their mouths sexily like K-pop idols:

“Sexy me, sexy me.

Sexy me~ Sexy me~

Sexy me, sexy me.

Sexy me~ Sexy me~”

Certainly, their performance was captivating!

Even the sharp-tongued Felis lost her critical sense and stood on the field agape. But at the same time, she was like, “What the fuck is this???”

On the other hand, as Hal’s die-hard fan, Flavia clasped her hands. Smiled, and her eyes silently screamed, “Hal, you suck, but so cool!!! KYAAAAAAAA!”

And although Arabella covered her mouth and laughed at Kousuke, their performance was certainly... epic!

Abruptly, Kousuke grabbed his rifle from the table and ducked. He also muttered, “[Epic Buff], [Physical Pierce], [Defense Debuff], [Perfect Aim].” And with his crisp voice, he pulled the trigger and whispered:

“Smash it.”


His bullet made its way through a fiery barrel. Going straight to the minotaur’s left eye, the bullet left a fiery trail in the air and amazed everyone. But it also gave the townsfolk an alarm: someone was going to ruin the ritual and make the minotaur mad. They had to stop him!


The minotaur was taken aback and stepped back on the field very hard. He made the field shake and caused some waves around it. He covered his bloody left eye, and his hand was trembling. “KHUOOOOOO,” the minotaur screamed to intensify the situation!

“Stop those guys! SUBDUE THEM!” Rauf shouted and directed his arm toward Hal and Kousuke. He then shouted, “Shining Horse!”

A small glint was formed in the air. It became brighter and finally formed a horse of light. That horse descended toward Rauf on the ground. Hal likely would disable the flying cubes, so Rauf needed his flying horse. To add an impact to the scene, the horse shouted, “KHIIIIII!”

Rauf rode the horse, ascended toward Hal, and shouted again, “Abbado’s Lance!” Thus, a lance of light was formed in the air and landed on his hand.

Hal calmly jumped onto a nearby cube. He raised his hands and collected enough cubes from the ritual field to the air around him, without touching the golden cubes. He was going to fight Rauf.

Since Kousuke gave Felis trauma, Felis looked around to find other threats to the ritual. She saw Arabella. Arabella was walking to the field calmly. Thus, Felis unsheathed her sword.

“My lady, this is my duty,” Felis said.

Arabella just smiled. She said, “Oh my. You don’t have to worry about that. An accident may happen during a trip.”

“Why do you interrupt what we do, my lady?” Felis asked. “You have nothing to do with this town!”

“Let’s say. Contempt.” Arabella put her index finger on her cheek. “So, shall we fight?”

“[Charge]!” Arabella and Felis shouted at the same time.

The knights were going to approach Flavia and stab her. The giant minotaur also gained back his composure. But Adelina came into the minotaur’s sight and shouted, “HEEEEEY, FAT MINO!” She waved at the minotaur and pointed to her boobs with her index fingers. “Don’t you want a FLESHIER meat?”

Although Adelina didn’t have any ill intentions, it made Flavia frown and sad about her small boobs. Adelina was disrespectful!

The minotaur felt offended because he was muscular, so he made a step toward Adelina. The knights panicked because the minotaur could go to the town and destroy it. So five of them turned their attentions to Adelina and made haste.

“NUOOOOOOOOO!” Adelina turned around and ran away!

The rest of the knights resumed what they were going to do. But Mochita ran swiftly to Flavia. Barking and protecting Flavia with his intimidating face. And it worked!

Their fight. Finally began!