Chapter 1:

Adventure 1 - The lover

Phil's Lame Adventures

On a small and peaceful village in the middle of the mountains lived a boy. The boy was called Phil, he was seventeen years old and close to being eighteen.

This is a story to tell how Phil stopped being a boy and started being a man. No! A story that tells the various adventures of Phil as he leaves the Village. Hmmm... oh!! A better one, a story that leads to various encounters with gorgeous women where he tries to find his true love! Hmmm... or maybe the downfall of Phil to the Dark Side...

- “Hey!! Please just choose one! We don’t have all day!” Says Phil in an annoyed tone.

'Hmm... Are you talking with me?'

- “Yeah, I’m talking with you! Moron...” He sighed “You should think first before writing or we will be here all day.”

‘Oh... Was just doing this for fun, sorry if it was bothering you.’

- “Ah.... Okay, now that you get it, let’s start the story. Make a good one... If you can.”

‘It’s my first time writing so I’m not sure if it will be good... What do you want to do? Maybe defeat the Demon King or something like that?’

- “Really?” Phil laughed “Defeat the demon king?? Have you no originality?”

*sigh* ‘Then what about you? What do you think that would be a good story?’

- “Hmmm... Maybe a Harem full of beautiful girls and all of them interested in me?” Phil said it with a really stupid smile on his face.

‘Wait, so fighting the Demon King isn’t “original”, but a harem is? Are you retarded?‘

- “Did you just describe my smile as stupid?” Phil murmured “Yeah, it may not be original, but at least I get some nice stuff. If you think about it, if I had to fight the Demon King I needed to spend all time training, fighting and would never have time to rest... Dude, I love resting!”

‘O-Okay... you don’t need to say me that with such conviction. Okay then, what if we start the adventure and then see what we can do? With time we can probably get some ideas, don’t you think?’

- “Yeah, it doesn’t need to be decided right, now! That’s smart. But since you don’t seem to write a Harem, can I at least get one girl?”

‘A girl you say? Hmmm... I don’t mind it. Chose a personality and visual aspect, but keep in mind that she needs to be somewhat strong to go with you on your journeys.’

- “Okay.” He said with that stupid smile again “You seriously need to stop describing my gorgeous smile like that!” Dumb Phil yelled to the awesome narrator “Never mind... Okay, back to the girl. Hmmm.... I want her to be of adult age, 19 maybe? With black, short hair since long hair probably will be in the way while fighting.”

A girl had moved to the village. She was a gorgeous girl of 19 years old of black short hairs that give an air of maturity.
‘Done, continue.’

“Nice. Hmmm... Add some boobs, not much, though, I want to keep it realistic. A B-Cup... with some nice hips!”

‘You really don’t hold back... ‘

The girl was a little shorter than Phil, she had a modest chest with and a gorgeous slim body.
‘Done, now to the personality, what do you want her to be like?‘

- “Hmmm... I want her to have a cheerful personality while being a little shy, I want her to be modest and have a strong will when needed!”

‘Nice. You have some good taste.’

The girl was shy, though she had a cheerful personality that helped to hide it, it still could be noticed. She was strong and when on time of need, she had a stronger will, but despite that, she was a modest girl.
'Also done.'

- “Nice. Now we need to choose a name, you can choose it since you are doing so much for me.” Said Phil with a bright smile.

Her name was Elly.
'I just chose Elly, what do you think about it?'

- “Elly? Seriously, couldn’t you come up with a better name?”

‘It was the first one that came to mind, it is the short version of a name of a series that I am reading at the moment, and in fact, I read the latest chapter right before started writing this.’

- “So, you didn’t give any thoughts naming the love of my life?”

‘Love of your life? Wasn’t she meant to be you traveler partner?‘

- “Well, but since she is so perfect. It’s obvious that I’m gonna keep this one”

‘... Okay... ‘

- “By the way, since she was created by you, won’t she only do what you wrote her to do? Almost as if she has no will of her own...”

‘Hmmm.... nope, take you, for example, I’m not writing you to talk back to me, but you are still doing it. I can order you to do or say something, though. She is the same way. For example, now that I’m not writing anything about her she is free to do whatever she wants. Take a look at her right now.

- “OH NO!!!” Yelled Phil and the Narrator “What a ***** is she doing???” Phil starts throwing up.

‘I have no idea! That’s disgusting! ... Dude, kill it!’

- “Kill her? Why me?? You can easily do it! Just make a lighting strike her or something like that.”

‘Yeah... But she is the love of you live. Did you forget that? Plus, you can get some character development if you to do it.’

- “No!! It was you that created it then you kill it. Please make her stop! That’s too disgusting!!” Phil yelled once again while looking at the grotesque actions of Elly.
‘Now that I think about it, aren’t those series where the MC has to kill the love of his life, kinda popular?'

- “Are you seriously going to make me do it?” Phil cried.

‘Of course not. I’m not the kind of guy that would make you do something like this just for popularity.’

- “Thanks man, I appreciate that.” Said Phil with an honest smile.

‘Though, If I want this to be popular some prices need to be paid. ’

- “You *****.”

Phil was consumed by sadness when he saw the love of his life in that situation “Dude, are you seriously doing this?” The sadness of seeing his lover, doing such a grotesque action was too much for the young man to bear, so, to end her suffering and his own, he decided to end her life. “Bruh...”

Phil led his hand to the sword that was on his waist “Where the hell did this sword come from?” And after making a combat stance while holding the sword he took an enormous jump in the direction of his lover and while falling with his strength and the force of gravity he decapitated his lover.

- “You made me do it!!!!” Phil yelled because of his lost.

- “What lost? You made kill it! I’m yelling because you are horrible!!” The young man was in shock after doing something so drastic that he didn’t know what he was saying.

- “Just drop dead already...”

‘C’mon, just get over it. You killed someone, so what’s the problem?’

- “What’s the problem, I just killed a woman? What’s wrong with you?”

‘Hmmm... Think this way then. The person that you just killed was only lived for a couple of minutes. Do you consider that a grown woman?’

- “You are right...”

‘Of course that I am.’

- “I just killed a baby! A child!”

‘Oh... ****. This is getting worse.’ *sigh* ‘Oh, I’ve got an idea!’

- “What is it?” Said Phil with a depressed face.

‘I will just make you forget that you beheaded your lover! Isn’t that smart?’

- “Not sure if that’s a-”

The Shock of losing the woman of his life was too much for the little heart of Phil and so as a countermeasure, Phil forgot that he killed the woman.
‘Okay then, shall we go on that Journey?’

- “Hell, yes!" Phil made a short pause and asked "Hey, since you don’t like Harems can you at least give me one girl?”