Chapter 2:

Adventure 2 - The Mattress

Phil's Lame Adventures

The Journey is about to start. Phil still stood on the same place that he was in the last chapter. Bookmark here

‘Hey, go get what you need from your house so we can start this.’Bookmark here

- “Okay. What do I need, by the way?” – Says Phil. Bookmark here

‘Don’t know. Adventurer stuff. Maybe a sword, a shield, armor, and some potions. Something like that. ’ Bookmark here

- “You know that potions don’t exist in this world, right?”Bookmark here

As soon as Phil said that, an elder starts screaming.Bookmark here

- “Finally! I spent my entire life searching for a method to create it and I finally did it!” Tears coming out of the old man eyes.Bookmark here

A crowd quickly gathered around the elder and one the villagers asked.Bookmark here

- “What were you searching for, Dumbdore?” Bookmark here

- “Potions! A potion that can cure someone wounds and another one that can restore all your stamina even when you are exhausted better than a good night of sleep!” – Dumbdore yelled to the Gryffind- the crowd that was there gathered.Bookmark here

‘What a pleasant surprise, don’t you agree?’Bookmark here

- “Yeah, surprise...” – Phil replied back.Bookmark here

‘So, go get your stuff and some potions too.’Bookmark here

- “Okay...” But as soon as Phil turned around to head to his house he tripped on something.

- “Ouch! What was that?” he looked to see what made him fall and there was a head. To be more precise it also had a body, but they were not connected and he felt because of the head.Bookmark here

- “What’s a beheaded corpse doing here?!?!” He asked in confusion.Bookmark here

‘Never seen it... Shouldn’t you know? It’s your village after all.’Bookmark here

- “If I knew I wouldn’t ask you. Was this a murder? Who could do something so despicable?”Bookmark here

‘I know... Just disgusting. I bet the guy who slew that woman is still a virgin.’ Bookmark here

- “What does that has to do with this?" Phil makes a pause and continues talking "But, you are probably right... I bet that he has a worthless life where everyone hates him and has no one that can call friends. ” He laughed.Bookmark here

I cried. Bookmark here

‘So, yeah... Let’s forget Elly for a second and go get your stuff.’Bookmark here

- “Oh, right.” and heads home.Bookmark here

After a couple of minutes, Phil came out of his house. Bookmark here

‘So you have everything that you need?’Bookmark here

- “Yep I do, let’s start this!” Says while doing that One Punch Man pose where he has is fist in the air.Bookmark here

‘Oh, seems that you are excited. Let’s go then’ Bookmark here

When the sun started to hide behind of the mountains, Phil decided to stop walking and set a place where he could spend the night. He started by clearing the ground, removing the rocks and herbs so he could lay his air mattress and then inflate it with his little air pump that he had in his bag.Bookmark here

‘Wait, what are you doing? Why the hell do you have that as a bed?’Bookmark here

- “Do you seriously thought that I was going to sleep on the ground? Of course not! I actually wanted a proper bed, but this one was much easier to carry and surprisingly enough, it’s small and light to carry since is for only one person.” Phil said proudly while posing as superman, putting each of his fists one each side of his waist. Bookmark here

‘That may be true, but I think that you just ruined all the adventure vibe that we were having.’Bookmark here

- “Like I would care about that.” Bookmark here

After Phill settled his bed, he went looking for food. Bookmark here

‘What are you looking for?’Bookmark here

- “Maybe some wild boar, but would be better something small since I don’t want to carry the meat. A rabbit or a squirrel would be nice.”Bookmark here

‘If think that you just named two of the cutest creatures on the planet and you want them for dinner!.’Bookmark here

- “Be quiet, are you not seeing that I’m hunting." Phil said with a serious look on his face. The look of a Hunt- Idiot.Bookmark here

- “You act like a kid sometimes. You know that, right?”Bookmark here

‘...Just get this over with!’Bookmark here

After a couple of minutes, Phil had already obtained two cute squirrels and started heading back. But on doing it so, he noticed something strange. Bookmark here

- “This place might not be safe.”Bookmark here

‘Why do you think so?’Bookmark here

- “While is not rare to see dead animals on Forests. I have already found four. All of them where wild boars and had wounds on their necks. Two big holes. It remembers me of those vampire tales. Though it's way too big to be one.” Bookmark here

‘Wait, do vampires exist in this world?’Bookmark here

- “Even though that I never encountered one. They do exist... at least was what I have been told.”Bookmark here

‘That’s surprising. I wonder if we will find one.’Bookmark here

- “I don’t think that they are that easy to find... and how did you not knew about vampires? You created this world! ”Bookmark here

‘Hmm... Not quite right. I created your village and you. The rest of the world created itself. I have no knowledge of how big this world is or the kind of places that it has, I don’t even know what type of animals exist in here.’Bookmark here

- “So... You are pretty useless then?” He said with an unimpressed look.Bookmark here

‘Also, not quite right. Though I don’t know anything about this world, I can set limitations or overwrite what already exists. I could create a dungeon right now, right in front of you most beloved mattress or even create a new species of animals. But I won’t, what would be the fun of an adventure if is all set by you. The unknown is part of it.’Bookmark here

- “You say that because if something goes south you won’t get hurt in the slightest.”Bookmark here

‘Who knows...’Bookmark here

As Phil was getting closer from the place where he would spend the night, more boars were found. Dead wild boars. Every one of them with the two holes on their necks.Bookmark here

"What could have happened in the time that I was away from my beloved mattress?" - Asked Phil slightly in panic.Bookmark here

'Hey. You don't need to worry, you will be okay.' Bookmark here

"Damn straight that I am. But what about my mattress? It was the only one that I brought!"Bookmark here

'... This was the last time that I showed some sort of concern for you.'Bookmark here

"... and the first." - He replied with that stupid mouth of his. Bookmark here

Phil finally could see his beloved mattress from the distance, but as he was getting closer, it seemed that something was on top of it. Something big. Bookmark here

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