Chapter 79:

Chores For Bryson

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

“Father?” Bryson called out. “Are you there father? I have arrived.” Bryson continued to call as he wandered around the small buildings that the manor had in the back.

He stopped his search after noticing a pair of royal guards standing in front of the door to one of the outside freezers.

“Is my father in there?”

“Yes he has been waiting for you.” One of the guards said opening the door for him. That’s not concerning at all. Bryson thought as he cautiously entered the freezer.

Upon entering the freezer, Bryson would be scared out of his mind if he wasn’t already half expecting what he saw. In front of him was a massive moose carcass, gutted and hung on a rack. The front legs had already been butchered off.

Next to the carcass was his father standing over a table butchering one of the legs. Still dressed in his normal regal attire, it seemed that the cold didn’t bother him.

Bryson noticed how his father was brimming with more magic than usual. He was familiar enough with his father to notice that this was magic that he was casting himself. Bryson assumed that his father was using his own magic to keep himself warm. I need to try that myself.

“Bryson.” His father called out not looking up from his work.

“Yes father?” Bryson said cautiously.

“Five months ago, during the tenth month of the year, last year, you had your eleventh birthday?” Duke Coldwater asked.

“Of course father.” How could I forget? Bryson recalled his most recent birthday. His father gifted him a massive war hammer. It was only ornamental, despite the number of enchantments on it. It wasn’t quite what Bryson was hoping for, but it did look cool on his mantle.

“Do you know that I do not know your actual birth date? That the fifteenth of the tenth month was the day that you were found?” Duke Coldwater said as he shaved the last of the out layer of fat from the foreleg.

“Yes father. I have been informed in the past.”

“It has come to my attention that it has been over eleven years since then.” He said not quite paying attention to what Bryson’s answers were.

“You along with your siblings have all grown much. You learned and achieved much.”

“… Thank you, father…?” Bryson said not quite sure where this was going.

“Some of the things you have done, I do not entirely approve of. Nor appreciate you hiding secrets from me.” Bryson stiffened a bit at that last part, but his father continued, “However I understand that you will keep secrets no matter what. As well as the fact that I can not fault you for your actions. As it seems your intuition has not led you astray.”

Duke Coldwater paused and looked directly at Bryson, “Yet.” He added almost ominously.

“Come.” Duke Coldwater beckoned as Bryson slowly approached. Duke Coldwater handed Bryson the knife, “You remember your lessons?”

Bryson nodded and without needing instructions he began to carve the meat of the bone. Due to the cold Bryson felt a bit of resistance from the firming up meat but by adding a bit of pressure he cut down to the bonne.

“Afa gave you to us for a reason and I suppose it is only right to accept some of your decisions that I do not agree with.” He said as Bryson tried his best not to roll his eyes upon hearing the name of Afa.

“However this does not mean you are to do whatever you please. I will keep an eye on you.”

“Yes father.”

“Bryson, I want you to understand that as you get older, you will have to deal with many more responsibilities. It is a burden you must carry as a Coldwater. But you are strong. You will get through it, for you are my son. You forge your own legacy.”

Bryson simply nodded his reply.

“You may stop now.” He said and Bryson gently placed the knife onto the side and allowed his father to inspect his work.

Nodding in approval at the clean cuts of meat Duke Coldwater continued, “Your mother has assigned you a chore to complete.”

“What is it?”

“I do not know. I did not ask. As I said Bryson, more responsibilities. Come.” Duke Coldwater beckoned as he walked over to a small paper package. Opening up the contents he revealed a massive moose liver.

Taking another knife that rested nearby he cut off two small pieces. Using the knife he pushed the piece of raw liver over to Bryson.

“Let us honour my kill.” He said as he picked up his piece and ate it raw.

I hate it when father does this. Bryson thought with a small grimace. He grabbed the piece and quickly popped it into his mouth. He tried his best to ignore the irony blood taste. He wanted to swallow it immediately but found it annoyingly chewy.

After chewing it for what felt like an eternity he finally gave a hard swallow. He did his best not to show the absolute hell he was going through as he tried to eat the raw organ. I don’t mind it cooked. He thought as he finally got it down.

Once Duke Coldwater was sure Bryson was done, he informed him, “Off to your mother now.”


“Mother? Father said you asked for me?” Bryson called out as he knocked on a door to one of his mother’s offices.

“Come in!” He heard her mother joyfully call out.

Opening the door to her office, he took in the surroundings. His mother’s room was different from his father’s. While his father left his offices barren aside from the bear essentials, his mother tended to go overboard with the designs. Extra lavish seats, several paintings and various expensive furniture.

Bryson assumed that this was in part due to that his mother attended far fewer meetings than his father, so she decided to indulge a bit when one does occur.

Looking towards his mother he saw that she was conversing with someone. The other person was a young woman. Likely just a couple years older then what Gareth should be. She had raven hair and piercing brown eyes.

Even as she was seated, Bryson noticed just how tall she was compared to his mother. What was more interesting however was what she was wearing. She was equipped with a full set of armour.

Only the gear held no emblem of anything. Not the royal crest nor any symbol of the local Wrabuth forces. The gear wasn’t cheap either, a decent amount of magic brimming from it. Plus the valuable material it was made of.

“Ah, Bryson dear, good to see you.” Duchess Coldwater greeted happily, getting up from her seat and giving Bryson a warm hug.

Bryson gave a small grimace and tried to avoid the embrace to no avail.

“Let me introduce you to Miss Gulo.” Duchess Coldwater said, introducing the other woman as she finished her embrace.

“Lord Bryson Coldwater. It is an honour to meet you.” The stranger said with a small smirk at the interaction between the two, standing up and giving him a small bow.

“Hello… Miss Gulo.” Bryson replied as cooly as he could.

“Please, call me Mary. I insist.”

Bryson gave a small nod before asking his mother, “Why have you called me mother?”

“I have a task for you, Viola, and Sable. Your father and I decided it should be a good experience for you all.”

“What about Gilles?”

“Oh, he’s busing training for the upcoming swordsman tournament.”

Oh, right. Bryson remembered. The fourteen to seventeen swordsman tournament was being held in less than two weeks. Gilles, who had recently turned fourteen was brimming with anticipation for the tournament. He had been training relentlessly and couldn’t wait to show off his skills.

“What is it that we have to do?”

“A shipment of supplies is arriving in a town near the border, I want you three to help procure it. Mary here is in charge of the security squad for the supplies. She is an adventurer.” Duchess Coldwater said motioning to Mary.

Adventurer? Never seen one since that Gallagher guy. Whatever happened to him? He wondered. He really hadn’t heard any news regarding Ben Gallagher after the vampire incident. Though he also never bothered to look into it either. He wondered how his acting career was doing. Not right now. He thought dismissing it for now.

Back to the matter on hand, comparing Mary to Ben, Bryson found the adventurer in front of him far more impressive. The equipment she had was far finer and the way she carried herself was far more mature and dignified. Despite appearing to be younger than what Ben would be. That still doesn’t change the fact however, that Bryson did not want to do this.

“Do we have to?” Bryson complained.

“Yes, it is good for you three to explore. Don’t forget who will be in charge between the three of you Bryson.”



Bryson couldn’t argue with that.

“Don’t worry Lord Bryson, it will be perfectly safe. It will be a fun little adventure.” Mary assured.

I have a bad feeling about this. Bryson thought.