Chapter 20:

The life of Serika Midoriya Part 1: Hell

Escape Witch

Yuni was taken to the hospital, where she was examined by a team of doctors and nurses.

“I don’t think your roots have been damaged, however we will need to remove all the damaged hair. Like your mouth, it’s best if we perform surgery to remove the glue,” the doctor diagnosed.

Madoka decided to visit Serika while Yuni was in surgery.

Serika was having a nightmare. Her corpse was soaked, and she was laying on the ground. No one had come to her funeral, and no one was mourning her. She shed tears as demon hands wrapped around her neck and slowly dragged her into a fiery hellscape.

"Mao, you bear my blood within your veins. You belong to me to use as I see fit," a woman with putrid dark green hair glared as she dragged Serika away.

“Damn, no one there. No one cares about me. I may have been 21 years old, but I only got to live my life for the later 5. The first 3 of those 5 were uneventful, then that little bitch Yuni came and became Sensei’s new focus. Then this last month, Sensei died. Now I got kidnapped, humiliated, and drowned. I wish I could at least go to Heaven with Sensei, but my damn blood is going to drag me to hell. I should have made more friends like she told me to, then maybe someone would be trying to save me from the clutches of hell-”

A tearful Madoka appeared and grabbed Serika.



Serika woke up and looked around. She was lying in a bed and had a breathing mask on her face.

“Where am I?” she asked.

“The hospital. The docs said I saved your life, and you’d live so I came here to make sure you were doing all right,” Madoka cheerfully explained.

Serika looked at Madoka’s smiling face.

“Why? Why did you save me? Why were you crying for me?” Why did you do mouth to mouth?” she trembled.

“Simple. I don’t want people dying just because they got close to me. Its why I don’t have a lot of friends," Madoka smiled.

“Because I got close to you? I thought you were in prison.”

“I escaped because Emeri was in danger. I actually had a tracker for her hidden in my hair. I assume Emeri handed over the phone to you and that’s why you got caught up in our mess.”

“That’s bullshit. All I did was mess things up. Heck, if my head wasn’t in my ass, that girl probably would have made it to the station just fine and none of us would be in this mess.”

“I get kidnapped even when I think I’m being extra careful, there’s no way you could have known. Besides, Emeri said you risked your life to come save her, even though she assumed you were with Illumous.”

Serika began to tremble even more.

“Was that mouth to mouth your first kiss?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s my first on the lips, but if I didn’t do mouth to mouth, you would have died. So I have no regrets. Sorry about being naked though," Madoka smiled.

Serika sighed and closed her eyes.

“You wasted your first kiss on a hellspawn like me," she stated.


“I’m the daughter of a piece of shit that was dead set on rising to the top of Illumous and have the cursed blood of one of Illumous’ top founding families running through my veins.”


“Yeah, that girl was right. I am nothing more than Illumous trash. Though maybe since I’m here, the doctors can pump all this damn blood out of me so I can at least have a chance at reuniting with Sensei in-“


Madoka tearfully slapped Serika.

“Why are you talking like that!? Don’t you want to live!?” Madoka tearfully glared.

“For what!? I have no friends, no lovers, no nothing. Just guilt and enemies," Serika sobbed.

“Why don’t we be friends!?”


Madoka smiled and hugged her.

“You’ve been through a lot just like me. I’ve been kidnapped nearly every week since I was 5. I couldn’t stand to see people around me get hurt, so I learned how to escape on my own. Now I’m the next Harry Houdini! Who cares who your parents are. My ancestors did tons of nasty things to get us where we are. Come on, wouldn’t your Sensei want you to make friends and live a new life?”

Serika paused as she stared at Madoka’s warm smile.

“We really are dumbasses of a feather; I can tell you’ve been through a lot. Plus, you look like you need someone to talk with, someone you can trust. Don’t worry, I trust you. You are not Illumous, you’re Celery-chan the short-tempered cussing cop, my friend," Madoka smiled.

“C-  can I really tell you? Sensei's the only one . Will you really save me?”

Madoka nodded her head as Serika closed her eyes and decided to tell Madoka about her past.


“My life was shit growing up. The piece of shit who gave birth to me was a politician and a member of one of Illumous’ top brass families. One day, she seduced some decent politician and had sex with him. When she found out she was pregnant with a girl, she brutally murdered the poor guy and framed it as suicide. The worst part was she used his death to springboard her rise to power. And the girl? That was me.”

“How do you know?”

“That bitch would constantly brag about how she killed him during dinner.”

“She really sounds like a piece of shit.”

“She was. Since my conception, I was nothing but a prop for her to further her political standing. She’d base her backstory about how she was “courageously” raising a daughter after her fiancé decided to ditch her and commit suicide in order to escape raising his child. Yet she’d never let me leave the house she owned in the boonies. I couldn’t go outside and could only engage in activities that bitch approved of. She even bugged and hid cameras in the house to make sure I didn’t do anything she didn’t approve of. I couldn’t watch TV unless she was present, could only read her propaganda, only wear the clothes she chose, had to talk and act in a manner she approved of, style and groom myself exactly as she instructed, and eat the food she approved of; Hell, she’d gorge on gourmet food and only let me have a bite if she feared the food was poisoned."

"That's horrible! did you ever fight back?"

"If I ever stepped out of line, she’d smack my hands with a wooden ruler.  She also threatened to straight up microchip me if I ever tried to leave the house, contact someone, or become someone she didn’t approve of. Worst of all that bitch was invincible. Despite laying bear her cruel and disgusting nature every time she was home and being generally despised by the public according to the polls the news stations would show, she’d just keep rising higher and higher on the political ladder. The reason she was able to do this was because she was evil and used the cruelest, most inhumane efforts to demonize her opposition. Heck, she’d literally teach me some of her techniques and quiz me on how to conquer a populace. Her most common tactic was simply having her own loyal minions pose as her opposition's supporters and commit horrible atrocities. Since her own views and policies were very unpopular, her whole strategy was to simply make her opponents look like deranged radicals that would bring ruin to the country and world. The worst part was she was always able to cover up her tracks. Even if one of her goons was arrested, they'd never be linked back to her. That allowed her to keep rising and spreading her bullshit."

"How bad were they?"

"Terrible! Anything she hated, she'd try to ban and criminalize. Anime, Manga, video games, heck even certain foods, clothes, and ways of life she hated were all on her chopping block. She'd antagonize men and any woman that wasn't a diehard stooge for her. Though, she had no issue commissioning male Illumuos goons to do her dirty work for her, or any man that would essentially become her unwavering slave. She strongly pushed for all future children to be bred in laboratories. Laboratories which she happily told me were managed by Illumous, thus ensuring she would have complete control over the youth. Worst of all, she was trying to mold me into her little clone puppet, all to show the other members of Illumous' governing board, the Council of 12, that she was a successful woman that had furthered their agenda and thus worthy of replacing her father on the Council of 12. From there, she'd advocate to become the president of the council, thus becoming the most powerful member of Illumous. All she cared about was her own fame and fortune, and making everyone else miserable."

"Wait! I think I remember Momma talking about some lousy politician like that! Wait, are you saying you're HER daughter!?"

"Yeah. Sadly. As for how her and her party continued to grow, immediately after winning a seat, she and one of her Illumous allies would microchip the poll workers so that in subsequent elections, the incumbents from her party would always win no matter if everyone in the district voted against them. As the years went by, I was starting to give up hope that anyone would be able to stop that monster. If it weren’t for Fubuki Dakota, I would have become her clone puppet and be ruining lives instead of talking with you. On that fateful night, Fubuki Dakota hijacked a night broadcast and exposed some of the bitch’s misdeeds. While it didn’t destroy the bitch, due to her simply writing off the broadcast as a conspiracy, it proved she could be hurt..."

16 years ago...

"That stuff they're showing on tv looks tasty-"


"Mao, have I not told you that Matcha tea is to be banned?" Ruchi glared.

"But it looks delicious," a young Serika cried.


"If you second guess me again, I WILL microchip you."

As Serika began to tear up, the TV broadcast was hacked by Fubuki Dakoto.

"Everyone! My name is Fubuki Dakoto, I am a journalist. I am sending out this live broadcast because I have discovered some of the crimes of Representative Ruchi Ookuma," Fubuki stated.

Serika stared at Ruchi's annoyed scowl as Fubuki Dakota hijacked a live broadcast begun to list off Ookuma's crimes.

"In this video, you can clearly see Ruchi Ookuma watching as her husband is killed. These goons doing the dirty work are with Illumous which the Ookumas are also members of," Fubuki stated.

"So some ass recorded the execution. Well I have countermeasures for that," Ookuma happily cringed.

Serika had never seen Ruchi lose her composure quite like this, for she had long believed this monster was invincible. However, despite her losing her composure, Ookuma didn't seem truly worried in the slightest.

"Next, just a few short days ago, I received footage of Ruchi Ookuma murdering someone in the woods," Fubuki stated as a video of Ookuma slicing a girl with platinum blonde hair played.

"Oh, and you think THAT can bring me down!? Well I'll just say it's a wax replica made by some detractor. She couldn't even capture my fast movements. That, and the girl is dead and I can easily deal with the Korosekai brat," Ookuma cackled.

Suddenly, she received a phone call.

"And what do you want?" Ookuma asked.

"You could be a little kinder to an Illumous councilman," the man on the line grumbled.

"I'll be council president eventually."

"Not if you get exposed."

"By Kabuki!? Have you FINALLY gone senile you old fossil!?"

"It's the girl you slashed! She was cryogeniclly frozen again! Worse, the Ginkawas paid for it and we no longer control the lab! I was able to get those three fellows out, but I can't do jack against the Ginkawas! If they move her to the mansion and revive her, you're screwed! If we try and off her before then, who knows what the Ginkawas would do!"

Ookuma immediately went pale and seethed with fear and fury at the TV. For the first time, she was truly afraid.

"No no no NO NO NO NO! Damn you Kabuki! I won't let this ruin my plan!" Ookuma thought as she began frantically dialing her minions.

She was so preoccupied with rectifying that mistake, that she failed to notice Serika.

"Fubuki, terrified her. She's not invincible! There is a chance for me to escape, but I'll be gambling my sanity for who knows how long. But all I need to do is get bigger and stronger and wait for the ideal opportunity," Serika thought.

Back in the present...

"The moment I saw that bitch’s calm collected demeanor turn into a deranged scowl as Fubuki accurately read off all her misdeeds, was the moment I decided to escape that bitch’s grasp, no matter how long it took or what I had to do to achieve it. I pretended to act like her obedient clone while in her presence and used her teachings against her. I could remove the bugs and cameras under the pretense of “the opposition might be spying on us” and gained her approval to watch Fabuki Dakota’s videos under the pretext of “knowing thy enemy”. Then I simply had to bash the opposition in her presence, and she’d fall for it. Though I doubt she completely trusted me, nor ever would, as she undeniably kept some of her secrets and techniques close to her chest as a precaution. With the cameras gone, I was free to train in secret and build up my fighting prowess. I’d watch Fubuki’s videos and learn how truly vile Illumous was. I'd learn things that even that bitch wouldn't disclose to me. With every new secret I learned, my resolve to destroy that bitch AND Illumous strengthened. Fubuki is the one I have to thank the most for giving me the strength to survive in that hell.  I finally got my chance to escape on my 16th birthday," Serika stated.

"What happened?" Madoka asked.

The piece of shit's guard was down, and I launched an attack. She was stronger than she looked, but I gained the upper hand and killed her."

“You killed her!?”

"Yeah. Though it was only possible thanks to all the training I secretly did ever since I first saw Fubuki on the television."

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