Chapter 24:

Bad Medicine Part 2: Dr. Jester is in

Escape Witch

Outside the hospital, the timid nurse spoke to a woman with red hair smoking a cigarette.

“So why are you more jittery than usual Nadea?” the red head asked.

“W- Well, I overhead some patients talking about how they were Kabuki Dakota’s chosen, or something like that so I assumed they were against Illumous and called someone. He told me how to get rid of them, but when I came back to the room, their friends were there, but luckily Vincenzo was hiding out in the room," Nadea the nurse trembled.

“Heh, Vincenzo? Well he’s one of our most skilled assassins, though I’m surprised he would aide a newbie like you let alone answer a phone call from you.”

“Um, he wasn’t the one I talked to, the one I called was… “

As the nurse explained, the red-haired woman’s smug grin began to frown. She took out her cigarette and pressed it against Nadea’s forehead.


“[Sciocco]! (idiot!) How could you do such a sloppy job!? Now there’s a chance they’ll live," the red haired woman glared.

“W- What do you mean?” Nadea stuttered.

“Of all the people, you had to listen to HIM. Nadea, we’re going back to the hotel. I'm going to punish you along with our little friend we bagged beforehand.”



The stout doctor slowly trudged up to Madoka.

“Do you like my handiwork?” he asked.


“I only wrapped them up. You wouldn’t come back if there was no chance of saving them.”

“NO Chance!? What are you blabbering on about!? Who are you!?”

“Who AM I? Vincenzo if you please.”

Vincenzo groaned as he pulled out his phone. The sound of a shamisen began to play as the doctor ripped off his disguise and began to sing.

“YO YOI! I am the greatest criminal from the depths of Edo. The great daimyo of organized crime. Everyone fears my name! For every atrocity, I have attained! Murder! Kidnapping! Drug Smuggling! None can match my Might! Theft! Assault! War Crimes! All now fear my wrath! With my evil ninjitsu I will conquer all that’s good. They Jesters are the fools, WELL WHOS LAUGHING NOW DUMBASS! Lalalalalala! Jester is the evil, dastardly, wicked, inhumane, dark ninjutsu daimyo! Oh oh oh oh! Yooooooo!”


Madoka and Emeri cringed as Vincenzo face palmed.

It was Jester. He was in his usual flamboyant attire, but now had various Band-Aids littering his face and clothes as well as a neck brace.

“MADOKA! We meet again! This time its payback for blowing me into the sky! You thought you could kill me? FOOL! My dark ninjutsu makes me impervious to damage! Why it was only a mere tap on the wrist for- “

“Then what’s with the neck brace?” Madoka glared.

“SCREW YOU! That fall really hurt! If you hadn’t destroyed our paragliders, we would have been fine! They’re still being repaired dammit! *Ehem* MADOKA! This time you will not escape. While my army is still recovering from your attack, I have requested the aid of Illumous’ most feared assassin, my younger brother from another mother, Vincenzo Di Luigi! BUWAHAHAHA!” Even a coldblooded assassin like him will gloriously aid me in my conquest to best you! Now, everyone! Immobilize them!” Jester ordered.

Wounded ninjas suddenly appeared. Many of them had their arms in slings and their legs in casts. They along with Vincenzo quickly encased Madoka and Emeri in body casts and laid them on top of some stretchers.

“BUWAHAHAHAHAHA! NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO HAVE ALL YOUR BONES FRACTURED! *ehem* MADOKA! Last time I tried to blow you up with a mountain of explosives, this time I will just burn you AND THE WHOLE PLACE DOWN! BUWAHAHAHAHA!” Jester laughed.

“Um master, is it OK to just burn down an entire hospital?” one of the ninjas asked.

“Why not? I’ve done mass murder before in the past. Besides, we won’t start the fire until AFTER we’re all outside and safely chilling on the roof of the building across the street. Even if the whole place DOES blow up, we’ll be safe and Madoka will die!”

“[Brother, I could just shoot them and then we could just burn the corpses here,]” Vincenzo pleaded.

“If you shot, Madoka would just use the bullet to break free! Besides I’m NOT going to risk blowing up again. Safety first as they say.”

“[Coming from a man who bragged about mass murder? Iyaiyai! What am I gonna do with you brother?]”

Jester planted a device before he, Vincenzo, and his injured ninjas fled.

Madoka glared and immediately got to work on escaping.

“I can’t believe that creep encased me fully clothed, including my shoes. Well, that means my feet aren’t completely immobilized. If I can just finesse my shoes off…”

Madoka made use of her hypermobility to finesse her feet out of her sneakers.

“Ouch! I might need a cast after this, well this isn’t a lot of room to work with, but it should be enough.”

Madoka kicked out with the tip of her feet. The plaster cracked, and her shoes plopped out and tumbled off the stretcher onto the floor. Now that her feet were free Madoka began dragging herself to the edge. Once she had reached it, she began tumbling off the stretcher to the floor. The cast shattered and Madoka was free. She noticed a fire was quickly spreading throughout the room.

“How fast do those freaks move!? I though some of them were injured.” She grumbled as she slipped back into her sneakers and went over to Emeri.

“Sorry, this might hurt a bit!” Madoka pushed Emeri off the stretcher, causing her cast to break apart.

“Ugh, I think I’m going to need more pain killers,” Emeri groaned as she got up.

She ran over to Serika's bed and freed her while Madoka freed Yuni. 

"Hmm, not bad," Emeri mumbled as she bent down to snag something.

“Can you two move?” Madoka asked as she grabbed Serika's raincoat.

“Yeah, doesn’t feel like anything’s broken, but who the hell is that daimyo bastard!?” Serika asked as she darted her head around.

“I’ll explain later, first everyone get on that stretcher!"

After everyone got on the stretcher, Madoka dawned Serika's raincoat and pushed the stretcher out into the hallway. The fire had spread to the point where the hallway was now engulfed in flames. Madoka aimed the stretcher towards the elevator before kicking it with all her might. The stretcher shot down the hallway like a rocket as Madoka sprinted to catch up with it.

“WAAAH! TOO FAST TOO FAST!” Emeri screamed.

The girls barely managed to get off before the stretcher slammed into the elevator door. Madoka grabbed a fire extinguisher before catching up with them. The four then ran down the emergency stairs.


On the other building, Vincenzo was pointing his sniper rifle at the emergency exit.

“[This isn’t a good idea, if we get spotted, we’re in trouble brother,]" Vincenzo grumbled.

“Relax! Those fools would never see it coming, besides we’re all the way across the street. There’s no way they can reach us! And you never miss your shots soooo, I WIN!” Jester gloated.

As the girls reached the bottom, Madoka motioned for everyone to stop as she kicked open the door. She then kicked the fire extinguisher like a football straight towards Vincenzo.


The extinguisher smashed into his rifle causing it to dent the barrel and smash into his face. The extinguisher then fell on Jester’s head with a loud BONK before bouncing off and knocking out all the ninjas present. As everyone groaned in pain on the roof, some sticks of dynamite rolled up to them.

“Vinny, are these your sticks of dynamite?” Jester nervously asked.

“[DYNAMITE! What do you-]”


Jester, Vincenzo, and the ninjas flew into the air.

"[BROTHER! I thought you said we'd be safe! You know I'm not good with sky diving!]" Vincenzo cried.

"Relax, We'll survive,  our paragliders are finally repaired! BUWAHAHAHAHA!" Jester laughed.

"[Do you HAVE your paragliders with you!?"

Snot began to drip out of Jester's nose.

"Oh, right, we were going to pick them up before Nadea-chan called me. Oh shit."

“[HYELLLLP]!” Vincenzo screamed.

“[FUCK YOU MADOKA!]” Jester screamed.

The other girls exited and joined Madoka in giving a middle finger salute to the goons flying off into the sky.

“Well good riddance to whoever those bastards are!” Serika stated.

“Mado-chan, why did they blow up? I thought you just punted a fire extinguisher at them," Emeri asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m glad it did happen," Madoka shrugged.

“If you want to know, Izumi will tell you. Hanabi blew up those fools," a woman's voice stated.

The girls turned to see a woman with long blue hair and massive breasts standing before them. She wore a light green jacket along with a red bikini top, red choker, blue skirt, and dark purple thigh-high boots.

The girls immediately got defensive as the woman stood and smiled.

“Izumi is not here to hurt you, just to tell you to watch out,” the woman stated as she immediately fled. 

She eventually met up with her red-haired partner and drove away in their convertible. Emeri immediately called for the limo via her smartwatch.

“Mado-chan, we need to get out of here before the police arrive. Oh, and Yuni-chan, Serika-chan you’re coming with us. It’s too risky to leave you two alone, you’ll be much safer at the Ginkawa mansion," Emeri stated.

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