Chapter 25:

Ring of Matrimony

Full Moon! Through the Rings of Love

This was the last ring realm before the moon. We were on the home stretch. In a few moments, we'd be stepping through here and finding out what last test awaited our love.

At this point, we'd cemented our feelings for eachother. Our bond was strong as ever. I knew we could do anything we put our hearts into, and Luna knew that too.

A portal opened up in front of the statue. We could hear Mond and the Portal Master still too busy arguing to notice.

Luna and I turned back to the others before moving on.

"We're close to the end." Luna said. "This may be the most challenging ring yet, so please, let's all be prepared."

"I have a weird feeling about this." Zumi put a finger to her chin.

"I do too." Charlie nodded. "Walden, whatever happens in there, please take care of Luna."

"And Luna, take care of my brother too."

They were going in as well, why were they acting like they'd be left behind? No matter what happened, everyone was coming out of this together. I'd see to that myself.


Luna and I marched right into the portal, immediately greeted by the awe striking sight of the inner portion of a cathedral.

Two women in absolutely decorative black dresses, something like maid outfits, flanked us with their kind poses.

"Greetings, Lady Luna." They both said in unison.

"Rita, Lita, what are you doing here?"

Those were interesting names. They must have been twins, judging by appearances.

"We are both here to greet you and your lover…" Rita, the one on the right, said.

" you arrive at the fifth and final ring." Lita, the one on the left, said.

The way they talked like that creeped me out…even if they rehearsed finishing each other's sentences like that, why do it at all?

"Has your journey through the rings…" Rita started.

"...been overall satisfying to you both?"

What kind of a question was that? I looked at Luna to give an answer.

She nodded. "Yes. I believe we accomplished much of our goal."

"Excellent." They both said together. "Your father has requested a meeting with the two of you. May we receive this gentleman's name?"

Did I say I hated the way they talked already? Because it was an understatement.

"My name is Walden. It's a pleasure to meet you both. I hope I'm not imposing."

"Not at all." Rita said.

"In fact, you are more than just a guest here…" Lita continued.

"...Master Walden." They both bowed, then picked up a sparkly blue coat and wrapped it around me.

The other's came through the portal just then, surprising the two maids.

Rita reached into a back pocket for something, but Lita stopped her. I think she might have been going for a weapon.

"These two are…" Rita raised a brow.

"...guests, Lady Luna?"

Luna nodded. "There is no need to be on guard. They are trustworthy."

Rita and Lita both nodded to each other, relaxing their stance.

The maids took the other two aside into a powder room, claiming they weren't properly dressed for the occasion. They said the same to us, but took us down the cathedral-like hall to a different area.

"So, what's the challenge of this ring?" I asked one of them.

"There are no more challenges."

"You both have proven yourselves quite well to make it this far."

"Then, where are we going now?" Luna asked.

"We will prepare you…"

"To meet with the emperor tomorrow morning."

Meeting her father in the morning…I'm not sure how to feel that we'd made it. Not only would I be meeting her parent, hoping to meet his expectations too, but he was an leader of the most powerful empire. That was a huge deal.

Just the amount of guards around here, their strange pike weapons powered by lunar energy…the armour of an exotic material, perhaps impenetrable to our magic…

We really had crossed the border into lunar territory. Was I really ready for this?

Correction…were we ready for this?

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