Taylor J

Taylor J

Welcome to my Honeyfeed page! ^.^

For reference, my Face of Eternity series is posted chronologically. Feel free to jump in wherever you'd like though, and thank you for checking it out!

Current Novels : Face of Eternity : Principality of Dreams

registered at: Feb 05, 2023
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    Just your friendly neighborhood skeleton who likes to write stories. Current Novel: -The Skeleton & The Idiot Sorceress. (Volume 3) Finished Novels: -Pandora's Box -C.A.N. Collector Instagram: @skeletonidiot Email: skeletonidiotwriter@gmail.com
    Mainly a watcher of anime and reader of manga. I write in my free time. Excited to see original content stories here! Mid-20s // she/her // total social ditz Currently 23 books in my "To Finish Reading" list xD Still catching up!! I've read 90+ books during this contest, and I think my mind is melting a bit 👍