Chapter 3:


AGONY! The Omnipotent Deity's Dastardly Quest

As nighttime approached, I gazed over the city. So far nothing was amiss. Sure, there were some cronies roaming the city and going about their daily business, but those were in the realm of expectations. Jackal was only roaming around back then because he was bored and just wanted to prove he was some hot shot by killing a few civilians. As long as his master doesn’t show up things are good. I sat down at the table I reserved as Kumi and Nika arrived. They hadn’t changed into anything new, though Kumi was now wearing a Venetian mask and carrying a selfie stick. Nika had her camera out and was gazing around at the spectacle.

“This truly does feel like a real Carnival, yet why is everyone just going along with it like its normal,” she lamented as she sat down.

“Simple, I just made it so everyone views it as normal,” I stated.

This was the truth; I had simply decided I wanted to have a second carnival rather than rewinding time and celebrating then. Besides, this event was less of a carnival and more of an entertainment experience for me.

Nika shook her head.

“Yeah, considering how much you mess with my mind I’d believe it. But if I try to hand in an article that reads “Deranged lunatic rewrites everyone’s minds to host second Carnival of Venice”, I’ll be fired and labeled a heretic. Sadly, if I simply wrote, “rich family blackmails and bribes government officials” it would be more believable.”

“I thought you only strived to report the truth, what happened to your integrity? Though, I could easily make your second headline a reality,” I jibbed.

Nika sunk her head into the table in frustration.

“If you’re so powerful, why were you lamenting the fact that our mother was being chased by your enemies? Couldn’t you just warp her here?”

“Well, it wouldn’t be much of an epic tale if I just ended it like that. Though while I am on the most OP plane of existence, I’m not the only being that resides there.”

I then grabbed a glass and a clear plastic cup.

“When the most OP beings battle for control of the world, they often times throw down barriers to prevent their rivals from messing with their paradises. That’s what these represent. The clear cup prevents others from messing with whats inside, though it allows them to clearly see what’s going on inside. While its easy to destroy a barrier, it takes time depending on both the power level of the caster and attacker, and the number of each. The glass on the other hand is more difficult to see inside of. This barrier prevents others from effectively knowing whats going on inside and hinders their links to their minions. It can only be cast by some of the higher beings in existence, like myself, or by a group of those on the lower tier of the OP plane. One of my foes has thrown down a clear-cup barrier over your mother’s location. The only way to save her is to make our way to the barrier. Though I’d prefer to have a full party in case the caster decides to brawl with me.”

Kumi seemed to understand the explanation, while Nika continued to sulk.

“Why does this have to be so complex? I just want to see mother and Kasumi again.”

“You should forget about your sister,” I stated coldly.

“What!? Kasumi’s our beloved older sister! We aren’t triplets without her! Are you saying she’s dead!? If so just bring her back!”

Before I could explain, an uninvited guest showed up.

“Buongiorno everyone! I am Piazzo Ragu! The host for tonight’s Carnival of Love! Yes, you and your beloved will have to escape death, carnage, and torture in order to save each other!”

Hoh? This wasn’t the entertainer I created. Rather, it was one of Gula’s top hunters. The goon wore a black and white zanni mask along with the tricornered hat and pirate uniform worn by Gula’s marauders of gluttony. Gula is also an Omni-Deity and probably the most difficult one of the bunch for me to deal with. That cephalopod fly's power is to consume everything, making it difficult for me to completely destroy him. His marauders, or more accurately his personal chefs, would go around and prepare meals for him to enjoy. 

The marauders themselves were divided into three tiers: seconds which were mortals with powers. Minutes which were low-tier Omnis, and hours which were high-tier Omnis. Based on his attire and weapons, he was one of the lower ranked hours. Truth be told, this whole event was more of a scouting event to find party members. I had already noticed a few prospective members, so in that regard the event was a success. Though I guess Gula caught wind of it and sent his little scout to hijack my event. Well, luckily it seems like he’s going to stick to the original script I had in mind, so I should be able to protect my girlfriends, kick his ass, and get a new party member or two. I just need to avoid going too overboard, so they think I’m just a high-tier Omni. If Gula or any other Omni-Deities show up, it will be a pain.

Piazzo then snapped his fingers, and everyone was engulfed in darkness. I sat back and watched as he transported everyone to all the death traps I had created for this event. Talk about plagiarism, well I don’t mind, I’ve already planned out how I’m going to kill him. Once he was done, he stared at me in shock.

“YOU! Why weren’t you affected? Are you one of Ira’s top brass?”

“Yep, top rank.”

Ira is the alias the other Omni-Deities refer to me as.

"Well, whatever, I may only be the 21st hour, but I’m still one of the most powerful Omnis in existence. If you act up, I’ll just hit the kill switch, and everyone dies instantly.”

“Oh no worries, it’s more fun if they try to escape on their own, rather I’ll prevent YOU from trying to snag everything for your fatass’ dinner.”

“Don’t insult Captain Gula! Well, what can I expect from you. Sit back and watch as your master’s little creation is devoured by the 21st hour of the hunters, Piazzo Ragu!”

It seems like his master had consumed enough of the new barrier I set up to let his little waiter in. I teleported away while keeping tabs on the goon.

“Now then, let’s see how everyone’s doing.”

I smiled as I observed all the prospective members I had my eyes on break free with ease. Kumi and Nika were still restrained, though I figured Kumi would be able to break free.

Kumi was chained and gagged in an underground waterway. She desperately struggled as the water began to rise.

“About time to unleash your power and save your sister,” I said telepathically to her.

“Wait! Jouzu!? You can do telepathy!?”

“Yeah, it’s an easy skill to learn once you become a power holder.”

“Wait! You’re saying this is merely a skill?”

“Yep! Along with basic elemental magic, this is stuff any mortal with powers can learn. Like in a game you do have a unique power and greater affinities based around your unique power. Now unleash it and kick some ass. Seems like Pizza shit has sent some weak minions to roam the streets.”

Kumi then began to spark as she unleashed her lightning power.

“Hell yeah!” she shouted as her restraints were vaporized.

“You’re immune to being shocked so feel free to swim out. Be wary of tunneling through the earth though.”

Kumi headed my words and swam out. I met her as she zapped out of a manhole.

“Congratulations! You’ve escaped; however, your sister is now unable to escape on her own. You have until the Maleficio stops ringing to save her before she’s killed!” Piazzo announced telepathically to Kumi. Unbeknownst to him, I was listening in on all his telepathic communications. This was MY entertainment idea after all.

“So Kumi, want a hint or do you want me to tell you where she is?” I asked.

“Nah, I like a challenge,” she smiled.

“That’s the girl I like. Though that dumbass actually gave it away." 

Just then, Piazzo made a public announcement.

“If you wish to save the one you love, you must kill at least one other person to save your beloved. Naturally, you will still need to find and free them from the original trap that binds them."

Well, someone’s trying to be original. I assume he’s going to eat any who die. My whole idea was to just spawn some generic goons for everyone to fight. I think he’s either trying to force all my prospective party members to kill each other off, or he just enjoys watching people suffer. Well either way, I’m still gonna kick his ass.