Chapter 32:

Hailstorm Part 2: Serika's Gambit

Escape Witch

Yuni exited the station and called Emeri.


“Emeri! What’s going on!?”

“The police HQ’s declared war on auntie, so we’re moving.”

“What do you mean?”

“Those shitty twins staged a coup. Auntie’s fine and those two have been expelled from the mansion, however, they’re trying to mount a case against her so she’s fleeing. She said if we want to take you with us, we'll have to fly.”


“Sorry I’m overwhelming you. It’s just safer if you flee with us. The Illumous loli was here when they raided our mansion. I doubt you’ll be safe if you stay here in Tokyo.”

“Guess I’ve always wanted to travel. Heck, maybe it will help me find my missing family," Yuni sighed.

“I have everything you need and have finished packing the suitcases. We’ll rendezvous as soon as I load the suitcases in the car.”

“OK, though if I’m leaving Tokyo, can I just do something really quick?”

“As long as its not reckless then sure.”

Yuni hung up and set off to accomplish her task.


At the mansion, Emeri sobbed as she sunk her head into her hands.

“I’m sorry Yuni-chan. I can’t tell you Mado-chan got taken because of that damn loli. If I did you’d just recklessly storm into HQ and get yourself captured or worse. I’ll trust Serika-chan with saving her. She’s the only one that has the trump card necessary to get us out of this mess.”


Sayuri began to sweat.

“Shit! That green hair, that manner of speaking, she might really be Mao Ookuma. But what the hell is she blabbering about? I didn’t murder Madam Ookuma, though I was close with her. Wait, why is she saying murder?” No human remains were found anywhere in the house. Since the fire was originally planned to be set off the next day, we all assumed Madam Ookuma changed the plan or accidentally set something off early. Then when we found out she was missing everything fell apart. No one knew what happened to her. Not even Illumous’ top agents have found any leads to this day. Reika Yuzume was a top suspect, but Akuma Ookuma himself was unable to pry anything out of her despite vigorously torturing her to death. Wait, if she really is Mao, wouldn’t she know who murdered Ruchi? So why is she saying it’s me, unless...”

Sayuri began to smile evilly as she grasped the truth.

“Oh, and who do you think they’ll believe? The biological daughter of Ruchi Ookuma or the rookie member who sloppily botched a major kidnapping operation that resulted in one of our most useful pawns being exposed and caught in a scandal. Did you not hear that McDonald was arrested? I’m sure if I told him that you killed Ruchi, you would be- “

“NO NO! I’LL TALK! I ONLY KNOW ABOUT THE LOLI! We colluded during the museum incident. She pretended to be knocked out!” Sayuri shouted in terror.

Serika had completely flipped the tables causing Sayuri to crack and beg for her life.

“Now then, Miss Benise, would you like to make a deal?” Serika asked.


“How truly reliable is McDonald? Was his recklessness not what contributed to his downfall? Did he NEED to be present in the museum?”

“N- No, he only came after I failed to secure Ginkawa two nights prior to that.”

“Oh, what a shame. It seems you were the unreliable one after all. And here I was thinking that you’d make a much better Senator than him.”


“Yes, in America. You have prior political experience through your stint in the House of Councillors. Your English is very good, and I assume you can speak more languages as well?”

“Yes, I’m also fluent in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, and Portuguese.”

“You see what I mean? A multilingual senator can connect with a far greater populace than a mono-linguistic one in a place like America. Besides, that man disgusts me and I’d rather he be replaced with a more competent woman, but if you are unreliable- “

“I understand, what do you wish for me to do, Madam?”

“First, you must testify against him. I will record the proof. Then once we rinse our hands of his filth, I’ll ensure you're released and have you undergo plastic surgery before you’re appointed to his seat.”

Sayuri complied and began testifying against Carl like Serika requested. 


After restraining Sayuri’s mouth, Serika left the room. She exhaled loudly before calming her breathing.

“Got it! But I can’t breathe easy yet, on to phase 2," she thought.


Serika waltzed into Mutsumi’s office and demanded to speak with Carl.

“What!? Did you get anything out of Benise!?” Mutsumi asked.

“Maybe, but I’ll have to ask that fried asshole about something in order to bust em," Serika stated.

Mutsumi  told Serika the location of Carl’s hotel and informed the officers that she had permission to speak with him.


Carl grumbled as Serika entered his room.

“[Do not worry, I am here to help you.]” Serika stated.

Carl immediately shot up and stared at Serika as she did the secret Illumous hand sign.

“[You’re a member!? Why didn’t they tell me sooner!?]” he growled.

“[I had amnesia, so I didn’t remember until a few days ago. My name is Mao Ookuma, the daughter of Ruchi Ookuma.]”

Carl immediately recognized the name and began paying full attention and respect to Serika.

“[Miss Ookuma! Um, apologies for the uh, treatment of you a few days ago. Both the mummification, and the uh, drownin tank,]” Carl nervously chuckled.

“[If you want my opinion of you to SLIGHTLY improve, you’d do well to obey my orders,]" Serika glared.

Carl had met Ruchi once before and had a glimpse of how she acted.

“[Dammit! Really is like I’m talkin with that whore again.]” he thought.

Serika then showed Carl the video of Sayuri’s testimony.

“[An Assistant Commissioner within the police named Mochika Myouchi claimed she was also a member and sent me this video of Sayuri Benise selling you out. I wish to confirm that Assistant Commissioner Myouchi can be trusted.]”

Carl’s face scowled as he watched the video.

“[THAT DAMN WHORE! I’ll kill her for rattin ME out!]”

“[Do not worry, only Assistant Commissioner Myouchi and I have seen this video. However, all I can do is delete my copy of the video. Assistant Commissioner Myouchi claims she deleted hers, but I wanted to make sure she was truly with us instead of taking advantage of my amnesia.]” Serika said as she deleted the video.

“[This Meow-chi, is she the small one with pink hair?]”

“[Its MYOUCHI, and yes that is correct. Now then, I would like you to give me a status report on our operation...]”

Carl gleefully explained all the nefarious things he and his American Illumous cohorts had done.

“[Right, most important thing is our newest rising star, Cassidy Silver. She’s the head of the Avarice faction, and the current speaker of the house of representatives,]” Carl stated.

“[Speaker of the house? How did she get there?]” Serika asked.

“[I honestly don’t know either. She’s a real creep. Shaved head, tattoos everywhere, creepy piercings. That and she’s got such a dark and disturbin look in them soulless eyes of hers. She’s one of the most ambitious women I’ve ever met. What’s more disturbin is that she joined us three years ago and instantly shot up to the top. I hear they even expanded the Council of 12 to the Council of 13 just to accommodate her and that she'll become the chairwoman of the board  if she becomes the next US president.]”

“[She’s not from a founding family? Then how did she rise so high?]”

“[By taking out Kabuki!]”

“[Heh? How’d she do that?]”

“[Don’t know the details, but apparently, she was able to leak Kabuki’s location 3 years ago. Sadly, Kabuki escaped and still made videos despite havin her tongue cut out. I heard Cassidy has been constantly sendin hitmen after her which is why Kabuki’s stopped uploadin long videos, but we still haven’t caught her again.]”

“[That WAS very informative, color me impressed. Though I still require two more things. First, I need you to tell me if you know of anyone in the Police HQ that is with us, so that I can inform them to return your passport to you. Second, I want you to send a hitman to exterminate Sayuri Benise.]”

“[You want to kill her?]”

“[Don’t you know? The only thing I hate more than a man is a foolish woman. And that woman is clearly a bigger liability to Illumous than you, much to my displeasure.]”

Carl saw Ruchi Ookuma flash before his eyes and slipped off the couch in shock.

“[Uh- understood! While I don’t like them Leviathan faction folks, I think the Meow-chi girl’s sister or mother Poo-rin is with us. You’ll recognize her by the pink hair and them green envious eyes of hers.]”

“[Its MYOUCHI, and I will take your words at face value. If you lied, you WILL suffer the consequences]”

Serika left the room as Carl called a hitman to take out Sayuri. 


Once Serika was in the clear, she vomited.

“Ugh! I hate having to resurrect that bitch within me, but this is the only card I can play. Round 3 here I come,” Serika thought as she left to meet up with Emeri. 


The two met in a park and sat on wooden benches on the opposite side of each other. Emeri slipped all their passports to her before leaving. Serika pulled out the note sticking out of her passport and read it.

“Can't reach Yuni. Going to look for her. You save Mado-chan and hand these to her.”

“Fleeing the country? Heck, I’ve never gone further than Kyoto. Well, I’m sure they’ll have fun. As for me…”


Serika marched into police HQ.

“I’m here to speak with Commissioner Myouchi," she stated.

The receptionist made a call before guiding her to the commissioner’s office. She entered and noticed two women in the room. One was Purin while the other was Zerin.

“A pleasure to meet you. My name is Mao Ookuma, the daughter of Ruchi Ookuma," Serika bowed.

Zerin’s jaw dropped as Purin glared with envy.

“I- Is it true! Has a miracle graced us at last!?” Oh, our nation is saved!” Zerin tearfully proclaimed as Purin walked up to Serika.

“She’s not with us, though she is a useful idiot. I heard you spoke with the trash, what filth did he spew?” she whispered.

“Oh, just some bullshit about his own self-worth.”

“Just because we’re both women with Illumous doesn’t mean I’ll get along with you. I’m not going to hand over his passport like- “

“You believe we should wash our hands of his filth. Very well, let me hear your side of this story.”

Serika listened intently as Purin made her case for why Carl should be eliminated.

“Yes, I’m glad we are all in agreement. That trash is nothing more than a liability for us. As for his replacement, I was thinking of making my comeback in American politics,” Serika stated.

“A- American? B but what about- “

“I think you will make a fine Prime Minister Senior Commissioner Nakayama. You remind me very much of my dear mother.”

“Oh! I am flattered! Please just call me Zerin. I originally strived to be nothing more than the superintendent general, but if you believe I can transition seamlessly to politics, I will heed your words. Is there anything you wish to request?”

“Yes, I wish to transfer Madoka Ginkawa to Guano Bay prison in the United States.”

“Guano Bay! That’s one of the most- “

“Fitting places for her to die is it not Commissioner Myouchi?”

Purin glared as Zerin applauded.

“Wonderful, it is like Madam Ookuma has graced us with her enlightenment once more. We will prepare the transfer immediately.”

Purin pulled Serika aside and confronted her.

“Stop outshining me dammit! Is this why Speaker Silver is here in Japan? Is she here just to fuel your grand revival?" she whispered.

“You will be Superintendent general will you not? Or do you believe you can seek higher office? If you wish, I’m sure I can put in good word to Madam Speaker, assuming your English is suitable for the task," Serika smiled.


“It seems you understand. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have much to discuss with Senior Commissioner Zerin.”


Yuni took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. She was at the old house where she lived with her aunt and cousins.

“Anybody home?”

No one was answering and the door was locked.

“I guess they’re not home. I at least wanted to try and make up with them. I guess I’ll head for the airport."

As Yuni turned, a black sedan pulled up.

"YU-NI-CHAN! Time for a shave! AHAHAHAHAHA!" a voice rang out.

Yuni froze in fear as her heart began beating rapidly.

"No! Impossible! There's no way- Huh?"

Yuni's fear plummeted as she saw the women that got out of the sedan. One was a woman with short red hair clad in guchi apparel, while the other was a nervous hairless woman clad in a latex orange prison suit and white sneakers.

It was Vanessa and Nadea.

"How'd ya like my impression of Smoothieko? Yu-ni-chan?" Vanessa sneered.

"Va- Vanessa-sama, P- Please sh- shave me like yo- you are Fu- Fujiko-sama," Nadea blushed, as Vanessa smacked her head.

"This here is my bitch Nadea. Seems Smoothieko left her addicted to being shaved like a bitch. Well, guess I'll have to be the next Madam Fujiko. So get in the car, I'll take you to the shop where I'll test my cosmetology on your hair."

"Hell no! Who are you two pervs!? And why are you here!? Did you do something to them!?"

"NAH! You just got sooo unlucky. We were only here to show a little guest around," Vanessa sneered as a third woman exited the sedan. 

Her head was shaved and completely devoid of hair, while her skin was pale white and littered with tattoos and piercings  Her other notable features were her large breasts, her stitched up mouth, and most disturbingly her dark soulless pink eyes.

"Is THAT what you plan to do to me!? Hell no! This time I'm not going-"

To Yuni's shock, Nadea and Vanessa seemed to be trembling in fear, despite putting on brave faces. The woman stared at Yuni as if she was tying to send a message.

"What are you staring at smoothy? Get out of my way!"

The woman angrily grunted as she whipped out a knife. Yuni screamed as the woman sliced open the threads binding her mouth and sighed as her mouth was unsealed.

“Damn you. I just had it sewn shut again last night.”

Yuni went pale as she recognized the woman’s voice. It was a voice she was all too familiar with.