Chapter 33:

Hailstorm Part 3: Breaking Point

Escape Witch

Emeri desperately rode down the streets on a moped. She had just dropped off the luggage at the airport and was desperately trying to find Yuni.

"Why can't I get a hold of her? I can't even find the tracking device she took with her. Someone or something must be jamming the signal. This isn't good, I have to find her. Where the hell could she have gone?"


Kasumi clicked her tongue and stared down Yuni.

“So why are you here?”

“That’s my line! And what happened to you! You look like you came straight out of Smoothieko’s wet dream," Yuni glared.

“Smoothieko? Oh right, Nadea killed her, but I guess she did it disguised as Madoka. Don't worry, I'll carry on her will and turn YOU into Smoothy Yuni," Vanessa snickered.

"What!? What do you-"

“Yuni, answer my question. WHY ARE YOU HERE!?” Kasumi growled.

Yuni shrieked as she scuttled away.

“I- I just wanted to say hi to your sisters. That’s all honest. Is that why you’re here?”

“Yes, I’m here to kill them.”


“Well, I only decided to take this detour after coming here to clean up after an imbecile.”


Kasumi growled as she ran her hand down her head.

“In America I am known as Cassidy Silver, and I am the Speaker of the US House of Representatives.”

Yuni gasped in horror and disbelief.

“Bullshit! You’re only 18 years old there’s no- “

“Do I LOOK like I’m 18? I think I look a few years older with all these electric tattoos.”

“Electric!? Wait what do you mean!? Hell, why did you run away!? I’ve been looking for clues on your whereabouts and I’m sure your sisters were too. So why did you leave, and what the hell were you doing!?” Yuni shouted,

“Claiming my birthright to power that’s what.”


“Ever since I was born I had two curses. The first was being born a triplet, depriving me of my individuality. The second was being the niece of Kabuki Dakota!”

Yuni gasped in horror.

“With that much against me, I could never rise to power. No way the powers that be would allow me to progress as long as Kabuki Dakota existed. That’s why I watched all those videos with you. So I could try to find her weakness and sell her out to Illumous," Kasumi coldly stated.


“Didn’t I tell you Illumous was a conspiracy theory spouted by that whore? Well she was right, and that’s why I sliced her tongue out that night.”

Yuni began to shiver as Kasumi explained.

“It took almost 15 years of my life to figure out, but on January 30th, 2017. I figured out how to trap Kabuki. You see there was a pattern. She would usually upload a video every day on February 1st. However, there were some years where she wouldn’t upload on the 1st and instead upload on January 30th. Now what happened in those years? The whore who birthed me let you wander out into the night. Why? Well, when I asked you said it was to see your mother. Then all I had to do was take advantage of my birth as a triplet to get close to her. I lured Kabuki out under the pretext of wanting to learn more about her. Posing as my sister really helped sell the story. Then the goons I hired attacked us and as she tried to protect me, I shocked her from behind. Then I sliced out her tongue on the spot and cauterized the wound so Illumous could pay her back. AHAHAHA! The look of shock on her face was so glorious as I told her, her corpse would make a wonderful belated birthday present for her shitty daughter!” Kasumi maniacally laughed.

Yuni lunged at Kasumi in a tearful rage.


Kasumi dodged and shoved her palm into Yuni’s gut.

“Because your damn mother, Kabuki Dakota, messed with my ascension to power!”

A massive burst of electricity erupted from Kasumi’s hand and engulfed Yuni. Yuni let out a bloodcurdling scream as she received the massive shock. She then lost consciousness and slumped to the ground. Her body jittered as sparks continued to course through her. Kasumi then pulled off a giant upside—down cross she had been carrying on her back and slammed it on the ground. She then pulled out four metal stakes and tossed them to Nadea and Vanessa.

"String her up, and take her to the salon. You may do as you please with her Nadea. Vanessa, you are to fulfill an assassination request. I have to meet with an incompetent buffoon."

"Huh? What makes you think you can order me around miss hotshot!?" Vanessa sneered.

Kasumi then kicked down a power line.

"I have two crosses here, want me to string you two up instead?"

Nadea and Vanessa quickly fell in line as Kasumi drove off.

"I hate that bitch, but she also frightens me," Nadea thought.

"I hate how that little shit suddenly appeared out of nowhere and rose so fast to the top, but ever since she modified her body, she's been unbeatable. That power line's still spewing with electricity, if we touch it its lights out for us," Vanessa growled.

After nailing Yuni to the cross and sewing her mouth shut, Vanessa picked her up and hoisted her upside down on her back.

"Doubt you can carry her. Now how about you do the assassination request while I torture Yuni. Oh, and be sure to dress up as that woman that always hung out with Reika Yuzume."

"Y- Yes Ma'am!" Nadea shrieked as she scurried away.

"Despite her nervous demeanor, she's actually fairly decent at infiltration and killing. A shame that Smoothieko tried to pick a fight with her, she had far greater talent than Nadea at mimicking people," Vanessa mused as she carried Yuni away.


As Emeri sped down the rode, she came face to face with Yumeko and Kurobane.

They immediately got in their squad car and began chasing Emeri.

"Shit! I can't let these goons catch me."

Emeri darted into a narrow alleyway as Yumeko crashed the car inbetween the buildings.

"YUMEKO! We can't fit through in the car!" Kurobane glared.


"I'LL take care of her," Kurobane sighed as she got out of the car.

Kurobane began running at breakneck speed. She took a shortcut and was able to cut Emeri off. Emeri decided to just charge her. To her horror, Kurobane kicked the moped sending her flying into the street. As she struggled to get up, Kurobane kicked her in the gut. The force sent her flying into a nearby brick wall.

"What the hell! How the hell is she this strong!? Its like I'm fighting one of my parents," Emeri thought as she slumped to the ground.

Kurobane cuffed her and slapped a piece of duct tape over her mouth just as Mochi and Bianka pulled up.

"Ah, perfect timing. Take her to HQ immediately."

"A hottie? What did she do?" asked Bianka.

Bianka's mental state had returned to normal, and her hair had begun to grow back.

"She's a notorious hacker working with the Ginkawas, and also one of the reason's we're in legal hot water with Washington," Kurobane explained as she shoved Emeri in the back of the car.

"Can I flirt with her? She looks harmless enough?" Bianka asked.

"NO!" Kurobane growled as she got in the back next to Emeri.

"You won't be escaping this time, Emeri Kuramori," Mochi stated.


Madoka lifted her head as she heard the door open. She had been strapped to the electric chair and had been beaten so badly, that her bruises prevented her from seeing properly.

“Who is it? I can’t see. My arms and legs are broken, my jaw as well. Damn it! I’m supposed to be the one who escapes, but I can’t do shit if all my bones are broken. At least Yuni’s safe. Please be safe,” she thought.

It took all of Serika’s mental fortitude to keep up her act as she stared at Madoka.

“Now then, let us shame this fool, a walk around town will do. It will also be a great opportunity to begin your political campaign, Senior Commissioner Zerin.”

“Is that Serika? No, that voice is too sinister and conniving to be her. It sounds like that politician Momma always hated… _! Oh yeah, it’s Serika’s dead mother. That must mean I’m in hell,” Madoka thought as she physically struggled to cry.


Madoka cried as Serika, Zerin, and Myouchi paraded her through the city on a cart. Zerin and Serika began preaching Ruchi Ookuma’s propaganda.

“My apologies to all the decent men and women out there. I’m sorry I’m allowing this bullshit to spread once more, but please understand I’m doing this to save my friend’s lives,” Serika thought as she struggled to keep a straight face.

Once they reached a riverbank, they decided to take a break just as Mochi and co pulled up in their squad car.

“Midoriya, Purin, and Senior Commissioner Nakayama? What’s going on?” Kurobane stuttered as she exited the car with Emeri in tow.

“Makoto! Splendid news! This is Madam Ookuma’s daughter Mao. She’s alive and is making a comeback!” Zerin explained.

“Apologies for my rude behavior while I had amnesia Superintendent Kurobane. I am Mao Ookuma, the daughter of Ruchi Ookuma.”

Kurobane stared in shock. It was like she was staring at a young Ruchi Ookuma.

"Surprised she's still in one piece," Purin scoffed as she stared at Emeri.

“Splendid, you have caught another foolish woman. We will parade her with the trash as we transfer them to Guano bay,” Serika sneered.

Emeri began to cry.

“This is an act right? PLEASE BE AN ACT! IT FEELS TOO REAL! It’s like I’m staring at a devil. A malicious devil that played me for a fool. WAS IT ALL A LIE!?” she thought as she closed her eyes and cried as it begun hailing.

“It seems Mother nature has scorned you and your ilk, Serika sneered as she motioned for Zerin to follow her to the waterfront.

“Behold, a woman’s fury and retribution. The hail pummeling the river symbolizes Mine and my dear mother’s fury against the vile fools known as the Ginkawas," Serika proclaimed.

“Indeed, while the two twin river banks symbolize the twins that will revitalize the family, and aid us as we bring prosperity to this world,” Zerin added.

“MMMPH MMPH!” Emeri tearfully roared as Kurobane held her back.

“What a fool. Does she think she can beg for her life? Makoto, punish her!” Zerin ordered. 

Kurobane grabbed Emeri by the neck and hoisted her up. She pulled back her fist as Emeri tearfully glared at Serika. This was the final straw, she could no longer see the woman she called a friend instead there was nothing but a despicable, conniving, manipulative bitch before her. It looked as though Serika had succumbed to the darkness within.

"I thought you were our friend," Emeri thought as she prepared herself for the blow.


The sound of thunder rang out. However, it was  actually the sound of a fist shattering a skull and killing a woman.  The woman's lifeless body smashed into the concrete, cracking it, before ricocheting into the river.  She was dead.