Chapter 8:

New Path - Part 1


“Prepare the device Vice-kun, I’ll buy you some time!”

“Ok!” I have to activate this pseudo-magic spell. Makoto really is a genius, thank God we met him.

I prepared a pseudo magic spell. The spell itself is a command that works when you say it and input it on an equipment that you use.

INITIUM - FLAMMA - HAJIME!” I then Input the spell to my gun and shoot it to the target. The big hunter droid then burst into flame and it was destroyed. I used a specific bullet that I got from Makoto. The bullet can input pseudo-magic spells and produce an elemental attack.

“Great Job Hirata-san! I’ll heal you both now.” Hikari then heals us with her magic. We met her along with Makoto.

In the past 2 weeks me, Asami and Hikari have been through a lot. We can’t contact anybody and we still remain as a fugitive, we are also on a wanted list in this city. The androids and hunter droids, also with the police, kept searching for us but we always managed to escape, with help from Makoto and Hikari. After All by shooting down those hunter droids, and androids I have leveled up twice. I’m sure, with the help from Makoto and Hikari. Me and Asami could find Izumi and get out of this world. The reason we made it this far is because of what we saw and heard from Makoto’s explanation before…


After I talked with Asami, I promise and make sure that Izumi will repay me for what he has done. I stood up and then, a few meters from there Asami saw something. “What is it?” I asked.

“I think it’s a house, a small old house.” Strange, why is there a house in this abandoned place…”

“Should we go there?” But I’m not sure. “There’s a light in there.Does anyone live there? Should we visit that house? We don’t have anything left so, perhaps we could ask for some food or supplies and rest there for a while?”

Right now, I’m sure that Izumi won’t follow us for now. We are far enough from that abandoned building that he destroyed before but, I must be aware and cautious. Because I don’t know if he’s watching us or not. So, I must make a decision. If not, I'll just keep repeating the same mistake. I don’t know where to go now, so I think we should enter that house. I hope it’s not another trap from him.

“Asami, we go into that house!” Wait, are you sure? It seems suspicious.” Asami is still not sure about it but, “come on, let’s go.” I convinced myself to go into that house.

We slowly walked into that house. There’s nothing suspicious around the house, no camera, no guards, no droids and not even a car. Only a bush and an oak tree behind that house. I can’t believe that there is someone who actually lives in a place like this. But I believe Izumi won’t be here. I now know that he targets or attacks us in the public. Because it had already happened twice. He won’t attack us here. But still, it’s very strange that there is a house here.

We then went to the front door. Asami then knocked on the door. “Wait a sec,” It seems that he’s a guy. His voice is a bit heavy. Then he opens the door. “Hello,” “Who are you?” I thought it was an old man but turns out it was a young person. I think he’s in his 30's. He wears a blue shirt and black jeans. He wears a black glove and holds a glass of tea. “Who are you? Why are you guys here?” He then saw me and Asami for a while and then he said, “Hurry, get in, I must talk to you.”

After we get in, I see that there’s nothing special in it. It’s just a simple and regular house just like any other people. But I’m still looking around if there’s anything suspicious. I don’t know this person, but he just let us in just like that. From his face I see that he had no intention to harm us. But, if he did something, we must take his supplies and get out from here. “Asami.” “I know.” I signal Asami in case anything happens. He then flicked his finger. Suddenly there’s a doorway to a basement. He then showed us towards the basement. Does he want to trap us? Maybe we shouldn’t visit this house. When we were in the basement. Turns out it is a small lab.

I saw his lab coat hanging on the wall. He then flicked his finger twice, and then the doorway was closed. Asami suddenly pointed her laser gun to him. Is he Izumi's partner? He watched us all this time for Izumi? “Wait! I know you’re confused but this is not what you think. I’m trying to protect you both.” I’m confused, protect us? From what?” Did he say that on purpose just to trap us?

Then he said that he’s trying to protect us from Izumi. Because of that he must shut the doorway. He knows that we’re being watched. He wants to talk to both of us. From his face I think this person isn’t lying. Maybe I can trust him for now. But I’m still suspicious about his lab. Why did he build a lab in the basement?

“Come on, sit down.” Asami put her gun back and then we sat down. He then offered us a cup of tea. I then asked, how did he know that we’re being watched? I said that I don’t trust him. Did he know us from Izumi or my father or who? I’ve never seen this person before. He never works with my mom or Misaki-san. Who is he actually? “If you had something to deal with, do it now! You must’ve been Izumi's partner right?”

“Hey, hey, hey, slow down. I’m not his partner. In fact I hate him, because I know what happened to you Hirata, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.” I was surprised. How did he know that?

“Allow me to explain,” He said after looking at my face as if he knew that I was surprised.Then he started speaking, his name is Makoto Suzaku. I've heard that name before. He said that he is one of the scientists who also helped create H.A.N.S. Not many people know his name. However, why does he live here and what is he doing here? Especially In this abandoned place. “First of all, I must tell you the truth and the reason why I know both of you.”

He said that he once was Izumi's lab partner and Izumi was an old friend of Makoto, so after a few years of living alone in this house. He felt that he wanted to meet Izumi again. They both separated because Mokoto insisted on not working with him again because they had some problems and had a different opinion about AI.

It’s been a long time since he met Izumi. He just wanted to apologize and talk together again after a long time. He knows that now he teaches as a teacher in a private high school. A few days ago, he visited the school in the afternoon about 4 PM 2 days ago. He didn’t find Izumi there. It is strange that teachers should’ve done teaching and gone home at that time. When he asked one of the teachers, she said that he had already left earlier. She said that Izumi had gone to the telecommunication office.

Then Makoto went to the telecommunication office. He actually saw Izumi, but he felt that something didn't feel right. He then walked slowly to an alley across there and he saw what had happened. He immediately hid with his new cloaking device that he created and saw what Izumi had done to my father that night. Izumi didn’t notice him. He was also shocked about what happened that night after he saw my father murdered. He then ran back to his house. He was shocked and still can’t believe what just happened. At first, he feels doubtful that his friend has murdered someone.On his way back home, his head suddenly heard weird noise.

“Bzzzt… Bzzzt… BZZZT… BZZZT…”

Then, he suddenly fell off..