Chapter 7:

All The Way


Kaito got shot on his chest.

“I…,” “I don’t want to…

His chest then turned into a pixel and slowly all of his body started to pixelate and dissolve, and then he vanished.

“What Just happened…? Kaito? Kaito? Where are you Kaito?”




“Ugh… That voice, my head hurts again!” I’m starting to feel that headache again. Is it the system…?

“Vice-kun, are you alright?” Asami worried about me, I almost feel unconscious but… I’m alright, The headache suddenly stops.

“I’m alright but, who… who shot him?”

I’m panicked. What should I do? I tried to call Misaki-san but I couldn't. She doesn’t pick up the phone. I asked out Asami to help or call the police but…,

“It’s useless, Vice-kun. He’s gone, we can’t save him.”

“But…, but…”

Asami's face seems annoyed and sad. She also feels sad about what happened to Kaito. I’m so desperate. How, and why this happened to us. There must be someone or something in this building that has been watching us. I said to Asami to look around and find the person who shot Kaito. He must’ve sent someone to watch us.


“Well, criminals should be punished right?”

“Who is that?” “Who’s talking.”

“Watch out!”

Someone shooting at us from behind. Asami then activates the shield from her bracelet and dodge it. But wait a minute… I know that voice… It’s…, it’s him! Is he watching and following us all this time? He… He… killed my… IZUMI!!!!

Then Izumi shot Asami with a taser bullet. Then she fainted.

“Well done, you guessed it.“Congratulations, you managed to survive my game.”

“Game you said?”

He smiles, I saw he flies with a dark black mechanical wing behind him and he still uses his usual lab coat.. Even though he looked like the angel of death.

“Well of course. What else could it be? Didn’t you notice the weapons, skills, and rpg-like status?

“You made this? this is a game?” “You…! You…! Wait, Asami… Wake up!”

“Don’t worry, she’s not dead.”

I then checked her pulse, Thank God she is still breathing.

“Sure you don’t want to die like Kaito, don’t you Hirata? Because of that, I’ve already given you a reward.”



“Is this the reward? But why? Is this really a game? Why did he even do all of this? “Where is KAITO! Where is HE? Why did you shoot HIM!?”

“That is the price for your reward Hirata… Every time one of your friends dies you get a reward.”

“Well, You may be wondering Hirata, why did I kill your father and your friend? Why did I set up H.A.N.S? and why did I make this game here…?”

Here? Did he know that this is another world?

“I won’t give you the answer right now until you beat other players, reach a higher level and finish this game! Yes, this is a game so you’re not the only player competing. I bet you didn’t know that your good friend, Kaito, is one of the players.”

What, Kaito was a player? He knew about this? So, that’s why he suddenly acts unusual and starts to get angry.”

“However, he must be punished because he never uses the system. Instead he ignored it and refused to use it.. I'm sure that he has an intention to eliminate you after seeing what you are capable of. But, he must’ve felt bad for you because you’re his best friend.”

He did ask me how I got a gun before. So, does it mean that he wanted to make sure that I’m a player or not? No… How… But why Izumi…

“You… You murderer!”

“Oh, and I must tell you this, everytime a player gets eliminated by me or other players, you and all of the players get a reward and no one will ever know about this game Except me, you, and every other player.”

Suddenly Asami awoke and he shot Izumi. But, Izumi suddenly shot us with a big laser. Asam then looked at me and pulled my hand to avoid the shot. However the shot hits one of the pillars and the building is destroyed. We then ran away.

“I’ll give you the next reward, Hirata-kun. I hope we meet again, Ha ha ha...”

Asami is still carrying me. My mind is broken. I’m surprised and shocked. He has set me up since the beginning, and he knows about this world. There is so much in my mind. Also, my friend is a player this whole time? What should I do now?

After a couple minutes flying, we found an empty field and stopped there.

“Here it is. Hey Vice-kun, we’re here. Hey, are you listening?”

“I don’t know and don’t care anymore! This is too much for me, you don’t understand! How do I tell you about all of this? Then Asami holds my hand and she looks at me. “Hey! Hold it right there and don’t make a face like that! I don’t like it! Don’t be so depressed.”

He’s my only friend, and now he’s gone. He’s the only one who trusted me. But why? Why does Kaito never tell me about it? Why does he keep it from me?

“Ha ha ha… Yeah, I don’t know who I can trust anymore! All is gone, there’s nothing left for me. Please… just kill me.”

“What? What are you talking about? Do you want to give up? After all, what have we been through?”

After all what we’ve been through she said? “Do you know who we're dealing with? You saw it yourself right! It’s Izumi sensei. He's behind all of this, from the first hunter droid attack until now! He’s literally in control of everything and now we’re isolated. He’s playing with my life! You just didn’t know what he is capable of, I mean.. I…, whatever, I don’t care what you wanna do right now. Just leave me alone.” I then walked away from her.

“W… wait!” Asami then came to me.

I just sat down on the ground looking at the sky. Asami then sat down and looked at me. I really don’t want to talk to anybody. “Hey Hirata, I’m always looking for you this time. Maybe you don’t remember it anymore but…, We’ve met before.”


As far as I know based on my memories of this world, 10 years ago my mom worked in a private science research company. She is doing some research on computer and AI technology. She is a kind and a hardworking person. She is also very smart. My mom is renowned for his paper about the computer and AI. She basically writes about how to improve and regenerate interlink connections and AI structure between computer systems. It is a famous and well-known research among the scientists in the world. Because of that she immediately got a job and was given a good position to improve and help them on a project they were working on. Sometimes I would visit my mother with my dad or Kaito. Sometimes she comes home late. Even though she is a hard worker, she always had enough time for her family.

One day when Kaito and I visited my mom after school. When we arrived at her workplace, we waited for my mom to come and see us. After a while My mom showed up and he brought a little girl. She wore a plain shirt. She’s a bit shy. She then introduced herself. “I am Asami, nice to meet you.”


Asami said that she was an experimental subject. Every scientist treated her badly like a machine, they always forced her to do some tasks and acted rude. They didn't even care about her condition. She’s afraid. But my mom did otherwise. She’s being nice to Asami. My mom introduced Asami to me and Kaito. “When I met you everything’s change.” “That time you are a cheerful and kind person, you always smile and invite me to play along. “You also always help me if I’m in trouble. Unlike me, at that time I’m still shy and afraid.”

At first, I’m confused because I thought that I'd never met her before. Then, I looked closely at her face…,






My eyes were blurry and my head had a little headache after hearing that voice but I finally remembered. I met her 10 years ago when I was a little kid. We used to meet once a week when I visited my mom at her lab. So, she has grown up. “That’s why I called you Vice-kun.” “You had the opposite character” She cried a little and then took my hand and said that my mom always taught her and took care of her. She taught her good things and also to be a good and helpful person.

My mom died at her lab. There was an accident that destroyed the entire building. At first, I thought my mom died for nothing because, when she died everyone forgot her. The company was forgotten.My dad even rarely talked about her. Even though I know this is not the real world, I'm sure about these memories and feelings. Because my mom really did something for Asami. “Your mom taught it all so I can help you. She also hopes that I will help you and guide you every time you’re in trouble or desperate. Because of that, we must find a way out and find the truth in ourselves.” She encouraged me and said, “We can’t just give up here.”

She’s right. I shouldn’t be desperate like this. I won’t forget you Kaito, till this day you are still my best friend. It is sad to lose you but Asami is still with me. Because of that I must find a way, For now I have to keep pursue Izumi. I must get out of here to find the truth and find the ‘Real One’. Speaking of the truth... Why did Kaito's body pixelated and dissolved? Why the way he dies is different. He doesn't bleed...?







"Ugh... That voice!" My head was shaking a little bit. 

For now, I must find him as fast as I can! He must pay for what he has done to my father and my best friend!