Chapter 1:

A hard life

Existence out of poverty

People, their degree of prestige increases according to the lives they live. If you have money, everyone will obey you. If you have no money, you will be one of those obedients.... at least it was like that for me and my sister.

Two years after my sister Aimi was born, my parents passed away. Doctors said they succumbed to an incurable, deadly disease. From then on, a poor miserable life awaited my brother and me. We lived in a small town like a hut, at least it could meet my sister's needs for a long time. I was able to feed her until she grew up...

When Aimi was 6 years old, she couldn't eat or drink anymore, she would cough all the time, so I would go to the mountains and the hills to try to find medicinal herbs, but none of the things I collected were of any use, after a few weeks, Aimi was bedridden and couldn't stand up...

I couldn't stand to see Aimi just like that anymore, so I took her on my back and went to the small health center in town, but I didn't get any good results...

Aimi had caught the deadly disease that my family had caught, but now the cure for that disease was found, but the treatment money was too much for me to afford, even if I started working, Aimi didn't have that much time left, which was unfair. I started working every day as soon as I got home. but I still needed a lot of money. At night, I went to Aimi, but Aimi couldn't speak anymore. Her condition got worse. I couldn't bear to see her like that. I went outside and started running.

"Damn, damn it! If I had money, this wouldn't have happened. I WANT TO BE RICH"

After I said my last word, my foot tripped on a stone and a huge circle appeared in front of me, I couldn't control my balance and fell into that circle..

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