Chapter 2:

The beginning of my dreams

Existence out of poverty

"WHAT'S GOING ON!"What was it? A group of five people was walking towards me. It was as if they were using magic, what magic? What am I saying, where am I Aimi, where is my aimi? While I was saying this, someone grabbed my shoulder and pulled, "New guy, we're pulling back!" When I turned around, there were 4 people, who were they?All of a sudden everyone retreated and we came to a place that looked like a bunker."Welcome to our team! I'm team president Yasu Nakamura, I'm glad I hope we can be good teammates!"This..this girl was unlike any girl I had seen in the village, she was so beautiful that it was comforting to even look at her, but what was that shining star on her forehead?"Me too, Ren Sato, I'm glad, but where is this place, I have to go home Sister-" Before I could finish, a girl came up to me and grabbed the collar of my dress with her hands and lifted it up. Where did she get this strength?"What? You're joking! Going home? Hahahah, you don't know where this place is, if you're strong in life here, this is heaven for you." After the words, the president touched the girl's shoulder and..."Ahh Ena, if you want, be a little kinder to your new teammate, after all, we will be together in battles now. I know, Ren, you have a question mark in your head right now, please enlighten you and listen, This is where those who need money like you come from, you can't connect outside, but where you come from time stands still, everyone's goal here is to make money, we split into teams, each team consists of 5 members. Team presidents like me have a gold star on their forehead. If the enemy team gets the president's star and wins the war, 5 members earn $10,000 per person while fighting, everyone benefits from their magic powers everyone has their own magic power, for example, the magic that Ena has is fire magic, fire magic is one of the most powerful magic. Come on, everybody introduce each other, Ena, you can start first""Thanks captain, I'm Ena Hotta, I'm a fire magic user, I'm so glad"After Ena's introduction, someone came running up to me and threw them shoulder to shoulder."Hi Ren, I'm Yuu Shimizu, Earth magic user, you my friend, let's kill them together in battles!"The look at her with the last person left in the room"I'm Raiden Oyama, as you can tell from the name, I'm an electric spell user, I'm glad"The powers here are all great but what is my magic power? I guess I was going to try and ask"So what's my magic power?" The president answered me with his back turned"We're going to do a little experiment to figure it out, Ren-kun!"We went out with the whole team, except the president and me, the others watching us in a corner and the president seemed like we were going to fight, we were going to fight, we were going to show it? How would I fight without knowing my magic power? While I was thinking, I heard a voice from the president."Hey, Ren, I'm going to have a little fight with you now I'll attack you with all my might, please don't be afraid that you will fight me with all your might, nothing will happen, just fight with all your might, we will learn that the duel will take magic at the end"Really? Was I going to fight with a girl, President.. The President ran towards me and pulled his leg, he was going to kick me I took a somersault and backed up a few steps probably if that kick came to me I would have been bad But the president took it from my feet and threw it to the ground. According to a girl, it was many times stronger than me. Something had happened to the president's height, this is the reins of hostility... What is this facial expression?"The duel is over, let's meet soon!"After what the president said, he left as he was walking behind and yuu-chan came to me"The president wouldn't normally do such a thing, I wonder what happened? I hope he's fine"After for a while we meet up in shelter again and captain start talking"Guys please listen to me especially Ren, the reason we're fighting with you is that I see you getting your spell, there is no special speal ı use, but ı can steal the spells of the users who use them on me and use them against to them but ı can just use one spell, ı have fight with you for learn about your magic power but I couldn't steal it because you you are a multi-element magic user. It was something I hadn't seen until now. The strongest magic powers are listed under five elements; they are fire, water, electricity, earth and wind. All magic users in our team have the strongest magic powers, a normal magic user only uses one spell but you you can use all of them so i couldn't steal your magic power you are special Ren you have to work in our war with you don't even use a quarter of my strength but you were weak, keep on your spells if you can improve yourself you will be a great wizard user and you will be very rich i have high expectations from you Ren-kun! the conversation is over, you can disperse"So how can I use all five elements now? What does that mean? I can be special, finally I can be noticed by someone. Do you hear Aimi, I'll be very rich as a very strong grown magic user, wait for me Aimi, I'll do my best and I'll take good care of you, just wait for me, Aimi...

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