Chapter 84:

The Kingdom of Women

Elyon - Gods among us

—Wherefore am I? Who art thou?— the giant inquired, while he laboriously sat up on the ground, rubbing his eyes to adjust his sight to the light, which was shining in the sky of the lower world of Denendeh.

His dark hair was so long that it touched the ground. It was all disheveled and full of dirt, grass, and stones. His face, completely dirty from being buried under a sediment of rocks, showed a thick black beard. His eyes had a dark glow like onyx. A very particular detail was that the giant did not move his lips when he spoke, he expressed everything through telepathy.

—Are you Yamozha, right?— Loki asked, while he approached flying to the face of the giant, and stood right in front of his eyes so that he could see him better.

The size of the huge being was gigantic. Easily, Loki was the height of one of the colossal giant's eyes.

—Ah, thou art one of the maidens of Denendeh, I see. In sooth, I confess, I took to a slumber and hath lost all reckoning of time, but anon, I shall return— replied the giant making a face of trying to excuse his actions.

—A maiden? Can't you see well yet?— Loki asked annoyed while the other members of Orniskem laughed.

—Art thou, then, a shaman of the beavers?— the giant asked again, trying to see the Norse god better.

Menrva, who floated to the giant, stood next to Loki trying to greet him.

—My name is Menrva and his name is Loki. We have come from very far to request your help— she said.

—That tresses, that complexion... Methinks, thou art strangers— said the giant surprised and excited.

—Yes, indeed, are you then Yam... Yamozha?— the Etruscan goddess asked, hoping she had correctly said the name.

—Verily, good friend. I am Yamozha, the most grand huntsman!— the giant answered while he quickly stood up. But his muscles were so atrophied that his legs couldn't straighten and he fell back to the ground, causing a great tremor when he fell. A thunderous noise was heard all over the stage, which was filled with dust.

—Hey, don't try to get up. You've been asleep for a long time and surely your muscles are atrophied— Menrva said while fanning with her hand the dust that covered the whole environment.

But the giant, instead of being worried, started to laugh very cheerfully. At the same time, Susanoo cut the air with his katana, making the dust disappear.

—Have you ever seen such a gigantic being in your life, Tania?— Ana asked the Punic goddess still amazed.

—Except for the huge serpent we faced in Denmark, I never thought gods of this size existed. At least the serpent was a behemoth— responded the fire-haired goddess, still amazed.

—They are ancestral gods— Loki commented as he came down to where the goddesses were. —I had only heard that the ancestor of the Norse gods, Ymir, had these colossal proportions—

—How old are we talking about?— Ana asked, puzzled.

—No idea, more than 20,000 years, I suppose— Loki responded still with his face full of intrigue.

—You're saying this giant is over 20,000 years old?!— Tania asked, amazed but also surprised.

—No one lives that long— Bellona commented, who was also exhorted to see the gigantic being.

—That's true, they are from the times when the great Anu ruled the cosmos— Tania replied.

—Who is this Anu?— Rodrigo asked, puzzled.

More than everyone, it was Rodrigo who was the most scared by the size of the gigantic Yamozha. Up until now, the greatest height he had seen in an anthropomorphic being was that of the giant Surtr, who was almost three meters tall and had fought against them in Denmark. But this was astonishing. The giant could be more than 5,000 meters tall.

—He is a god who is known more from periods of legend— Epona responded without turning to look at Rodrigo, as she was just as amazed. —But, as it is told, he was a tyrant who was overthrown by Elyon about 10,000 years ago—

—Is Elyon that old?— Rodrigo asked.

—Yes, but generally our life expectancy is 10,000 years— Epona responded. —Elyon is already very old and that's why his daughter Anath rules for him—

—But a giant of this magnitude should have become extinct a long time ago— Loki continued.

In the meantime, Yamozha stopped laughing and sat back on the ground, while he looked around.

—Pray tell, lady, whither hast thou brought me? Methinks, I recollect yonder large mountains and lakes, but now, naught meets mine eyes but an expansive, cold, green lea— the giant asked.

—Well, this world is illusory, great Yamozha— Menrva replied, who was flying in front of the giant's face.

—In the upper world, we were assigned the mission to find you. This illusion was enabled by them to prevent some rodents from attacking them— she added.

—I ventured forth to ensnare beavers, yet slumber did seize me and in its grasp I did repose— answered the giant.

—May I ask you a question?— inquired the Etruscan goddess. —How common are deities of your size among your acquaintances?—

—In Denendeh, I am sole. 'Twas with mine own hands that I crafted this world. Yet, whence I hail, most of us bear the same stature— replied Yamozha.

—Could it be Hubur?— asked Menrva, surprised.

—Verily, methinks that was the title, yet from yonder place I didst depart many a moon ago— commented the gigantic god, laughing.

—Yamozha, I think... you've slept for more than 20,000 years— said Menrva, frightened. —Hubur... disappeared long ago, and you are the first man of your size I have ever met—

—How dost thou conceive I have slumbered for such an age? By now, I shouldst be in death's embrace or verily advanced in years— replied the giant deity, still laughing.

—Hold on— asked a confused Tania.

—Those wolves told us that the portal to the human world was controlled by him, but it's impossible for this god to have even had contact with humans. I know that Elyon had contact with the first humans about 12,000 years ago— she added.

—That's true— confirmed Epona, equally baffled.

—The festival of the New Fire, where, supposedly, Elyon brought fire in a torch, clothing, and human vessels to Lel; and promoted the creation of such items in our civilization that day, or at least that's what is said— she explained.

—Do you know Elyon or Anu?— Menrva quickly asked, listening to her companions debate.

—Anu? Methinks I remember him, he was one of the seven sovereigns of Hubur. Of the other fellow, apologies, I know naught— Yamozha replied.

—Do you know about humans? You know, beings physically similar to me who can't use their energy, but build interesting things— the goddess asked again.

—"In the upper world, there do exist women of thy stature. Of these beings thou speak'st of, I am at a loss. Art thou referencing beavers?"— the giant replied.

—Damn wolves, they deceived us. They even said that Yamozha had disappeared two centuries ago— Ana muttered through gritted teeth.

—It's very possible that the existence of Yamozha would have been even legendary or mythological for the wolves of the upper world— Anpiel commented. —It's possible that they intended to lock us in this world, knowing that we would never find a being from over 20,000 years ago. Possibly it's a legend that has been passed down from generation to generation—

—Are you saying then that the wolves and the rodents have been fighting each other for over 20,000 years?— Epona asked, baffled.

—That seems to be the case, that's why neither remembers exactly why they fight, they only know that Yamozha did something to the world of the beavers, and they both blame each other— Anpiel replied.

—And possibly by sleeping, he entered a hibernation mode, and that's why he is still alive— Loki commented.

—Well, since thou hast aided in rousing me from slumber, what service may I render unto thee, strangers?— asked the dene god.

—Well, we need to take you to the upper world in order to leave Denendeh— Menrva answered.

—Depart? Nay, this calls for a celebration. Let us ascend to the upper world and engage in merriment!— the enormous deity shouted excitedly.

—We would like to, but we are in a hurry, there is a guy chasing us and we need to hurry— Menrva said apologetically as she rubbed her left shoulder.

—Leave this task to old Yamozha, mine little one. Thou hast roused me from slumber, and I shall repay this grand favour thou hast bestowed upon me— replied the god.

Menrva then descended to where the other members of Orniskem were standing, looking at the giant.

—What do we do, guys?— she asked.

—Well, first we have to climb the tree with this guy, then we'll see how to sneak away— Tania answered.

—But taking this giant and climbing him up the tree will be a huge problem— Ana added.

—By the by, maiden, thou assertest this to be but an illusion, correct?— asked Yamozha.

—Indeed, great Yamozha— replied Menrva.

—Just call me Yamozha. I hold such formalities in disdain— replied the giant, still laughing. —Speak not unto me as if I were a lord or a king. Are we not friends, after all?—

—Alright, I'll remember that, Yamozha— Menrva replied with a smile.

The giant then began to elevate his divine power, which caused terror to all those present. A massive dark aura appeared behind the giant, and a great tremor could be felt throughout the area. Then, the dimension in which they were started to break apart, as if it were a glass, and fall apart, revealing the marvelous and beautiful world of Denendeh.

Everyone was on the shore of a great lake and beautiful blue mountains loomed in the distance. A huge amount of pines and oaks appeared on the other side.

—Now, verily, this is the world I hath built— said the giant god, laughing.

At that moment, as if it were a bee hive, thousands of beavers began to arrive flying to where they all were. Their enormous number darkened the sky on the horizon.

—Look, it's those guys again, and now they're together with a giant— said one of them, shouting.

—I've never seen someone that size— another beaver replied.

—Surely it's an illusion of one of those losers. Let's attack them, and then conquer the upper world!— another said, and all the beavers shouted affirmatively in unison.

—Those rats found us again!— Anpiel shouted, watching the beavers approach.

Everyone else watched as they prepared to fight.

—Why doth such multitudes of them exist?— Yamozha asked.

—I guess in these 20,000 years they haven't done anything but reproduce— Menrva answered with a laugh.

—I descended to this world to embark on a hunt, yet knew not there were such abundance of them— Yamozha commented, intrigued.

—Well, it seems your hunting caused a war between those beavers and the wolves in the upper world— Menrva replied.

—Wolves?— the god questioned.

Then, the beavers lunged at the gods, making their spiral formations and creating energy balls that were ready to be thrown.

Bellona then began to prepare her chains to trap the rodents again. But before anyone could do anything, Yamozha raised his finger, and a powerful hurricane wind sent the beavers flying far away.

As if it were rain, the rodents fell to the ground one by one, completely unconscious. Gigantic mountains of their inert bodies rose from the ground and the enormous lake.

—Methinks, we'll be dining on beaver at the feast— Yamozha laughed.

—No, wait!— Menrva interrupted as she moved back in front of the giant's face.

—This senseless war started because you hunted some beavers, so the best thing will be to make peace with them, so that this world has no reason to be hidden under an illusion— she explained.

—Alright, as thou dost wish— Yamozha said, struggling to stand up. However, in trying to stand, it was impossible not to see his gigantic genitals hanging, which made Ana and Epona turn away blushing at the sight.

—Don't you wear clothes, by the way?— Menrva asked, blushing too, unable to stop looking at the deity's penis.

—Clothes? What be that?— the god asked.

—I had heard that humans taught the gods to dress, but I didn't think it was possible— Epona said, surprised.

—Yes, clothes, like this— the Etruscan goddess said as she changed her totema for her huge coat that she had been wearing when she arrived in Vinland.

—This is clothes— she said.

—Oh, thou dost bear semblance to a bear or a beaver— the giant laughed, while Menrva returned to wear her totema.

At that moment, Ana, still trying not to look directly at the giant, moved her left hand and dark feathers began to cover the enormous being.

—The way of dressing of the people of Vinland was something like this, more or less— she muttered as the feathers turned into a huge elk skin shirt and black pants. The clothes completely dressed the giant.

—Well, now you'll look better— Ana commented as she landed back on the ground.

—This is admirable, and it possesses great beauty too. I thank thee for the gift— Yamozha replied.

—Well, I hope you don't walk around on the surface showing— Ana replied, still embarrassed by the spectacle.

The giant then slowly walked to where the unconscious beavers were. His walk was very slow because his muscles were still atrophied, so after two steps, he sat back down on the ground. Although it was only two steps, it was enough to reach where the beavers lay.

—Hail, little beavers— said the gigantic god. —I've come to understand ye've been waging war 'gainst the upper world. I would wish such strife to cease, and do implore ye to accompany me to a feast I am to hold—

One of the beavers, still conscious but badly wounded and lying on several of his own, stared defiantly at the giant.

—The god of the upper world, Yamozha, committed genocide on our clan, and then ran away— the beaver replied. —We want revenge and nothing more—

—Genocide? I hunted but two of ye— Yamozha replied.

—Is that the lie they tell up there? Millions of us were killed by that giant— the rodent continued.

—Certes, such an event did not occur. I assert this, for I am Yamozha— the Dene god responded.

The conscious beavers started to laugh. The beaver he was talking to, strained to stand on two legs and began to fly towards the giant's face.

—More than 20,000 years have passed since that conflict. It's impossible that Yamozha is still alive— the beaver replied.

—Is he really going to claim to be himself, without any evidence?— Loki asked his companions, as they all watched the giant trying to reconcile with the beavers.

—I still find it hard to believe that a being has been sleeping for so long in this place— Tania added.

Suddenly, a disquieting silence overtook the beavers.

—Are you really the great Yamozha?— the beaver floating in front of the Dene god asked in surprise.

—Verily! It doth appear I took to slumber, but now I find myself roused anew— the giant replied with a laugh.

All the beavers began to cheer and fly through the air in complex loops.

—I think I gave too much credit to a group of flying rats— Tania responded with disappointment.

—Are you telling me that a conflict of more than 20,000 years is resolved just like that? So easily?— Menrva asked in astonishment, while the others continued to watch in confusion.

Yamozha clumsily tried to join the beavers in their dance, but he fell back onto the ground. The beavers spiraled around the giant as he moved his arms with difficulty, full of joy. They were all laughing and singing in a very lively manner.

—I guess they're more innocent creatures— Anpiel commented, wearing a puzzled expression.

—Sirs, where lie my courtesies? I failed to make due introduction. I am Yamozha, the hunter, and king of the Dene folk— the giant said as he turned to look at the members of Orniskem.

Then, each one introduced themselves to the god by their names.

—Well, now that we be all as comrades, let us ascend and partake in a grand revel!— the giant exclaimed joyfully.

—Is this correct? Is it not a trap by those rats?— Ana asked in surprise, but Loki immediately interrupted her.

—Well, this guy defeated them with a single finger, I think he wouldn't have a problem stopping an invasion— the Norse god replied while flying towards the giant.

—Great Yamozha, if you allow me, I'll take you directly to your world with my teleportation— Loki offered, causing Rodrigo to blush. He thought he was the only one among the members of Orniskem with space/matter abilities.

—I do express gratitude for thine assistance— the giant replied, laughing.

—Are you ready, everyone? We're leaving— Loki announced.

—Hold on, Loki— Menrva interrupted. —Can you return exactly to the upper world with your power?—

—Well, as I told you, these dimensional barriers were nothing to me, and now less so since he himself destroyed the labyrinth dimension— the dark god responded.

—By the way, beautiful Bellona— Loki turned to the Roman goddess, who was now in her imaginative world.

—Could you have one of your chains touch all of us present? So that I can teleport all of us at once— he asked.

—Leave it to me!— the Roman goddess shouted energetically, and thousands of chains sprouted from her back. These chains discreetly touched each of the ones present with their tips.

Loki then floated towards the Roman goddess and took her hand.

—Excuse me, Roman beauty, but I must physically touch you to transport us— Loki said in a seductive way, causing Bellona to blush and giggle softly.

The chains, although they had already become invisible, kept everyone connected. Loki raised his mistletoe scepter with his left hand and shouted: —Tafarlaus hreyfing

At that moment, they all disappeared from the lower valley of Denendeh.

The wolves watched in astonishment in the upper world, near the top of the great pine that connected both worlds. Yamozha, along with the beavers and the members of Orniskem, appeared right before them all. To them, it was literally an apocalyptic sight.

Not knowing what to do, the wolves started to howl to start a battle, but Menrva quickly stood between the two groups and shouted for them to stop.

—We were sent to find Yamozha— the Etruscan goddess said. —We have brought your lord to you—

An uncomfortable silence fell over the entire scene. However, the gray wolf, known as EbedahoLtihe, approached the goddess and stared at her defiantly.

—Yamozha died centuries ago— he said. "We just wanted you to leave our kingdom."

—But verily, I am not claimed by death— Yamozha replied, —I but took a slumber in the nether realm—

—Sure, as if they'll believe that excuse— Epona sarcastically said.

—Well, why didn't you tell us earlier!— said the wolf with an expression that looked like a smile on his canine face, and all the other wolves began to laugh.

—Again, you gave too much credit to a pack of wolves— Anpiel told the equine goddess.

The wolves danced while the beavers flew around Yamozha, who laughed with joy, and his happiness was contagious among everyone present. The members of Orniskem just watched this spectacle full of surprise.

—In sooth, I retain memory of this place, replete with women and creatures for hunting, whither have they all departed?— Yamozha asked without losing his jovial joy.

—We were created exclusively by the great grandmother to protect this place after your disappearance— EbedahoLtihe commented.

—And we never lost hope of seeing you again— a woman's voice was heard from afar.

When everyone turned, they could see a very old and terribly withered woman. She was completely covered with the attire of wolf skin, and held a drum in her right hand. Her face was painted with red and black dyes. Under her cloak, she wore an elk shirt and a colorful skirt. The woman rode on a bear, and next to her, two brown-skinned women with loose, dark, straight hair and outfits very similar to the old woman's, excluding the wolf tunic, stood by her side.

The women positioned themselves near where the gigantic god watched them with much curiosity. The old woman then got off her mount and approached the Dene god floating.

—It's possible that you don't know me, but I am Ts'akwi, Setsune's granddaughter. She was just a girl when you disappeared from our world— the old woman told Yamozha.

—In sooth, I retain good memory of yonder maid. She was a lass of most merry and pleasing nature— the giant god replied, laughing.

—I never lost faith in seeing you, my lord— the old woman said. —Even your presence alone was enough to end the war we've been living for so long—

The old woman could be seen crying with joy at the sight of the gigantic deity. The women who accompanied her watched, equally joyfully, the return of their former king; whom they only knew from stories and legends of their ancestors.

—Marry, aged crone— Yamozha said. —These sprightly souls in my company are they who stirred me from slumber, and seek an egress from our realm. Might thou lend them aid in their quest for departure?— he asked.

—Certainly— the old woman replied, turning to look at Rodrigo and company.

—Remember, make haste to return anon and we shall partake in another festivity!— the giant shouted, to which Menrva closed her eyes with a big smile.

—Sure, we'll be back!— she shouted.

—And furthermore, if thou requirest mine aid to shield thee from the entity thou didst mention, or any other tribulation; bear in mind that this realm shall forever owe thee a debt. Summon me when thou needest me!— the giant shouted with a huge voice of jubilation.

All members of Orniskem nodded with a smile.

—Don't worry, Yamozha, if we need your help, we'll ask for it— Menrva replied, still with a smile of embarrassment on her face.

All members of Orniskem said goodbye to the great giant and set off with the women. The women who accompanied the old woman led the members of Orniskem through the gigantic kingdom.

Further back, after a great lake, and far from the island where the tip of the tree was, which united the two worlds; enormous mountains extended with tipi tents spread throughout the area.

One of the things that intrigued Rodrigo and his company the most is that there were only women in this world; in addition to animals like bears and wolves. That's why Yamozha had believed at the beginning that Loki was a woman.

On the highest mountain, there was a tipi hut, but it was much bigger than the ones they had seen in the world. It was similar to the one inside the labyrinth. It was white in color, and had red drawings painted around it. The women indicated that this was the exit from Denendeh.

—If you go through that hut, you will reach Taltheilei, the Dene world of humans— one of them said pointing to the entrance.

—I hope this is, in fact, the exit— Rodrigo commented nervously.

—Come on, Rui! Don't be distrustful— Ana cheerfully said, as everyone approached the entrance to the hut.

Tania was the first to pass through the entrance, and when she came out, she could see again a scene very similar to the lower world of Denendeh, but she quickly realized that she was in the human world, because she felt that enormous pressure that drastically reduced her powers.
Epona, then Ana, then Loki, then Anpiel, then Rodrigo, then Susanoo, and finally Menrva. Everyone came out of the tipi hut, which was identical to the one in Denendeh.

—This must be Taltheilei, the world of humans who worship these gods— Anpiel said.

—How can you learn those weird names?— Epona asked the angel, who just let out a slight chuckle.

Everyone was amazed looking at the beautiful landscape of the land where they were. There were enormous white mountains, and thousands of pine trees forming a natural barrier on a gigantic blue lake, which was right below the ostentatious cliff where the gods were. It was snowing lightly, which Rodrigo was the only one to feel a little discomfort from the low temperature. Far away, they could see more tipi huts, but these were, very likely, inhabited by humans.

—I think we will need to ask how to get to the south— Menrva commented.

—I suppose we should travel south, until we leave this land— said the dark-haired goddess.

—We will use the map we got in Adlivun as a guide— Anpiel added, making the letter appear.

The angel pointed to the part of the world where they were, and traced with his finger the route they had to go to reach the Anishinaabe kingdom, which was to the east of where they were.

—It seems that we are very far from those territories— Epona commented a bit frustrated.

—But it would be ideal to travel there, because they can provide aid on our way, as they are allies of Sedna— Anpiel replied.

—However, not all of us can go south— Menrva commented. —We have to travel east, to the Haida kingdom to look for Thor and his companions—

—I suppose the ideal, then, is that we split into two or three groups— Tania commented.

—Indeed, although I suppose you guys don't have much intention of going east, but I promised I would go to find Thor and his father. So I'll go with Loki and Bellona...— Menrva began, but at that moment she was surprised.

—Wait a minute, didn't Bellona come out with us?— asked the Etruscan goddess with a face of horror.

—What's going on?— Epona asked. But just as she continued speaking, the chains that had disappeared from the gods when they teleported with Loki reappeared, tied to each one's ankle. Quickly, the chains rose, lifting all members of Orniskem, including Loki, suspended in the air.

—Wow, I thought I would never get out of that stupid labyrinth, so I thank you— Bellona's voice was heard still inside the tipi hut.

The goddess came out walking slowly, but her countenance no longer showed the cheerful and distracted goddess, her eyes were filled with bloodlust, and she had a malevolent look on her face. Her voice had also completely changed, it no longer sounded childish and full of joviality, now it sounded hard and cruel.

—What are you doing, Bellona?— Tania asked in surprise.

—Yes, why have you immobilized us in this way?— asked Ana equally.

—This is the real face of Bellona— Menrva said calmly.

—Oh, don't tell me you always suspected me?— asked the Roman goddess, while swinging her huge chains with which she had everyone tied, while everyone struggled to free themselves, except Menrva, who showed herself very calm and quiet.

—You see, Orniskem— the Etruscan goddess addressed her companions. —Athena sent me on this mission to kill her—

—Is she a traitor to Orniskem?— Epona asked in surprise, who still didn't want to dismiss her suspicions about the Etruscan goddess.

—I would say she's a lap dog for Lel— Menrva replied still relaxed. —She was one of the many gods of war who lost the grace of their pantheons and was left without a home to go to. So she negotiated with Lel and was tasked with spying on Athena—

—To know so much about me, it's a bit silly that you lowered your guard with me— the Roman goddess asked intrigued, as she approached a Menrva who was hanging upside down suspended in the air.

All the members of Orniskem continued struggling to try to break the chain, but they couldn't.

—Don't make an effort, my chains can't be broken; and these, in particular, still come from Denendeh, so you will never break them— Bellona commented as she continued to approach Menrva.

—But why? What did my teacher do to you?— Ana asked, feeling her strength fading from the chain's grip.

—Nothing really— Bellona responded calmly and with a look of cynicism. —Simply, that was my job and I fulfilled it promptly—

Bellona then, with a fist, hit Menrva's stomach with all her strength. The Etruscan goddess bent over in pain and spat blood, while she coughed with her eyes tightly closed caused by agony.

—Now, if you'll excuse me, I must deliver you to my lady Anath— Bellona said, turning her back on Menrva.

—I am not authorized to kill you, but it seems that you will be a good human sacrifice in Tula, or something like that, especially the boy dressed like a bird— she added.

Bellona turned around and made her communication crystal appear, but just at that moment, a very fast gust of wind hit the instrument and it broke. Horrified, the goddess turned to see behind her and saw that Menrva, who was still tied up from head to toe, had made that attack, but had her right arm raised and a look of determination.

—Your energy should have been exhausted!— Bellona yelled irritably. —How could you move like that?—

—Because I never fell for your trap, dear— said the Etruscan goddess, just as her chain disappeared, as did Loki's. Both gods fell to the ground as they did a somersault in the air.

—How in the world?— Bellona asked nervously.

—If you allow me to explain, Roman beauty— Loki commented with a cocky look.

—I let Loki experience your chain when you tied him up before we met Yamozha. That way, he could understand your ability and create a countermeasure when you tied us all to take us to the upper world of Denendeh— Menrva explained, silencing Loki.

—I was going to explain that, Etruscan beauty— the Nordic god responded grumpily.

Bellona then started to laugh, at first discreetly, and then full-throated.

—You can't beat the two of us— the Etruscan goddess said, getting ready to fight.

—Oh, my mistress Anath is always prepared for everything— Bellona said to herself, as she then made a golden sphere appear, which shone with great intensity.

—Is that... a golden sphere, like the one Lord Ares had?— Menrva asked nervously.

—Oh, are you familiar with these gadgets, Menrva?— Bellona asked, smiling, as she held the golden sphere in her right hand.

—What is that supposed to be?— Loki asked.

—I'm not very informed, but it made Lord Ares very powerful— Menrva replied to the Nordic god.

—It's called Hikaptha, and they are made by Lel's supreme blacksmith— Bellona replied.

—They exponentially increase the power of the user, and they are charged with the wars and violence around them. Fortunately, we experienced a stupid war between rodents and wolves, remember?— the Roman goddess continued explaining.

—This is bad— Menrva murmured to Loki. —I will fight her, you save the others, can I count on you?—

—Yes, it won't be any problem to unlink those chains— Loki responded, and then he disappeared.

—Wow, has the loser Nordic god already fled?— Bellona replied laughing. —You couldn't have made things even easier for me—

—Laugh all you want, but I will bury you here myself— Menrva responded to the threats.

Bellona lifted the Hikaptha and clenched it with her fist. Her body began to glow like golden light. Huge tremors began to be felt in the area and the sky began to darken.

—Even with the anti-divinity barrier, this girl is greatly increasing her power— Menrva said to herself, while nervously watching Bellona shine like a radiant sun.