Chapter 83:

The great Yamozha

Elyon - Gods among us

The sunlight appearing on the prairie began to illuminate the dark scene. The deep violet sky was starting to show shades of pink and orange, dissipating the overwhelming darkness.

The fire had gone out a while ago, and Tania was still awake looking towards the horizon. In her lap, Ana slept with her head resting.

Rodrigo, for his part, who was always used to getting up early, was also watching the sunrise while holding Epona on his shoulder, who was still sleeping. Beside him, Anpiel was also drinking warm milk. Loki, still tied up, was still sound asleep.

Inside the cabin, from one of the rooms, Menrva was also looking towards the horizon, completely absorbed in what was happening. She had felt excluded from not being invited to last night's meeting, but deep down she understood that Epona still didn't trust her.

The Etruscan goddess had a look of melancholy and sadness, as she leaned her head against the window sill. She was dressed only in a long nightgown. In the room, Bellona was snoring, with half of her body hanging out of the bed.

Susanoo, for his part, was in a lotus position in the main room in front of the fireplace. He had preferred to meditate all night rather than join in the festivities. He didn't enjoy socializing, and he was afraid of relapsing into alcoholism as he had in the past.

The rays of the sun hit Ana's face, who opened her eyes with an uncomfortable look. When she finally regained consciousness, she saw Tania's face completely covered by her large breasts.

—Ah, Tania... good morning— she said, still drowsy.

—Ey, good morning, Ana— replied the Punic goddess.

—What a fright you gave me, it reminded me of a time when I turned into a cow— the goddess continued.

—You're an idiot, crow face— said a blushing Tania, even though Ana still couldn't see her face.

At that moment, Ana remembered; she had to stay awake in case the flying rodents attacked, but she had fallen asleep. She drank a lot at night and the drunkenness knocked her out. The goddess quickly rose from Tania's lap with a surprised look.

—That's right! I fell asleep!— she shouted embarrassed.

Tania started to laugh, and Rodrigo and Anpiel turned to look at Tania as well.

—Don't worry, silly, I stayed awake all night— Tania replied, still amused.

—Darn it, my head still hurts— the Irish goddess replied, still holding her forehead due to her hangover.

—I think it's time to talk to everyone, to determine how we are going to find that god they mentioned in the upper world— Tania commented, with a more serious look now.

—Without being able to break this illusion, it will be almost impossible— Ana commented.

—Can't you turn into hundreds of crows and fly all over the area?— asked the Punic goddess.

—My crows can't stray too far from my real body, only a few kilometers around— Ana replied, still holding her head.

—What a party you had last night! I would have loved to participate, but I was too tired from not sleeping for over twenty days— Bellona's voice was heard behind the two goddesses, who quickly turned around.

Indeed, Bellona was there in a simple nightgown, which didn't leave much to the imagination of everyone. She had a quite athletic and well-shaped body. She was moderately tall, just a few centimeters shorter than Rodrigo.

—Well, to cure a hangover, there's nothing like a good outdoor workout— said the Roman goddess as she started warming up exercises.

Rodrigo, who couldn't help but watch the technically naked goddess, blushed completely.

—You're lucky Epona is still asleep, Mr. Rodrigo— Anpiel said sarcastically.

—Hey, put some clothes on, exhibitionist!— Tania shouted furiously.

But the goddess ignored her and continued to stretch her body while touching her feet.

—Don't look, Rui!— shouted Ana, while she created a curtain with her abilities to prevent Rodrigo from seeing the goddess.

—It's a shame that you go out half naked, Bellona— Menrva replied as she also came out of the cabin. But she, like the Roman goddess, was in a semi-transparent nightgown.

At that moment, Tania, furious, got up and hit both goddesses, shouting:

—Get dressed, both of you!—

Both goddesses fell to the ground, embarrassed, apologizing.

Now, with all the gods dressed again in their totemas, they gathered outside the cabin. Epona and Loki were already awake, although the god was still tied up. Susanoo was also there, somewhat apart and still in his lotus position sitting on the ground.

—We need to find a way to navigate this world without distorting the dimensional illusion— commented a disappointed Tania.

—Does anyone have any idea?— she asked.

Everyone remained silent, looking at each other to determine if anyone had any ideas.

—If you untie me, I can help you again— Loki suggested, smiling.

—After you tried to escape yesterday? Forget it— Tania responded to the god of lies.

—Wait, Tania— interrupted Menrva. —I want to hear what he offers—

Epona snorted and looked away, while Ana and Tania disapproved of the suggestion.

—We don't have another choice, do we?— the Etruscan goddess added.

—Remember, we don't know how long Sedna will be able to hold back the god of Tula, and he will surely come to us— she warned.

—But that doesn't mean we have to untie him— Epona commented.

Menrva looked at the equine goddess with her piercing blue eyes.

—Epona, do you trust me?— she asked.

Epona fell silent.

—I know it's my fault, how can someone who was your enemy now come and give you orders? I know it bothers and annoys you; and believe me, I would like to be able to reverse it, but I can only do what my master Athena entrusted me with— the Etruscan goddess continued, and then she put her hand on the Celtic goddess' shoulder.

—If I fail you, you can kill me, I won't defend myself— she said, looking straight at Epona.

The Celtic goddess didn't know how to respond, and in the end she sighed, trying to divert her gaze from the Etruscan goddess.

—Don't worry, we would never do something like that— she said.

—Good— Menrva said, and she patted the blonde goddess on the shoulder. She then turned to look at Loki.

—Alright Loki— said the goddess. —Tell me, how will you break this illusion without affecting the rodents in this world?—

—I already told you that I won't tell you anything until you untie me— commented the Nordic god.

—Alright, untie him, Bellona— said Menrva, looking at the Roman goddess.

—AOK!— Bellona shouted and the chains on Loki disappeared.

At that very moment, Tania, Ana and Epona took a stance to attack the god, but Menrva raised her right arm.

—Do nothing— she said to the angry goddesses.

—Oh! How good it is to be untied and free!— Loki commented, smiling.

—Alright Loki, now tell us, how are you going to help us?— Menrva asked.

—Well, it's simple, if you can follow me, I'll lead you through this maze— said Loki, just as he disappeared from everyone's sight.

—That bastard escaped again!— Tania shouted furiously.

—I knew it, you were going to let him escape!— Epona shouted, and she tried to lunge at Menrva to hit her, but Rodrigo and Anpiel held her back together.

—Calm down, Epona, if she didn't have a plan she wouldn't have done it— the angel said to the enraged goddess, who was spewing various curses.

—Take it easy, you three— Menrva said in a conciliatory voice, and she sat on the grass. —Loki will find that Yamoncha guy for us—

—Yamozha— Anpiel corrected.

—That, Yamozha— she said and smiled at the goddesses.

—He left us alone, don't you realize? He betrayed us again!— Ana said, annoyed.

Then Menrva turned to look at the Roman goddess and yelled: —Bellona, show them!—

—Yes!— The goddess shouted full of energy, and at that moment, a chain tied to her hand appeared from her left hand, the tip of the chain extended, but it disappeared as if it were entering an invisible ghost hole.

—I told Bellona to tie this chain to Loki's ankle— Menrva commented. —When he finds Yamoshá, Bellona will simply teleport us to the end of the chain—

—Yamozha— Anpiel corrected again.

—Sorry, I'm bad with the names of this region— the Etruscan goddess said apologetically.

—And how do we know Loki didn't already take off the chain?— Tania asked.

—I can see through Loki's eyes right now— Bellona replied. —He has the ability in his eyes to see over illusions, so he moves without problems—

—If he realizes it and unties himself, we teleport to where he is and capture him again— the Etruscan goddess commented.

—Thanks— Epona replied, much calmer.

—It's my job, Epona, I already told you— Menrva answered with a smile.

—And so, we just wait? What guarantees us that Loki will look for the deity of this world?— Tania asked.

—Loki wants to find Odin, and although he doesn't want us to be on top of him, his mission hasn't changed— the Etruscan goddess commented.

—Alright— the Punic goddess replied and sat down abruptly on the ground. —Let's wait then—

The other gods nodded and sat down.

Then Susanoo positioned himself next to Epona in a lotus position.

—You shouldn't doubt Menrva-san, Epona-chan. She, along with Ishtar-san, were the only honorable warriors serving Ares— the Oriental god commented.

Epona noticed that Menrva was chatting with Bellona and not paying attention.

—When we were coming here, I felt an evil presence in the position where Menrva wanted us to head— Epona confessed in a very low voice.

Ana and Tania approached and formed a circle around Epona, where Anpiel and Rodrigo were already included. They all started to speak in hushed voices.

—What are you talking about, Epona?— Tania asked.

—When we went out into space— said Epona. —Also, later in Asgard, she confessed to me that there would be no Pallas in the future—

—Are you sure about that?— Anpiel asked, frustrated.

—Why would she lie?— the equine goddess responded.

—Do you want me to talk to her?— Anpiel asked, but Epona shook her head.

—I'm saying it just so we're alert— Epona replied.

—Epona-chan, I can assure you that Menrva-san has no ill intentions— Susanoo answered. —And if you want to be sure, contact Pallas. Athena-sama gave Anpiel-san a communication crystal, right?—

—I tried to use it yesterday, but in this dimension communications are blocked— Anpiel confessed.

—Maybe she plans to leave us locked in here for eternity— Rodrigo suggested.

—If it's necessary to go up again and defeat the wolves, watashi-tachi will do it— Susanoo said, trying to encourage everyone. —But I'm sure everything will be fine. Trust her, she's a good onnanoko—

—You know her better than us, and for some reason, Lady Athena trusted her— Anpiel commented. —I think, like Mr. Susanoo, that you're exaggerating things again—

—Alright, I'll trust— Epona said, covering her face with her hand.

—Do you think you could beat her if she becomes our enemy?— Ana asked Tania.

—No, there's no way I could beat her— confessed the Punic goddess, completely defeated. —I have to hope that Susanoo is telling the truth—

More than an hour had passed. Everyone was resting, sitting on the grass while Bellona was jumping around like a little girl on the hills. At that moment, the goddess stopped and yelled, waving her hands at the group.

—Guys!— she shouted. —It looks like he's stopped—

—That's great!— Menrva shouted excitedly and got up to meet Bellona. The rest did the same and surrounded the Roman goddess.

—Loki is looking at a gigantic mound of mountains right now— said the goddess.

—Do you think Yamonsha is there?— asked Menrva.

—Yamozha— Anpiel corrected.—And you'd better learn that name when we find him—

—I... I'll try— the Etruscan goddess replied apologetically.

—Well, I don't know— Bellona confessed. —But we can move there to find out—

—Alright, take us there— ordered the Etruscan goddess.

Then Bellona made more chains appear from her hand, placing one in front of each of the gods.

—Each of you touch the tip— she said.

Epona looked uncertainly at Susanoo, and he nodded, touching the chain. This calmed the equine goddess, who did the same. They all held onto their respective chains. Then, they all felt a great forward thrust; and when they realized it, they were right behind Loki, who continued to watch the mountain.

—We meet again, Loki— Menrva shouted, and at that moment, Bellona tied him up again with her chains before the god could even react.

—Damn it! I knew you had set a trap for me— he said angrily.

—Trap? I knew you would run away again— Menrva said angrily. —Do you think I'm stupid?—

—Alright, alright— Loki commented.

At that moment, Tania grabbed the god by the neck and prepared her claw to hit him.

—I told you you'd experience hell if you betrayed us again!— the goddess shouted furiously.

—Enough, Tania!— Menrva interrupted, and with her bare hand, she stopped the fiery arm of the fire-haired goddess.

Then, in front of everyone, Menrva prostrated herself before Loki, putting her face on the ground. Something the Nordic god himself didn't know how to respond to.

—Loki, god of Asgard; I beg you, we need your help— said the goddess. —We are useless in mental powers, and we survived the dream cave thanks to you. Please, let's work together—

—Don't lose your dignity like that!— Tania shouted at the goddess, but Menrva didn't answer.

They all stared fixedly at Loki who, clearly, had an uncomfortable expression on his face. Then, he relaxed his posture and sighed.

—Alright, I'll cooperate with you, but I must admit I don't feel safe with those girls judging me all the time— said the Nordic god.

Bellona then removed her chain from the god of Asgard.

Tania, Ana, and Epona once again prepared for combat, but Loki looked at them with a weary gaze.

—I won't run, I swear by father Odin— he confessed.

Menrva then stood up and smiled at him.

—Thank you for your support, Loki— she said.

—Well, anyway— Loki said, clearing his throat.

Loki then pointed in front of him, though there was nothing more than a green prairie.

—Yamozha is beneath those mountains— he said.

—Mountains? I don't see anything because of the illusion. Don't you remember?— Ana protested.

Loki sighed, and moved his hands saying: —Stara í myrkrid

At that moment, everyone saw the world as it truly was. Indeed, in front of them was a gigantic range of mountains covered in snow.

—Oh, well, so, do we destroy the range and that's it?— Tania asked.

—No!— Loki interrupted. —Don't touch the mountains!—

—Eh? Why?— Tania asked.

—Because those mountains are just sediment. Yamozha is the mountain range— Loki replied.

Then, the god, using his telekinesis powers, lifted all the rocks, dirt, grass, and snow covering the mountains. Indeed, there was a naked giant sleeping beneath, who had given the shape to those mountains. The size of the colossus was immense, enough to take the form of a complex group of mountains.

—Is that Yamozha?— Menrva asked, puzzled.

—Well, I don't think anyone else is in this lower world, other than those flying rodents— Loki said.

The giant continued to snore contentedly with drool coming out of his mouth. He had long dark tousled hair, brown skin, and was completely naked.

—We'll have to wake him up— Ana confessed, looking at the colossal giant.

—And what if he attacks us?— Epona asked, scared.

—We have no other choice, Epona— Menrva confessed, while making her golden spear appear.

—Wait!— Anpiel interrupted.

—Don't show your weapons or wake him up violently. Remember that we need his favor, not to attack or bother him— he ordered.

—And how do we act, then?— Tania asked.

At that moment, Loki started to laugh again.

—Seriously, how did you think to make a team without anyone with mental powers?— he said, still amused.

—Well, Loki, show us how to wake up the giant— Ana sarcastically said to the dark god.

Then, Loki raised his mistletoe staff he was carrying and prayed: —Hugur sprengja

At that moment, the god caused an interruption in the sleep of the great Yamozha, and he opened his eyes.