Chapter 14:

Reeling Rebuilding

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

We won but no one was really happy, rightfully so. Nearly everything was destroyed and even with my power it would take a while to get things back to the way they were. The Halberds and Lazuli were mostly destroyed, with separated parts flown everywhere. My body was beat up and could fall at any moment. I fell back into the cockpit’s cushion padding.

There was hardly any feeling in my dream. Stars around me in space, a planet I’ve never seen before. Teal oceans, vibrant plants, animals completely foreign. It all faded again.

I woke up to a bare blue sky. Faint traces of smoke could be smelt. It hurt to try to move my head. The only thing I could do was keep my head facing my side. “Are you awake?” I could hear that it was Platina’s voice. I groaned out a “Yeah”.

“I was healing you while you slept, but I need to take care of some others.” “Thanks” I could feel my face heat up a little from how close she was, “I’m fine now, I’m fine” “If you say so.”

When I get better, I have to help rebuild. I could be using Grandeiwos to get as much material as we need right now. Though I know I should rest a bit more, I can’t sleep feeling like this.

“Akio…” It was Carine again, “I just heard you and Platina and… I… kind of wanted to help. I know some healing magic.” “It’s fine really, you can use it on some of the other hurt villagers.” She gave a look of worry, “Why is it that you refuse to be healed before the others?”

“Well, aren’t there people who are more hurt than I am? Besides, I failed to save everyone.”

“Don’t worry, everyone who was in critical condition are doing well. But it is true that a few people died, including the village chief. But it isn’t your fault.” She started to tear up a bit.

“But it is kind of true, it’s because I left with everyone to fight that dragon that left this place defenseless. I barely got back in time; we even took our time collecting the treasure.”

Carine didn’t say anything in response and used a healing spell on my shoulder, removing the bruising.

I could tell she didn’t know what to say. She kept stammering, “B-But you didn’t know that we would be attacked and…” Tears were faintly forming in her eyes. Maybe there’s something I should do to make things better.

“I think… I’ll just help rebuild; I caused this mess so I should fix it. It’s the power I got coming to this world.” She still looked at me worryingly, “I’m sure no one will completely blame you for a mistake. The people in this village are kind, I just know it. Even if I haven’t been here long, they’ve taken care of me when I don’t even know where I come from.”

“Yeah, I’ll help rebuild when I get better” I still couldn’t move much so all I can do for now is sleep. My eyes started to feel strained as I fell to sleep, hearing small humming.


No dreams appeared to me that night.

Waking up I could only see green. My eyes adjusted themselves to see locks of green hair. Carine was standing in front of my bed. She was hunched down looking in a drawer.

I was already awake now; I should get started on my work. I pushed myself up into a sitting position. “Are you feeling better now? Akio?” “I don’t feel any pain anymore, but I should go help out now. She stopped me for a moment to give me a piece of bread.

Taking it in hand I shoved it in my mouth. It actually tasted good. There was lots of seasoning, it was definitely the best thing I had since coming here. Unconsciously I gave her some kind of look. I couldn’t know what I looked like, but she laughed a little bit.

I finished eating and started to walk off to help rebuild, “See you…”

Now the problem was where should I start. All of the Stahl-Soldats are too broken to even move, and they could be used for construction. I ran to where Zelezo’s workshop was, seeing a collapsed building with rubble. Grandeiwos could move it all.

Running back, Grandeiwos was right where I left it. The hatch opened in my presence. Powering it on, I got back to Zelezo’s place to clear out the debris. Underneath it all was the crafting benches and furnace.

I crafted a new wooden platform to work on, started smelting ores, and brought over my Craft-Knight. If we wanted to keep fighting these menaces, we needed to upgrade. I repaired it with no trouble and prepared to make more of them. I switched to using the Craft-Knight to move parts since its slightly smaller size helped with precision.

We needed one for Zelezo, Árgyros, Chrysós, Sidiros, Kobalta, and though I’d rather not give him anything, Ferro. Making another 6 Craft-Knights also wasn’t hard at all. They all gathered before the ruins of the workshop. I dropped a ton of crafted parts to be used for rebuilding from my inventory. “Let’s get started!”

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