Chapter 15:

Rebuild Rumble

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

Everyone got used to piloting the Craft-Knights pretty quickly. Counting mine there were seven of them in total. Construction started with the foundations of the buildings. Zelezo was the most experienced at construction out of all of the Stahl-Soldat pilots, he also had some buddies who were regular carpenters that lived here. Kobalta also sent a request to the guild she was in for help.

I continued crafting necessary components like roofing, doors, and basic furniture. There were plenty of materials I had on my own, but I also was given a lot by the village’s emergency storage. It was still early in the morning, so rebuilding might not take too long after all.

Most of the civilians of the village whose houses were destroyed stayed by the town square, cooking food for everyone. It was nice seeing everyone come together to help each other out. There were also people living here that I didn’t meet or take notice of. People with beastly attributes, elves, and even dwarves.

We nearly were crushed by some sort of scouting team, led by one guy and some unknown domesticated animals controlling the bug mechs. I don’t know if they’ve been appearing elsewhere in the world, but I have a bad feeling. Me waking up close to this village and those things attacking could be related.

The Flying Kingdom that the dragon Osaur mentioned, I should keep an eye out tonight to try to look for it. They’re also fighting these things. I looked through my crafting recipes to find a telescope. I just needed glass, for which I needed sand.

I decided to rebuild the fighter jet I got from Osaur’s treasure pile. Due to having all of the materials, I was able to craft all of the parts and piece it back together. The jet was stood on the top of a grassy hill. I hopped in looking at the panels and controls. It actually looked pretty simple, but I needed to hurry. An hour had passed since I started. The engine powered on and roared. Pulling back on a lever, the jet tilted back. With a hover and a thrust, it started flying.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The controls were easy and fast. I could have used the glass from the windows of the buildings, but I wouldn’t feel right doing that. The jet also had windows, but I’d rather not mess with the design on the first time piloting it. I wanted to know how to work this magic fighter jet before changing it.

It took five minutes to find a beach on a lake. Landing on a flat area of grass, I got out and started scooping a bunch of sand into my inventory. Loud footsteps came closing in, now was my chance to leave. Hopping back into the jet, I sped off not even looking back.

Only a few minutes and I was back. Quickly crafting glass at Zelezo’s furnace, I then made a telescope. But now I need to get back to work!

“Where were you?” It was Ferro, the guy I wanted to see the least. “I-I was just getting some more materials.” He gave a look of suspicion, “What did you get? You took off pretty loudly in that machine and caused a commotion. People got worried when you just up and left.” Ugh this was getting harder to justify, “Just sand… for glass… to use for windows. I saw we didn’t have much, and all of the windows were broken to bits by the attack.” My confidence dropped immensely as I couldn’t counter his arguments.

I should just bite the bullet and tell the truth now, “I wanted to find a way to look for the Flying Kingdom, so I made a telescope.” Ferro only gave a sigh for a reply.

“I’ll get back to work now!” No other escape but accept defeat. Catching up by crafting up more needed pieces was a breeze. Everyone started to take breaks for lunch. In my inventory I had quite a bit of bunny meat I could hand out. Stopping by Zelezo’s furnace I cooked up some bunnies with some fruits all seasoned with non-poisonous plants I found. While it was cooking, I made some bento boxes out of wood. It was comforting doing something that reminded me of home.

“Lunch time everyone!” 

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