Chapter 16:

A Werewolf Wanders Over (Part 1)

It’s My First Time Working Late Nights at a Convenience Store, and If I Keep Getting Demon Lords, Kappa and Other Oddballs as Customers, I’m Giving My Two-Weeks’ Notice

Tonight marks twenty-one evenings on the till.


Well, so far so good. Today’s guest is someone who at least knows how to use a set of automatic doors. 

I mean, we’ve had people come racing in here at top speed, creatures shaking themselves off like dogs, people getting dragged out against their will... So, good door etiquette is usually a good sign.


I’m too stunned to speak.

“Hey, so, about tomorrow...”

Dressed in a sharp, black suit and stylish shades is a werewolf, chatting away on his phone.

He’s got to be well over six feet tall, since I’ve got to crane my neck waaaay up to get a good look at him.

“Yeah, yeah. I know. I won’t forget.” 

Whoa! Nope! No way!! Sure, he sounds totally normal, but that thick, black, beastly fuzz on his face definitely isn’t!

The werewolf catches me staring at him and lowers his voice to a rough whisper. 

“Sorry, I’m in a store. Don’t want anyone to overhear. I’ll call back.” 

Uh, is he some kind of shady dealer?!

He must be here to buy smokes or something. With his deep voice and slight swagger, he seems like the type.

Cramming his hands (paws?) into his suit pockets, the werewolf does a circuit of the store. 

“Hey, kid. Could you ring me up?” 

Huh. All he’s getting is a pack of wet wipes. 

“Oh, right! Uh, welcome, irasshaimase!”

“Heh. Not quite what you were expecting, huh? My partner’s always on my case about keeping things super clean. Seriously, they’re a total neat freak. And you’d better believe smoking was out of the question, so I had to give it up.”

His ability to keep up a regular conversation gives him a kind of suave, sophisticated air.

Actually, something about him reminds me of my manager. Maybe that’s why I’ve warmed up to him so quickly?

The werewolf pulls out a couple of bills from his classy-looking wallet, gives me a “Later, kid,” then turns around and starts to head towards the doors. He only gets about halfway, though, when he suddenly stops.  

Huh? Did he forget to buy something else after all? 

“Hey, uh, buddy? If you’ve got a minute, there’s something that I’ve been looking for some advice on.” 

The werewolf turns, looking at me with an expression that does not inspire confidence.


No, really — what could he possibly have to ask a convenience store clerk that he only just met?

He totters back up to the counter, to ask... 

“D’you...have a girlfriend?” 

The burly wolf-man poses the question in all seriousness — and I can only stare back in bewilderment.

“A...girlfriend? Uh...” 

Ayame quickly comes to mind.

She said she was in love with me, and I didn’t exactly turn her down, so...yeah? I guess we’re going out now? 

“Sure, I do.”

“...Then, you gotta help me out!!” 

He grabs both my hands, clenching them in his own with a startling intensity. 


“Oh! Right. That. Can’t have you running off and leaving the till all on its own, huh? Okay, so, is there anyone else here besides you?” 

Wow, he’s actually thought things that far through. ...You know, he might not be such a bad guy.

“Um, my manager’s here too, but... I doubt anyone else’ll walk in,’s probably fine?”

For the most part, our customers only come in ones and twos — and pretty sparingly. 

“Nah, that’s no good. Guess I’d better take it up with your boss. ...HEY, MANAGER!!” 

“Wh-... Dude!”

The door to the break room creaks open, and out pops my manager, already in his uniform.

“What seems to be the trouble, sir?”

“Yeah, so, I was wondering — could I maybe borrow your cashier for a sec?”

Whoa, making casual demands from a man as terrifying as my manager? This guy’s got balls!!

My manager looks between myself and the werewolf, then back at me, tilting his head as if to say: “What’ve you gotten yourself into this time?” ...Nothing, I swear! 

“Oh! Um, this customer says that he’s got something that he needs my opinion on?”

“Right, that’s it exactly. I won’t drag him any further than those tables over there.”

The werewolf jerks his thumb over at the seating area, and my manager’s brow furrows in concern. 

“His...opinion? You don’t seem to be one of Haru’s acquaintances, either... Hmm. In that case, would you mind if I sat in on this discussion?”

I wonder if he thinks that I’m getting myself caught up in some kind of illicit business? Standing in between myself and the werewolf, my manager stares him down.

“Okay, so, this might be kind of forward, but... Do you have any romantic experience?”

The werewolf removes his sunglasses, returning my manager’s glare with unflinching sincerity. That doesn’t soften my manager’s stern gaze, though, as he replies with a firm... 

“...None whatsoever.” 

C’mon, Manager!! That’s nothing to be proud of!

“Okay. Yeah. Thanks, but no thanks. Cashier kid, you’re up.” 

With that blunt refusal, the werewolf reaches around to haul me out from behind the register. 

“I really don’t think this is a good idea! And another thing! Sir, that’s blatant romance discrimination!”

The werewolf has his paws wrapped around one of my arms, while my manager grabs hold of the other. They both pull, tugging me this way and that in a game of human tug-of-war. No, seriously, this freaking HURTS! Ow, ow, ow!! Oh my god, my arms!! They’re going to tear them out of their sockets!! A ton of weird stuff has happened here, but none of it’s been painful! OOOUCH!!!  

“He-... Wh-... Wait a second, guys! Okay! This is how it’s gonna go!! If you want my help that badly, then my manager gets to sit in on the conversation, too!! Besides, haven’t you heard that two heads are better than one?!”

My shouted declaration stops them dead in their tracks.

“No,’s not...something I want a whole ton of people to hear about, so...” 

The werewolf anxiously scratches the back of his head as he glances away. 

Ah. I’ll bet I know exactly what he wants advice on.

“If my manager can’t join us, then I’m out!” 

I cross my arms, determined to stick to my guns — which earns me a heartfelt look from my manager.

“Fine, alright, I hear you. I mean, I guess that’s okay. Alright, so, if you guys wouldn’t mind...”

Once the three of us have settled down around a table in the seating area, the werewolf nervously (and very predictably) leads off with... 

“So. I’m having a bit of trouble in the love department.”