It’s My First Time Working Late Nights at a Convenience Store, and If I Keep Getting Demon Lords, Kappa and Other Oddballs as Customers, I’m Giving My Two-Weeks’ Notice

On his first ever graveyard shift at the local convenience store, Haru Muramatsu has to contend with a genuine, albeit out-of-touch, demon lord. His clientele only gets weirder from there, ranging from kappa to kuchisake-onna. Each chapter brings new challenges for the snarky (but secretly altruistic) cashier, and no two customers are the same!

Author: Gaia
Cover Art By: MACOZI

Translator’s Note: Hello! We haven’t been introduced yet, but I’m your friendly Convenience Store translator, Rosacchi. I’ve been reading all of your comments, and as of Chapter 25, I’ll be able to reply to them myself! And before anyone asks — no, I’m not in contact with the original author. (But I’m sure they’re seeing your comments, too!)


Thank you all for reading this convenience store comedy! Because the series is so popular, we’ve gotten the go-ahead to extend the run! You might have noticed that Haru has skipped some days at work, but we’ll be revisiting them over the next few chapters. If you ever get lost, just refer to the number mentioned in the first line - the nights do progress in chronological order.

Translator’s Note: Hello! We haven’t been introduced yet, but I’m your friendly Convenience Store translator, Rosacchi. I’ve been reading all of your comments, and as of Chapter 25, I’ll be able to reply to them myself! And before anyone asks — no, I’m not in contact...

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Chapter 1: The Demon Lord Arrives
May 20, 2020icon-views 2 Kicon-reaction-120
Chapter 2: A Kappa Comes to Call
May 24, 2020icon-views 1.9 Kicon-reaction-115
Chapter 3: The Kuchisake-onna Cuts In
May 28, 2020icon-views 1.7 Kicon-reaction-116
Chapter 4: The Triumphant (_) Return(s)
Jun 01, 2020icon-views 1.3 Kicon-reaction-115
Chapter 5: The Hero Makes an Entrance
Jun 05, 2020icon-views 1.7 Kicon-reaction-113
Chapter 6: Death Knocks on the Door
Jun 09, 2020icon-views 1.3 Kicon-reaction-113
Chapter 7: Lord Nobunaga's Latest Campaign
Jun 13, 2020icon-views 1.1 Kicon-reaction-113
Chapter 8: Third Time's a Charm
Jun 17, 2020icon-views 1.3 Kicon-reaction-111
Chapter 9: Hero Kicks Things Up a Notch
Jun 21, 2020icon-views 733icon-reaction-110
Chapter 10: The Monstrously Cute Couple's Visit (Part 1)
Jun 25, 2020icon-views 835icon-reaction-111
Chapter 11: The Monstrously Cute Couple's Visit (Part 2)
Jun 29, 2020icon-views 816icon-reaction-19
Chapter 12: A Booze Hound Stumbles on By
Jul 03, 2020icon-views 778icon-reaction-111
Chapter 13: The Kappa Returns (With Company)
Jul 07, 2020icon-views 834icon-reaction-110
Chapter 14: Lord Nobunaga Rides Again
Jul 11, 2020icon-views 656icon-reaction-110
Chapter 15: Crossing Paths with Chronoa
Jul 15, 2020icon-views 661icon-reaction-110
Chapter 16: A Werewolf Wanders Over (Part 1)
Jul 20, 2020icon-views 701icon-reaction-18
Chapter 17: A Werewolf Wanders Over (Part 2)
Jul 23, 2020icon-views 459icon-reaction-18
Chapter 18: Meeting Mac's Merry Band (Part 1)
Jul 27, 2020icon-views 647icon-reaction-17
Chapter 19: Meeting Mac's Merry Band (Part 2)
Aug 01, 2020icon-views 1.1 Kicon-reaction-16
Chapter 20: The Three-Timing Hero
Aug 04, 2020icon-views 1.2 Kicon-reaction-16
Chapter 21: The Mermaid Princess Makes A Splash
Aug 08, 2020icon-views 411icon-reaction-15
Chapter 22: A Vampire Ventures In (Part 1)
Aug 13, 2020icon-views 703icon-reaction-14
Chapter 23: A Vampire Ventures In (Part 2)
Aug 16, 2020icon-views 590icon-reaction-14
Chapter 24: Princess Kaguya Announces Her Presence (Part 1)
Aug 20, 2020icon-views 726icon-reaction-14
Chapter 25: Princess Kaguya Announces Her Presence (Part 2)
Aug 24, 2020icon-views 713icon-reaction-13
Chapter 26: An Angel and a Devil Walk Into a Store...
Aug 28, 2020icon-views 580icon-reaction-13
Chapter 27: The Melancholy of Princess Kaguya
Sep 01, 2020icon-views 579icon-reaction-13
Chapter 28: A Sultry Succubus Slips In
Sep 06, 2020icon-views 649icon-reaction-13
Chapter 29: An Amanojaku Doesn't Appear in This One
Sep 09, 2020icon-views 845icon-reaction-14
Chapter 30: (Bonus Story) - A Day in the Life of Kosame Muramatsu
Sep 21, 2020icon-views 672icon-reaction-12
Chapter 31: An Engagement With the Demon Lord’s Entourage
Sep 25, 2020icon-views 488icon-reaction-12
Chapter 32: Strong Women Come Strut Their Stuff
Sep 29, 2020icon-views 541icon-reaction-13
Chapter 33: Jack the Stripper Slinks Over
Oct 03, 2020icon-views 563icon-reaction-13
Chapter 34: Haru Meets His Match
Oct 07, 2020icon-views 459icon-reaction-13
Chapter 35: Ms. Nightingale Marches On
Oct 11, 2020icon-views 369
Chapter 36: Kintaro Returns for Round 2
Oct 16, 2020icon-views 495
Chapter 37: (Bonus Story) - Manager's Blind Date Blues
Oct 19, 2020icon-views 397icon-reaction-12
Chapter 38: The Monstrously Cute Couple's Major News
Oct 23, 2020icon-views 288
Chapter 39: Mary Mucks Up Her Mission
Oct 27, 2020icon-views 488
Chapter 40: (Bonus Story) Happy Birthday, Manager
Oct 31, 2020icon-views 396
Chapter 41: Momotaro's Modern-day Melodrama
Nov 04, 2020icon-views 429icon-reaction-11
Chapter 42: Mac Mans the Till
Nov 08, 2020icon-views 723
Chapter 43: Mac Calls it Quits
Nov 12, 2020icon-views 409icon-reaction-11
Chapter 44: Duck, Duck, Goose
Nov 16, 2020icon-views 393
Chapter 45: Run (Away), Melos
Nov 20, 2020icon-views 475icon-reaction-12
Chapter 46: Frankenstein's Monster Moseys In
Nov 24, 2020icon-views 445icon-reaction-12
Chapter 47: A Gremlin Gobbles Up Some Snacks
Nov 28, 2020icon-views 363icon-reaction-12
Chapter 48: The Great Hero vs. Rider Rivalry
Dec 02, 2020icon-views 433icon-reaction-11
Chapter 49: A Troubled Tengu Demands Retribution
Dec 06, 2020icon-views 577icon-reaction-13
Chapter 50: A Straw Doll Seller Stops By
GenreComedyFantasyThrillerIsekaiShort Story
UpdatedDec 06, 2020
Writing StatusFinished
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