Chapter 11:

Some Small Activities

What All Mermaids Are In Search Of

This moment, this morning feels surreal. Not a tear to shed, not thought to worry, the night was a lovely trip into dreamland. It is no surprise that my makeup will be reflecting my positive attitude. I decided to focus on shades of pick and pastel colors in general. If I could, I would paint the world in pastel. When I’m surrounded by the comforting display of colors, it brings me just ease and joy. Needless to say that my room is decorated with a fascinating color palette.

Time to have breakfast and see my new friend!

“Ohayō! Mama and Motoko!” I cheerfully shouted as I hopped to the dinner table.

“AH! Ohayō! To you too my perfect Angel!!” Mom couldn’t resist matching my positive energy.

“What’s got you so jovial?” Motoko asked with a small smile.

“Um, well, I’m not totally sure, but my week has started so well so far!” I happily explained with mine and my Mom’s hands interlocked.

“That’s wonderful Hiromi! It makes my heart sing knowing that you're happy!” Mom’s eyes turned into hearts of affection, as she shook our locked hands around.

I hugged Mom and then sat down to eat breakfast. Eagerly anticipating my day!

◑ ◒ ◓ ◐

Humming a cheerful tune into the classroom, I quickly looked around for Kiyoshi. A phrase I’d never thought I’d say. Nevertheless, my smile grew with every second knowing that I’ve made such meaningful connections at school so far.

Ah, there!

I saw Kiyoshi, gazing out the window, prepped and waiting for class to begin. I couldn’t help but stare in his direction, I wanted to go over to talk to him but I think he might want some space. I texted last night that I made it home safe, as well as saying good night, but. I got no response.

He moved his gaze near my direction, so I quickly and cheerfully waved with a pretty large smile. Hoping he’d do the same. I was wrong, but not surprised. He quickly turned his head back to stare out the window, then placed his hands in his lap. I swear I also heard an audible puff of air forcefully leaving his mouth. No matter, my smile isn’t going anywhere. I’m ready for the day and even the rest of the week!

Class was beginning to be what I was expecting it to be. Somewhat boring with the multitude of lectures through the day, then an occasional joke if we’re lucky. I’m somewhat relieved that things are normal, I guess. I haven’t been spontaneously crying a lot these past few days, haven’t encountered any secret admirers, even my class has been rather bland from its usual eccentric self. They’ll still jump at the opportunity when it comes up, but not as over the top from the first week. I think this is a natural progression for students into a new school year. Everyone is very excited to see their friends and have fun, but soon remember that they are here to gain an education.

Despite this lowering of excitement in the classroom, fun and joy are still a prominent aspect of high school! I have a few fun activities planned for myself today. First being, M-Minato said he’d like to have lunch with me today. He was texting me this morning, he’d figured that to make up for the time from yesterday that we didn’t spend too much time together. He’d just come to me! Which was a strange thing for me, for whatever reason. Again, more new experiences that I’m not fully sure how to react to.

The next activity is I decided to join a club! I’d like to be part of the Kado Club [Japanese flower arrangement]. I just have to meet with Aoi-Sa-, I mean Aoi, and hopefully I will be able to join the club I’m thinking of. I believe Aoi said that some clubs aren’t very lenient with students that want to join later in the year. Luckily, most clubs are fine with the idea.

◑ ◒ ◓ ◐

Alright, lunch time. Minato said he’ll try to get over to my class room as soon as possible. Ooh, I wonder if the other students will look at us funny? I need to relax, just a harmless lunch with a friend.

Ah! Here he is!

To get his attention, I quickly waved to him as he walked in the classroom. He surely noticed as soon as I did. However, he was quickly stopped by one of my classmates. I got sad for a split second, but then realized that it's just one of his teammates. It's so odd how the brain works. For just one moment it will create all sorts of doubtful thoughts, then it will process situations clearly.

Minato then pointed in my direction and as soon as he did I felt a quick rush of blood to my cheeks. His teammate also looked my way, then smirked a little before walking out of the classroom.

“H-Hey. Sorry about that.” Minato chuckled as he greeted me.

“Hi, and no worries… Oh, um, here, I got a chair ready for you.” I prompted.

“Thanks!” He smiled.

He sat in the chair I got for him and we both got our lunches ready. This is such an experience to share. I feel that we get along pretty well, but for some reason when we first see each other. Everything feels so awkward, even the air between us seems strange! I think we’re just both very inexperienced with this idea. Maybe I’m overly thinking this? Since this is the first time I’ve ever had an admirer. I should take it slow, like Mom said!

“So, that was a teammate of yours?” I asked to break the tension.

“Oh, yeah…” He simply replied, and ate some food.

Oh, no. It’s happening. The butterflies in my stomach are having a panic attack!

“Have you, uh, joined any clubs yet?” He asked, hesitantly.

“Ah, funny you asked, I’m going to my class president today about joining one.” I smiled.

“Oh, cool! What club?” He asked with a smile.

“The Kado Club, I figure it will be a pretty relaxing place to hang out after school.” I explained.

“Yeah, I bet… Hey, uh, Hiromi, I actually wanted to say---”


He paused and was cut short by the bell.

“Oh, bell already?” I mentioned.

“Yup, looks like it.” He remarked

“Wait, you were about to say something?” I asked with curiosity.

“Oh, it was just nothing, I was going to, uh, say something about your drink, hehe. Later!” Minato quickly explained and stood up hastily.

“Oh, later.” I whispered as he left the classroom.

I guess he doesn't want to be late for the next period…

I cannot believe our awkwardness lasted so long that we spoke less than a hundred words. Oh well, hopefully he didn’t want to say anything important. Regardless, I still enjoyed the time we spent together. Now, I just have to get through the rest of the day then I’ll get to have even more of a good time!

◑ ◒ ◓ ◐

Alright, okay. I must be close.

Aoi said that she'll be in the room next to the teacher’s office. There are two rooms and she didn’t specify which one. One had a club going on it, I think. At first glance through the small door window, the other had no one in it. I didn’t go in, so I just went into the teacher’s office to double check that the empty room is where the class presidents meet. It is, so I just figured that Aoi wasn’t there yet. I waited a little bit in the classroom to give her some time before I bothered her with my club questions.

“Well, they said I can go in and wait if I wanted.” I whispered to myself, in front of the door.

“Shitsurei shimasu…” I politely announced, just in case someone is in here, and… there was.

I walked in on two students, somewhat hidden in the corner of the room. I was perfectly clear why they were just out of sight from the hallway. Close to one another. Too close. They had their own activity, one that most would consider to me a private one at that. Close enough that the two of their bodies are pressed. I had no idea how to act. Their hands gilded all over one another. I soon shifted my gaze to their faces. Two students enjoying one another’s fevered lips. A private activity that I walked in on.

What’s worse, this may have been more private than it appeared to be. The students were Aoi and Hinata.

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