Chapter 12:

One Large Activity!

What All Mermaids Are In Search Of

Happy lost in each other’s fervid lips. Aoi and Hinata stood in the corner of the room, comfortably embracing one another’s bodies. This is the closest I’ve ever been to a private display of affection. I have no clue what I was doing at this moment. I felt like a fly on the wall that was stuck in a fly trap. I should have just ran off to avoid any potential conflict, since… This activity seems to be for the eyes of the two conducting said activity. But, I was already seen…

“MMM! AH! Hiromi! This-this-this isn’t what it looks like!” Aoi shouted in a panic.

“Gomen Nasai!” I swiftly and loudly apologized.

“AH!” Hinata yelled as he fell to the floor because Aoi aggressively pushed him away.

“Gomen Nasai!” I loudly apologized.

“What are you doing here? Haha?” Aoi acted as if nothing had happened.

“Gomen Nasai!” I loudly apologized.

Hinata quickly left the room, embarrassed.

“Gomen Nasai!” I loudly apologized to him as he left.

“Yeah, hah, Hinata and I were just um, practicing Judo moves. Haha…” Aoi attempted to explain as her face turned ever redder.

“Gomen Nasai!” I whimpered.

“So, uh, what brings you by? Hah.” Aoi asked, shyly.

“Gomen Nasai!” I whimpered.

“Like-like, a uh, I don’t know heh…” Aoi continued to panic.

“Gomen Nasai!” I whimpered.

After several long seconds and more apologizing by my persistent embarrassment bowing. I was able to barely collect my thoughts and tell Aoi why I’m here.

“So-so, I, uh, was, uh, go-going to let you, uh, kn-know that I decided on a, uh, club…” I vomited words into a somewhat understandable sentence.

“Club! Great! Let’s get going to it! You can tell me all about it on the way there! Hehehe…!” Aoi shouted, with her bright red face and pulled me out of the room.

Without another thought to spare, we made it to the stairway. With little time that I had to spare as we hastily moved upward, I told her that I wanted to join the Kado Club.

“Alright, here we are!” She announced, still red, she opened the door.

“Hi! Let’s see, uh, Ichigo! This is Hiromi Takeda, she just transferred here a few weeks ago and would like to join the Kado Club!” Aoi quickly explained.

Still incredibly scatter brained by the teenage events that just unfolded right in front of my eyes. I was able to come to my senses, because the members of the Kado Club are, how do I say this… Fashionable. Only three members, and all three are in simply fantastic clothing. They must change from their school uniforms to these intricate styles of clothing.

Ichigo, I’m guessing the club lead, since Aoi said their name. In a dark yet elegant frilly and highly detailed dress. Several perfectly woven laces and ribbons around their corset. That is simply scratching the surface. I heard Ichigo’s Mary Jane heels click on the school floor as they walked up to me and provided a lovely curtsy.

“Alright, well, I’ll leave you to it! See ya, Hiromi!” Aoi announced and left as fast as we came.

“Konbanwa. Watashi no namae wa Ichigo desu, Kaicho [the president] of the Kado Club.” The softly spoken Ichigo promptly explained.

“Oh, Konbanwa, Hiromi Takeda deus.” I replied with a polite bow.

“This is Rukia and Orihime. Our club only has three members, thus we are quite exclusive.” Ichigo gently explained as Rukia and Orihime lightly waved from the tables, surrounded by lovely flowers.

“Oh, really, well. I hope you’ll consider me. I’d love to learn more about the lovely craft of Kado.” I smiled, finally able to calming down from earlier.

“A welcomed response, however. Your membership has yet to be determined from a simple verse. We take what is beautiful and chaotic to soberly organize that natural discord to our likeness. This self evaluation will help us decide whether or not you will qualify for this membership.” Ichigo gracefully described, and handed me a sheet of paper.

“Oh, okay, thanks… Can I stay here and fill it out?” I slowly remarked.

“Of course. Just inform one of us when you are finished.” Ichigo replied.

I nodded with a smile, then took a seat next to a lovely arrangement of flowers. I looked over the test basically, some of the questions on here make sense, such as, ‘What interests you about Kado?’, ‘Do you have any experience in flower arrangement?’, and ‘What is your favorite flower?’. Although, some are very odd. Like this one, ‘What is your typical method of harmony?’, ‘How important is the pursuit of an aesthetic to you?’, and this one that just says ‘Little? Or more?’. As I thought about the questions, as peculiar as some of them are, I couldn’t help but think of why I chose Kado Club.


Wow, these smell lovely.

A little lost in thought, I got distracted by the aroma and could not resist the intrusive thought to take a quick sniff. Anyhow, I think I like the idea of it because I also like putting together makeup and even Gundam models. I think the two share a lot in common actually. I’m really interested in this club and the members I think will align with my personality pretty well. Even if their clothing is more amazing than my own. Then again, my makeup is quite beyond the norm.

◑ ◒ ◓ ◐

After what felt like at least an hour of filling out this unique sheet. I have a little sense of pride, I think I’ve chosen some pretty good answers for these questions. I have absolutely no idea what their looking for when is comes to

“Here, Ichigo-Senpai. I believe I filled this out to the best of my abilities, it was actually kinda tough, heh.” I giggled.

“Thank you, and that’s quite alright to have that opinion. Last year, it was only Orihime and I, along with our Senpais, that graduated that year. We rejected essentially everyone. Until Rukia passed the self evaluation at the beginning of this year.” Ichigo explained perfectly.

I actually didn’t know what grade Ichigo or the others were in, but using Senpai felt appropriate. As she scanned my self evaluation, I kinda felt a little sad thinking how hard it is to get in this club.

“Excellent… Hmm, very impressive so far. We shall see to it that you’ll be fully evaluated before the evening is over. Please return to this club room tomorrow at your earliest convenience.” Ichigo expresses intrigue.

“Oh, cool, thanks for the opportunity.” I smiled somewhat unsure yet excited.

I then felt a small tap on my shoulder.

“Hello, Hiromi, was it?” It was I believe to be Rukia, the shortest of the three, their fashion was more strict with a Rosewood pallet.

“Yeah, do you need something?” I smiled.

“Not I, another student stopped by earlier, whilst you were fulfilling your self report. I told them to wait if it was not urgent.” Rukia gracefully mentioned.

“Huh, really?” I yelped.

“Yes, they’re just out the door, a boy with athletic attire.” Rukia remarked.

“Mmm, okay, thank you… Um, well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I bowed to the club member, then went to the door.


“Ah, hi, Minato. What brings you here?” I asked with an excited smile.

“Hiromi! I-I want to ask you something!” Minato quickly shouted, clenching his hands.

“Yeah, sure, what, uh, is it?” I slowly asked.

“Wi-will you, Hiromi… Go-go on a Date with Me next weekend?!!!”


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