Chapter 34:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

I was alone in the middle of the desert.Bookmark here

There was no one else besides me but a pile of dead bodies.Bookmark here

(Daigo!)Bookmark here

I screamed my best friend’s name in vain, but no reply came back.Bookmark here

We’d always been together.Bookmark here

When we were kids, Daigo would follow a few steps behind me whenever we went out to play.Bookmark here

Since he couldn’t walk very fast, I made sure to look back every now and then so as not to lose sight of him.Bookmark here

When had he disappeared?Bookmark here

(Dai-chin!!)Bookmark here

I yelled again, this time calling him by his childhood nickname.Bookmark here

I searched for Daigo, carefully avoiding the corpses on the ground.Bookmark here

During my search, I accidentally stepped on one of the corpse’s heads, squashing it with a splat.Bookmark here

That’s just a rock. No way is it a human being.Bookmark here

I insisted, vehemently denying the reality before me.Bookmark here

More and more bodies began to litter the desert, narrowing my vision and making it impossible to move.Bookmark here

I then spotted a hulking figure beyond the mountain of bodies.Bookmark here

(Dai-chin! Dai-chin! DAI-CHIN!!)Bookmark here

I waded through the corpses and made my way towards him.Bookmark here

When I was within reach and close enough to tap him on the shoulder, Daigo moved away from me. Bookmark here

“I have to go now.”Bookmark here

Daigo whispered without looking back. I watched him become smaller and smaller as he disappeared into the distance.Bookmark here

Piles of dead bodies stood in my way and prevented me from going after him.Bookmark here

(Don’t go, Dai-chin!!)Bookmark here

“You’re the one who went ahead first, Ryo-chin.”Bookmark here

Daigo turned around, and his face was covered with blood.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep up with you.”Bookmark here

Daigo vanished from my view.Bookmark here

(No, Dai-chin! I—!!)Bookmark here

I awoke from my dream, panting and drenched with sweat. It had felt horribly real.Bookmark here

“Where am I...?”Bookmark here

I was surrounded by large rocks. There was grass beneath my body and a blanket over me.Bookmark here

“We’re in the lizardmen’s cave.”Bookmark here

I swiveled my head around to face the person who had answered me.Bookmark here

“Hey, Saburo.”Bookmark here

“Hey. Good to see you awake, Ryo.”Bookmark here

I tried to get up, but my head spun like mad and kept me pinned to the floor.Bookmark here

“Better not move yet. You’ve lost a lot of blood. Chika’s skill can transfer your wounds, but apparently, it can’t restore the blood you lost.”Bookmark here

That’s right. Yesterday, Chika saved me from the brink of death after being injured by the lizardmen.Bookmark here

“Shizuka and the others are cooking up something healthy outside. You should get some more rest.”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry for causing so much trouble.”Bookmark here

“You should tell them yourself. I tried to stop them, you know. Told them any idiot who goes off by themself deserves to die.”Bookmark here

That sounded like something Saburo would say. He’s absolutely right.Bookmark here

I should’ve discussed my plans with everyone before acting.Bookmark here

As a result of my selfish actions, I ended up dragging my friends into my mess, which could’ve killed them.Bookmark here

I remembered my dream, where I’d lost Daigo by charging ahead on my own.Bookmark here

Standing in the desert surrounded by corpses, I felt powerless and utterly alone.Bookmark here

But I’m not.Bookmark here

Daigo and I may have been separated, but I have a new group of friends here.Bookmark here

“I won’t ever act on my own again. Thanks for saving me.”Bookmark here

At my response, Saburo, who usually remained impassive, seemed to crack a hint of a smile.Bookmark here

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