Chapter 35:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

It was already past noon when I was finally able to move my body.Bookmark here

Shizuka had made a tomato congee earlier that morning, which was pretty delicious.Bookmark here

That must have been the first proper meal I’d had since we arrived here.Bookmark here

I thanked Shizuka for the food, but she simply huffed, “I don’t like people who behave recklessly” before walking away.Bookmark here

I’ll apologize to her again later, I decided. Scratch that; I’ll apologize as many times as I need to.Bookmark here

I stepped outside of the cave to feel the sun glaring down on me, and my body wobbled a bit.Bookmark here

A chill ran down my spine as I remembered how I’d nearly died here last night.Bookmark here

“We set the remaining lizardmen in the cave on fire and sealed off the entrance with a rock. Basically, we roasted them alive.”Bookmark here

Saburo said, pointing inside the cave.Bookmark here

“We also smashed all the eggs inside. If this area was their territory, then maybe we won’t have to worry about any more monsters attacking us.”Bookmark here

I wasn’t sure if staying here to avoid battle and leaving the recapturing of the castle up to the others was the right thing to do. However, I was certain that I would only get in the way if I tried to fight skill-less.Bookmark here

The other members said they were going upstream to look for food or bags that got left behind.Bookmark here

I couldn’t just keep resting either.Bookmark here

As I joined the search and walked along the river, I heard voices from behind some rocks a little way away.Bookmark here

“Ahem. Testing, testing, one-two-three. Do you copy? Itsuko here.”Bookmark here

“Th-this is Shoko.”Bookmark here

“And this is Mirai. It’s us, Uzattoki.”Bookmark here

It was Itsuko, Shoko, and Mirai, the three members of “Uzattoki.”Bookmark here

I wondered what they were doing. Were they practicing a skit or something?Bookmark here

“If you ever feel like crushing an enemy soldier’s skull...”Bookmark here

“You shouldn’t do it.”Bookmark here

“You’ll regret it later on. See you again next week!”Bookmark here

What was that about? That was pretty weird for a skit.Bookmark here

“Well? What do you think? Think he got the message?”Bookmark here

“No idea. In the first place, we don’t even know if it’s possible to combine three different skills.”Bookmark here

“I have a feeling that it worked, though.”Bookmark here

I wasn’t sure what they meant, but I had a feeling I shouldn’t talk to them right now.Bookmark here

Guess I’ll thank them later for saving me.Bookmark here

When I was on the brink of death yesterday, there’d been a fly buzzing around me. That had been Itsuko’s skill.Bookmark here

She’d learned of my plight that way, and the three of them had come to my rescue using Shoko’s ability to fly.Bookmark here

I felt grateful for my companions. At the same time, I remembered Futoshi, who had been shot by Yayoi and died.Bookmark here

I prayed that we could all go home without anyone else dying. Praying was all I could do, really.Bookmark here

“Oh. You’re awake.”Bookmark here

As if to mock me, Charlotte came into view, grinning all over.Bookmark here

Her golden hair was wet as though she’d just taken a bath, and the sun glistened upon it.Bookmark here

I recalled how she had kissed me as I lay dying, and I quickly averted my eyes in embarrassment.Bookmark here

Much to my dismay, I found this woman, who was the cause of all our misery, beautiful.Bookmark here

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