Chapter 11:

Level Up

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

The next day, I checked Leona’s channel. She had surged to 30,000 subscribers overnight. Her Wich channel was doing even better as she now had 75,000 followers there. My own Wich channel was now at 5,000 followers and I had 1,000 subscribers on Mewtube. Astrid had also upped her Wich followers to 500,000 while her Mewtube subscriber count had risen past 700,000.

Tonight’s stream wasn’t going to be as eventful, but it would arguably be just as important. This would be Leona's first stream since her massive popularity boost.

“So, Leona, what do you want to stream tonight?” I asked.

“Hmm, how much left do I have in Pilemen?”

“I think you might be able to beat it if you do a long one. Though 100% would take at least 2 or 3 streams.”

“Great! Plus, I was thinking of implementing a little challenge…”


“YO! It’s your girl Leona! Welcome to all the new and returning viewers. I’ve got a lot to tell you so let’s get that out of the way first. We now have channel points! Yes, you can now bet wasabi globs and/or use them to unlock sweet emotes. We got #Wasabimoment, #Crowboysighting, and of course #Wasabisalmiak. I expect the emote garden will only keep growing. Now then for tonight, it’s Pilemen 4. Thanks to Astrid, I now have a jar of salmiak. I think it tastes good with wasabi on it, but without it, it’s too salty.

As for the challenge: Every time I lose a pilemen, that’s one piece of salmiak I’ve gottta eat. I think we’ve just got one more area and then we’re done, so hopefully I don’t lose anymore Pileman.”

Leona’s views were now stabilizing around 1,050. I'm glad she's made it this far. I then set up a poll.

“How many pilemen will she loose in the first 30 minutes? None, 1-5, 6-10, or more than 10?”

The early results surprised me. Everything was near even. I assumed many of the newer viewers had no idea how good of a Pilemen player Leona was.

“Um chat, what’s with the slime on a car. Wait! Why are you all freaking out!?”

Yep, I was gonna win some channel points.

“Bleh Ahh! Om Sowy I killed u all!” Leona cried as she gobbled down 20 pieces of salmiak.

The slime roller had wiped her entire squad. Though chat was enjoying it.

She eventually reached the final floor.

“Wait, the purple pilemen can kill this guy!? **** YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT! GROVEL IN HELL ************!”

After beating the dungeon, she created a new meme.

“I will always take one purple pilemen with me from now on. We’ll call him Regis.”

Looks like I found a new emote for Leona’s channel.

“What happens if he dies?” one chat member typed.

“If Regis dies, I’ll paint myself purple and do an entire stream like that,” Leona replied.

Leona lost a few more pilemen, but Regis managed to survive the stream.

“Looks like we beat the game, though it looks like there’s more stuff to do. Well, we’ll do that next time. Now we’ll take a BRB, then I’ll try Last Isekai again.

Once Leona returned, she began streaming again.

“Now where were we? Oh yeah, new area!”

Things went well until another Gourdberry popped up.


“It’s required,” I typed.

“Those ************* devs! Oh yeah, if you wanna see why I hate these bastards so much, here’s a link to a clip of me encountering one for the first time.”

After reaching a good stopping point, Leona looked at the art.

“We’ve got so much art; I don’t think I’ll be able to show it all tonight. We’ll start with the oldest.”

A lot of the art was about the challenge. Though there was a really good drawing of Leona crying as she ate the salmiak.

“This chat member knows what’s up. You can expect my salty tears to be a new emote,” Leona laughed.

She then raided Astrid. To everyone’s shock. Astrid was cursing in Swedish and grimacing in pain as we entered.

Leona and her raiding party immediately began freaking out.

“Chat!? Why are you- oh, Hej Leona. Well talk about bad timing. So yeah, I’m playing against chat on Wyvern rainforest, however every time I get crowns stolen, I have to wax my entire head. So far... we’ll just say I may never have hair again to make things easy. Chat’s been going full Crowboy on me,” Astrid laughed.

“I ate all that salmiak after the slime roller murdered my pilemen,” Leona typed.

“Ha Ha! Must’ve taken an entire tube of wasabi for you to reset your taste buds. AUGH NO! Welp, that’s another round of wax. Just so you know chat, if I run out of wax the challenge ends. Though I guess I’ll just keep the wax on for the rest of the stream if there’s not enough left.”

Poor Astrid ended up having to go full Zeck for the remainder of the stream. Once she could talk again, she did her outro.

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna need a SPA Day tomorrow considering how sore my head and face are. Well, no worries. If I’m not around, I’ll just host someone.”

Once she ended her stream, Leona received a text from her.

“Hej! Got any ideas for an “easy on the skin” challenge?” Astrid asked.

“How about slime or mud?” Leona suggested.

After Astrid replied back, Leona smiled.

“Sweet! We’re gonna have a blast tomorrow! Hey Crowboy, do you think you can help get some slime ready?” she asked.

“Sure, do we need to go out and buy some?”

“Nah, I’ve already got a stockpile. It might be a year old, but it should still be good. Besides, I think you and chat are going to LOVE this challenge.”

“What do you mean?” I asked as my face went red and I looked away.

“Oh, you know what’s up. Well, you are a guy, so it’s expected. Look forward to tomorrow and Monday,” she giggled as she pecked a kiss on my cheek.

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