Chapter 13:

Slime, friendship, and a new collab

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

“You’ve got a setup this high-quality crammed into a tiny apartment? Color me impressed,” Astrid stated as she entered Leona’s apartment.

Leona and Astrid had decided to do two days straight of challenges. The first day would be streamed on Leona’s channel, while the second day would be on Astrid's. The format would be similar for both days. They would each play 1 v 1 battle games with the punishment increasing for each loss. Whoever lost 3 rounds, got gunged.

Today however, would be a team effort themed around slime. Leona and I had been busy rearranging her place so that her equipment wouldn’t get ruined. Luckily, it wasn’t too much work. Astrid and Leona dawned bathrobes while Sven and I sat on the couch with our laptops and watched.

“YO! It’s your girl Leona here with everyone’s favorite bald model…”

“HEJ! Astrid here!”

“For those who don’t know, last night Astrid challenged chat to some Jamboree with the condition that every time she lost a crown on Wyvern rainforest, she’d get her entire head waxed.”

“Yeah, chat went full Crowboy and now my skin’s sore and I may never have hair again. Well, at least the video’s doing gangbusters.”

“Since Astrid can’t do anything TOO extreme, we decided to have a SPA DAY!”

“What better way to soothe my skin than with some icky sticky slime. Here’s how it’s going down. Since today will be a team effort, we’ll both have to undergo a punishment if we fail.”

“Astrid and I will be playing a co-op game neither of us have ever played before. It's a game called “The Mailmen” A two player game where you gotta run around and load packages in a truck and drive to the post office. However, if we fail a certain number of times, we get punished.”

“If we fail once, we get a slime facial. Fail 5 times, it’s a slime gunge, and if we fail 10 times or more, well then, we’ll be uploading a pre-recorded video of us in bikinis covering ourselves with slime."

“Let’s begin.”

Neither of them had played the game before, meaning they would need to learn the mechanics, and most likely end up failing quickly. My prediction came true in the first 5 minutes.


“Well, slime facials for us.”

The girls then smeared green slime all over their faces.

“You missed a lot,” Leona teased as she covered the rest of Astrid’s head in slime.

“Your hair’s getting slimed too,” Astrid giggled as she lathered Leona’s hair in slime.

The two eventually got the hang of the game. Around the midway point they suffered their 5th fail. Sven and I grabbed the slime buckets and gunged the girls in slime.

“We’re really going for the Zeck look,” Astrid joked as she wiped the slime off her eyes.

The two eventually made it to the final stage.

“If we fail ONE more time, you know what we’re doing," Astrid warned.

“Ahh! Not the laser again! No! NO! We only have 15 seconds!” Leona shouted.

The girls eventually beat the final stage, but not before qualifying for the punishment.

“Welp, that’ll do it. Look forward to the bikini slime video in a few days. Special thanks to Crowboy50 and Svenfjordsalt for the help, and of course Astrid for coming down to the Slime Spa with me. See you all tomorrow on Astrid’s channel where we’ll have a 1v1 ramen themed battle.”

Once they ended the stream, the girls turned to me and Sven.

“Sorry boys, you’re not allowed to see this one. You’ll have to wait for the video like everyone else,” Astrid stated.


Sven and I ended up going to grab something to eat.

“So where do you get all that salmiak from? Do you import it or buy it from a place that does?” I asked.

“Oh, I actually make it," Sven replied.

“Wait really?”

“Yeah, I’m actually quite talented when it comes to cooking.”

“Do you have your own bakery?”

“Sadly no. Though I do make cooking videos. My cooking is nothing compared to professional chefs though.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Well, at least back in Sweden. Every time I made something, people would just say it’s fine, but nothing special. I guess you could say it’s the “easy to make at home” variety. Cooking was really the only thing I had a passion for, yet I couldn’t get a job in the culinary industry.”

“I can kind of understand, getting your own business must be difficult, while working for someone else can be stressful and hectic.”

“You’re right on the money. When I tried to work at restaurants, I’d fold under pressure and get mad and mess up the orders. I’d then get fired and forced to go job hunting again. If I had more confidence in my cooking, I take the risk of opening my own business. If I owned a small bakery, I wouldn’t need to worry about the hecticness of a restaurant. Sadly, that’s a risk too big for me to take at my level.”

“Yeah, I understand, I once screwed up so badly at a job, it essentially doomed my chances of ever getting a normal job ever again.”

Sven smiled as he continued.

“Guess we really are alike. When I seemed down on my luck, Sis then suggested doing videos with her. Naturally, I was subjected to her crazy antics, but after a few years I got used to it. Then once she became a well-known streamer, she suggested I create my own channel. She helped me create my channel, and now I’ve got a decent sized audience. I still think it’s mostly due to Sis’ influence though rather than me.”

“Hey, everyone’s got their own niche in life. You, me, Leona and Astrid. Besides, I haven’t even tried your best dishes so how can I tell how good your food is. Since Leona and Astrid are doing a ramen gunge collab tomorrow, why don’t we do our own collab and make some good ramen in addition to the stuff for the challenge.”

“I like the way you think. Leona’s a lucky woman.”

We were interrupted by Sven’s phone ringing.

“Looks like Sis is all showered and on her way home. Time really flies when you’re talking with a friend,” Sven smiled.

“That it does, my good friend,” I smiled back.

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