Chapter 10:

New Path - Part 3


Makoto then made a plan for us. With the computer and the knowledge and memories that he got from the ‘Principal’, he made a plan. Makoto wants to lead us to his house without Izumi realizing. In view of the fact that Izumi still watched me, Kaito and Asami.. So,.with his laptop along with every blueprint code he memorizes, and his knowledge. He can make a special navigation device that can attract humans or droids to his house.

He knew that Izumi would act again, so he found out every information that he could access about me and Izumi and about the school and workplace.He later found out that Izumi had killed my father, and I was in a coma for 2 days. He also found out that Izumi worked together with Misaki-san.

When me, Kaito and Asami were on the way to the research lab, Makoto made a bunch of microbots and sent them to track and watch us. He knows that it is risky to do that due to the fact that he might be caught by Izumi so, with the knowledge about magic that he also got from the ‘Principal’ he used an enhanced pseudo-magic spell to make them immune to any type of damage and undetectable.

“IMMUNIS - SCUTUM - TSUYOI - PELLIS - LENTUS” The spell embedded to the microbots. He then starts the microbots and runs a few tests…

A day later, he made it. Those microbots can't be detected by a droid, hunter droid or any kind of radar and detector. So he used it and because of that, he knew when the hunter droids attacked us on the highway.

The microbots followed us to the research lab. Then he saw Izumi from the microbots. He was surprised and shocked when he saw Izumi there, acting like nothing had ever happened before. He just talked like he had done nothing before. He also saw me as a bit shocked. Then from the microbots, he heard that Misaki-san asked us to go to the archive data bank tower. Before the microbots followed us to the archive database tower Makoto left one of his microbots in Kaito’s pocket and one again in the lab to watch Izumi.

After that the rest of the microbots followed us to the archive database office when we left the research lab.. But something unpredictable happened. When me, Kaito and Asami entered the building, we suddenly disappeared. At that time we were trapped in the dark room. The microbots cannot enter it so he have to wait while keeping an eye in case that there is an attack or another unexpected thing happens. But, after a while we finally got out and surprisingly nothing happened. After we got out, we were on our way inside the office and headed to the 22nd floor to take the data that Misaki asked us.

There’s no problem when we took the first data. However, when we took the data about the hunter droid there was an oddity. Makoto’s microbots looked at the computer. When we found out that the data and the footage was not there, That’s weird, he knows that every activity is recorded in the archive but why is it not there? Instantly he remembered and he knew that it must be Izumi who deleted the footage.

When we headed back to the 1st floor to ask the operator, Makoto’s microbots tried to reset and reprogram the computer. But suddenly the computer screen turned red, and it said “ERROR” He then tried to bypass the firewall and download the data to his microbot. However, the computer turned red 20 seconds later and it didn't trigger the alarm. Then, 10 seconds later the computer exploded.

The archive database office was destroyed. After the explosion Kaito then gets up. The microbot on Kaito’s pocket just rebooted after the explosion. It was a big explosion and it nearly destroyed other buildings near it. Makoto was shocked by what he saw and he can’t believe what just happened. The archive database office was destroyed. He didn’t know that the bomb was located inside the computer. And it triggered the bomb when he tried to restart it. Unfortunately, it exploded 10 seconds later right after the error sign appeared.

He knew it was Izumi who planted the bomb inside the computer. Izumi must’ve deleted the footage and put the bomb when me, Misaki and Kaito disappeared at the time when we first entered the building.. But still, he felt guilty because he is the one who turned on the bomb. He must be very careful or the same mistake will happen again. Izumi is unpredictable. Besides, he knows the ‘Principal’, he doesn’t know what he is up to or what he will do next.

Then, based on the plan that he made, he would guide us indirectly with his microbots. Makoto’s microbots can jam and change the navigation path or the direction of the destination indirectly in any type of droid or tech device with another special spell that he has input on his Microbots. Every droid in this city uses an auto GPS that receives a signal from a satellite automatically. The satellite scanned our heat signal, with that the satellite knew our location and sent the signal to the droid's GPS.

To jam their signal, Makoto uses the special spell that he has input. It can deflect the wave between walls and any kind of field or tool. When the wave hits the droid's GPS system, he can distract the signal and send a special signal from him. With that he can indirectly change and jam their navigation system.

He guessed that there would be another attack from the hunter droids. So, he would jam the navigation system on the droids and any other tech devices. Then it happened. The hunter droid came again to chase us when we charged Kaito’s car battery. When me and Kaito are running in the alley, Makoto then uses the microbots to jam all of the hunter droid signals. He jammed the signal and changed the destination on the GPS.

He didn’t change our location but he rerouted the destination that we’re going to. He read the system on the GPS, and it shows that they chased us. Izumi wanted us back to the research lab by using the hunter droids. But Makoto managed to reroute the GPS destination from the research lab to an abandoned building. That abandoned building just a few meters away from the empty field where he lived. After he did that, he then saw Izumi at the research lab from the microbot he left at the lab earlier. He saw that Izumi's face seemed confused and annoyed at what had happened. From that Makoto knew that his plan worked, and the hunter droids were changing their direction.

Makoto then saw Izumi at the lab. He seems confused and annoyed. He is still with Misaki. However, after that he said to Misaki that he would go for a while. Then he got out of the room. The microbots then followed Izumi. He went to his own room. From the microbots he saw that Izumi manipulated H.A.N.S and changed our profile data in SPHERE to make me, Asami and Kaito as wanted criminals. He then hacked Kaito’s phone and sent the data. Makoto also saw that he was wearing a small device on her back and then he pressed a button on his bracelet. He smiled and then, he suddenly disappeared.

“What? What is he doing? Where did he go? It’s strange,” he smiled. At first that was what Makoto thought but then he realized something. “Wait…, he smiled? Wait a minute…No!” He realized that he went to that abandoned building to find us.

"He must use the device that he saw earlier. No, why? How could this happen? Did he know it already? No…, he hasn’t realized it. If he realized it, he would have captured me or destroyed my microbots.” What should I do? Then he looked back at us that were in the abandoned building. Makoto saw us survive from those hunter droids attacked. Then suddenly, he saw Kaito had been shot.

He was shocked. He can’t believe it. Just as he thought before. It was Izumi who shot him. Izumi teleports from the research lab to the abandoned building. That’s why he disappeared before. He already knew that Izumi would’ve come to the abandoned building, but he didn’t realize that he’s going to do that.

“Why? and how? Why haven’t I figured it out before? How can I be so miserable? Am I not aware enough?” Again, he regrets it. But he mustn’t give up, he must stick to the plan. They didn’t know it yet so I have to explain to them immediately.”

When me and Asami ran to an empty field and stopped there for a while, we found a house. and that’s how we met Makoto.

After I heard all of those brief explanations from Makoto, Asami and I were shocked and surprised at the same time.

"So we're not in the real world right now? So, where are 'we' right now?" Asami was still not sure so he asked Makoto.

"Yes we're in SPHERE and our body is asleep in the real world. You know about that right Hirata? You met the 'Principal' before, right?"

Yes, when I first met him, he gave me all of the information about SPHERE and the real world. I didn't want anyone to know about it because I was afraid that no one would ever believe me.

Suddenly, right at that time, Hikari awaked. She was standing behind us and all of us were surprised.

“Hello Professor Makoto, my name is Hikari. I am a special android unit made by the ‘Principal’ to carry the ‘key’ and I supposed that all of you had heard about me.”

“You heard Makoto’s explanation?” I asked,

“Yes, even when I'm asleep, I can hear and listen to someone and collect it as data and I can save it in my brain.”

“Wow, that’s amazing” Makoto was amazed after hearing that.

By the way, I must tell you Hirata. Do you notice or remember when Kaito died? He didn't bleed right?

“Is it? Because I see that, Ugh… My head suddenly hurts a bit.”

“Yes, Just as I thought. I've realized it before so, I must get it out of your head, so I have to put a spell on you.

That spell triggered my head and suddenly I now can clearly remember Kaito’s death. Turns out that when Izumi shot Kaito, He must’ve also hacked me with some kind of virus through my mechanical eye. Makoto then explains that Kaito isn’t really dead. When he was shot and vanished, he must’ve woken up in the Real world. I'm really grateful that Kaito is not dead for real.

“Well then, can he get back to SPHERE?”

"No, he can’t, except if he meets the ‘Real One’. However, he didn't know anything about him, besides he was just a regular player in this game. He doesn’t even know anything about the ‘Principal’”

“I’m here to help all of you find the other key, so let's hurry according to my calculations. If we do not act now Izumi will be ahead of us.”

“Oh yes, okay I’m sorry. Well at least you know what happened to me, Hirata. Now, I need to make a bunch of special gear and equipment for all of you, including you Hikari. I want you to help them as a support. After all this is a game right? So, the three of you will form a party to find the key and in your party, Hikari would be a healer.”

Then, Makoto started to make the gear and equipment for us. He also input it all with an enhanced pseudo-magic spell. Pseudo-magic spells enhance and upgrade every gear, weapons and equipment, basically any enhanceable item. Which cannot be done by a droid. This pseudo-magic was created by the ‘Principal’ So, only me, Makoto and Hikari can use it. Makoto also warned us that we must be aware if we meet other players because even though only three of us can use it, they might have stolen our items because he still doesn’t know how this pseudo-magic works, even Hikari who is a special android, doesn’t know anything about it.

We rested in Makoto’s house. It took Makoto a week to make it because he made it with a special enhanced spell and a lot of material That we have to find while keeping ourselves hidden. After Makoto finished making the gears and equipment, we tested it. What I got is a pair of black boots, a black glove and jacket and also a chip for my gun.

The boots allowed me to run fast enough, the gloves enhanced my defense and it can deflect lasers and bullets. The jacket increases my defense and the chip can input a pseudo-magic spell to my gun, so my bullet can shoot an elemental attack. Those elements are fire, water, ice and lightning. Then for Hikari, he made a magic staff. It deals a small and light damage but it can fully heal or recover our health. Makoto also made a special utility backpack for Asami. It can carry a lot of things and it can transform into a droid which also can shoot some lasers.These items that he made are indestructible, it is so strong. We tested it and it was great.

Then, a week after that we keep searching for some clues and other players but all we got is just a bunch of hunter droids and androids that keep chasing us.

Then that day, after we managed to ran away from the chase,

“Great Job Hirata-san! I’ll heal you both now.” Hikari then heals us with her magic. We then managed to run away, However, we’re not alone there. Someone suddenly threw a smoke bomb and attacked us from behind.I Instantly scanned those attackers with my eye, there were 2 people.

“Watch out guys!” Asami and Hikari hid behind me and I managed to dodge the attack. I can see that they use swords.

“Are you guys alright?”

“Yeah, we’re fine.” Asami answered.

“Who are you, why did you attack us?” Hikari asked,

“Don’t bother us, But It took you all long enough to get out huh? guess we found a prey this time…”