Chapter 2:

O1: The Demon King Awakens

This Elf Became a Trucker to Return to her World

Hey, check this chick out! She’s smoking hot!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, the ears are a bit much… but the outfit is doing those melons justice!” Bookmark here

I heard the voices of several men while I slept. A hot girl with weird ears? Does that mean Ceatha survived? And I survived too?Bookmark here

“She’s still passed out! We could have our way with her.”Bookmark here

Have their way? With Ceatha? Hello! I’m right here beside her! Come on, body, wake up! Bookmark here

“Don’t you dare touch my bride!” I yelled as I opened my eyes and saw three rough-looking human men standing above me. “UV Beam!” A shot fired from my fingertip and pierced the right eye of one of the thugs. He began to roll on the ground in pain. Bookmark here

“You bitch!” Another one of the thugs lunged towards me, but I fired a beam at him as well. With that, the group seemed to run off, shouting things like “monster bitch.”Bookmark here

"Looks like we are safe… hold on, where's Ceatha?" I looked around, but I was the only one laying here. Night had already fallen, so I must have been passed out for a while. It appeared to be a small forest, but it was surrounded by tall buildings on all sides.Bookmark here

“What in Uffern happened? Where am I?” I tried to stand, but my balance was off. It was like I had grown a couple inches or something. Had someone put high heels on me when I was asleep again? Those pranksters… Bookmark here

I suppose I didn’t really need to be on the ground anyway since I could use flight magic. Just put some magic in my feet and… and I fell flat on my face. What was going on? First I can’t stand, and now I can’t fly? Bookmark here

“Well, let’s get a better look at where I am… Produce Fire!” I shouted the name of the weakest fire spell... but nothing happened. “Come on, are you shitting me? UV Beam worked… Produce Fire! Produce Fire!” Still, there was no effect.Bookmark here

Am I just out of magic juice? Maybe I needed some water. I went towards a small pond I could see that had water gushing out of it. Just as I was about to lean my head down to take a drink, I heard a voice yelling “Stop, what do you think you’re doing?” I heard footsteps approaching me from further down the path which ended up belonging to a human male. There was a light in its hands pointed toward me. It appeared to be a magic-device using the light spell, "Lux." Maybe Lux would have been a better light source than Produce Fire?Bookmark here

“Oh, it’s you again, missy. Why are you still here? Didn’t I tell you not to let off fireworks in the park?” A man dressed in dark clothing wearing a matching hat approached me.Bookmark here

“Who are you calling, miss? I am Demon King Ond!” Bookmark here

“Ah, you’re one of those. Figures. Alright, why don’t you follow me down to the station, you can explain everything there.” Bookmark here

Confused, he led me to a metal carriage decorated with the same insignia he wore on his clothing. As he opened the door to get in, I realized what all the confusion was in the reflection of the window...Bookmark here

My face, my body… they were gone. Bookmark here

In their place in my reflection was the spitting image of that Elf, though somehow my dark hair and ruby eyes remained. Bookmark here

Yes, somehow, I, the Demon King, now reside within the body of the elf who was both my sworn nemesis and my future wife.Bookmark here

And to make things worse, I think I was being arrested. Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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