Chapter 3:

Chapter C2: Can a Truck do Street Performance?

This Elf Became a Trucker to Return to her World

“Ah, you’re back again dearie.” The librarian called out to me as I walked in the library door.Bookmark here

“Yes! My research is coming along nicely.”Bookmark here

"It's so nice to see that someone of your generation is still using books for research. Kids these days all just use computers. Let us know if you need help finding anything, okay?" Bookmark here

"Yes, thank you." While we were still technically from different generations, I didn't have the heart to tell her I was almost 300 years her senior. What was this "computer" she mentioned though? Bookmark here

Getting my hands on one of these “trucks” was going to be more difficult than I originally anticipated, especially one of the bigger ones.Bookmark here

First, if I wanted my own truck it was going to cost a lot of money, or at least I think it’s a lot. I’m not entirely sure about this world’s monetary system, even after reading books about it. It seems like if I joined certain truck companies, they would rent me a truck as well as pay me a wage- which could fix both the issues with problem 1. Bookmark here

But then problem number two comes about.Bookmark here

I need a ‘driver’s license.’Bookmark here

Apparently, you have to be registered with the government to even be allowed to operate one of these vehicles. That was going to be a slight problem since not only was I an elf- something this world considers fictional, from a different world entirely. There’s no way I’ll just be given citizenship in a random country by knocking on the King’s door and saying “Hi there! I’m Magical, can I be a citizen?” On that note, I don’t even know if this country has a king, it might be run by a council or something. I suppose politics should be my next focus of study at the library.Bookmark here

One problem I’ve had more recently is my lack of bathing. I tried to bathe in one of the fountains at the park, using my invisibility to keep from being noticed, but I was a Rainbow-Class Royal Magician! I’m used to the large, spacious baths that the castle had, not that I didn’t also have my fair share of times bathing in streams while traveling as an adventurer. Bookmark here

As well, while Photosynthesis does keep me satiated, the occasional smells of food I detect while walking often makes my mouth water and my stomach growl.Bookmark here

That’s why today I decided! I’m going to make money!Bookmark here

"How," you ask?Bookmark here

Well, it’s a bit degrading, but I’ve decided that I’m going to act as a street performer. By doing that, I can use my basic Photomancy and low-tier spells to hopefully get some donations. It's not like I was going to just happen to find someone to act as a sponsor. If I wanted to get myself a truck and have a chance to return home, I had to do it with my own money and my own skills. Bookmark here

I'm still young! I have almost 900 years left in me! Even if it takes a few decades, I want to make sure I can return someday. My friends, my younger sister, the kingdom… I hope they are all doing well. 
Maybe they finally have peace now that the Demon King is gone.Bookmark here

So began my life of trying to earn money by street performing. Bookmark here

I noticed a part of town that seemed to be filled with various performers during the day time. However, I wasn’t able to find out if this town had some sort of performers guild or not, so if they did, I would just need to stay out of their way. Bookmark here

My performance plan was a rather simple one. Using the low-tier magic “Illusion” I would create...well, illusions. It worked about like how it sounded, of course, I would use illusions to disguise myself as well. I could even use “Invis” to run away if I needed to in a pinch.Bookmark here

So, with minimal preparation, I prepared my first performance. Bookmark here

“Come all ye wanderers, gander at my magical expertise! Behold!” I made the pole that was at the corner of the street turn invisible. A few people seemed to watch in horror as the pole and the Lux boxes hanging from it all turned invisible. There was still a little glow from the red colored light in the sky, but it was still quite the feat if I do say so myself.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, the lights seemed to be important to how the people here conduct their traffic. The trucks all crashed into each other in the middle of the crossroads! One even caught on fire!Bookmark here

Uh… it wasn’t my fault, okay?Bookmark here

I quickly put the lights back and got out of there, changing my disguise as soon as I was out of sight. Bookmark here

Still, an important lesson has been learned today. Those lights hanging from the sky seemed to have some effect on controlling trucks. This may have been a failure, but it was still one step closer to my goals. Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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