Chapter 20:

Moist Dream

Annika Says No!

“Y-You’re so close….”

“Don’t be so flustered.”

“B-But I’ve never done anything like this before!”

“Don’t worry, Kwan. It’s my first time too.”


“Yeah…this is embarrassing for me too.”

“I don’t think I can do this.”

“Your body tells me otherwise.”

“But Annika!”

“Forget about her. She isn’t coming back.”

“Our promise….”

”You have me now. There’s no need for you to pressure yourself anymore.”


“You don’t have to be lonely anymore.”


I awoke from my bed, with sweat dripping down from my face. Placing my hand towards my chest, I felt my heart pulsate in horsepowers against my palm. My breath felt unsteady for a few moments, but eventually, I calmed myself down.

However, I felt something wet underneath my boxers. I peeked inside my blanket to check, then sighed and palmed myself in the face.

I haven’t had a dream like that in a long time. And it was with her of all the women in the world, damn it!

A couple of knocks hit on my door.


I got out of bed and ran to reach the door, only to realize that I was about to welcome my visitor with my wet boxers.

“G-Give me a few minutes!”

I dunked my boxers deep into my laundry, covering it up with all the other dirty clothes I had and immediately hit the shower. After what felt like a nasty start to the day, I opened the door to Annika.

Instead of the usual greeting, she stared at me with a look of concern in her eyes.

“A-Are you okay? What happened last night?”

“Last night? A-Ah, oh yeah! That! I just had an urgent family matter to deal with!” I said with a laugh.

“The Kalor Family?”

I nodded.

“What are they making you do this time?!”

“O-Oh, it doesn’t have anything to do with the family business! Don’t worry about that! It’s just a simple harmless errand!”

Annika looked unconvinced and gave me the eyebrow, but she didn’t push the matter further.

I’m just going to pretend nothing happened this morning.

“You look a little sick though. Did you catch a cold?” Annika shuffled through her purse. “I-I have some medicines here, just in case!”

I chuckled. “It’s fine, Annika! I just had some trouble sleeping last night.”

Annika breathed a sigh of relief. “Phew! That’s a relief. Anyways, let’s get going shall we?”

The next part of the day was pretty ordinary after that. We did the usual commute by train, gazing at the view of skyscrapers from the windows, and stopped by the White Cat’s Cafe for some coffee, where I got to meet up with the cute barista.

“Sup, Matchan!” I waved at the green-haired figure.

Upon hearing my voice, the cute girl crouched underneath the counter. I peeked my head inside and smiled.

“Working all day here again? Isn’t this business getting a little too exploitative to its workers?”

“I-I own this cafe, you half-wit pervert! How many times have I told you that?” she said, with her eyes closed.

“You’re exploiting yourself then!”

“W-Whatever! Just let Miss Annika take your orders please!”

I felt something press against my foot.


“Two orders of Americano, please,” Annika said with a smile, twisting her leg on my foot.

“Come on! Can’t we have the Hot Matcha Latte for once?”

“I’m not ordering any Matcha Latte if you keep annoying the barista like that.”

“Aw, man!”

After taking our morning coffee, we walked to Gemini University and entered our first class, to see my favorite professor of all time.

“Good morning, Professor Juni!” Annika greeted.

“Good morning, Annika!” the professor replied back.

“Buenos dias, mi amor.” I gave her a wink.

“Morning, Casanova.” She rolled her emerald eyes. “You finally gave me a decent line for once.”

“Thanks, Prof.”

Annika gave up on trying to stop my playful flirts with the Professor. She figured I wasn’t doing any harm and it was all just jokes, so I’m off the hook on that. Besides, I’m not really interested in dating someone like her, but only because she’s second to Annika! My loyalty is to my first love.

After we had all settled on our seats and prepared for the class, Professor Juni started her lecture.

“Ah, right. Before we begin, we’ll be having a joint session with the other class,” Professor Juni said. “I won’t be available this afternoon, so they’ll be listening with you for this morning.”

More people, huh? I guess that means I get to see some more baddies!

"Don't get any weird ideas," Annika said, as if she had read my mind.

"I'm just going to be looking respectfully!"

It's not like any woman is ever gonna surpass someone like Annika though.

"Don't worry about it!" I chuckled. "I only have my eyes for-"

"Good morning, Kwan!" A lady's voice called out from a distance.


As soon as I caught sight of the owner of the voice, I felt my skin turn into a deathly cold pale in almost an instant.

Amongst the new crowd of people who had entered the class was a familiar figure that I did not wish to see again. With neck-length blonde hair, warm amber eyes, and a voluptuous body shape, the girl I feared appeared before my eyes with a bright smile.

"Who's she supposed to be?" Annika said. "Some random-"

Annika noticed my complexion and stopped mid-sentence.

"Kwan, tell me who she is."


"Okay, class! Settle down! We're about to start our lesson!" Professor Juni said. "Hurry it up, people, I'd prefer to finish up as early as possible!"

No way. What is Suvi doing here? She was a student of Professor Juni's the entire time? How have I not seen her before? Wait. That means we both have the same major, and in the same university too! T-This can't be happening. This must be some sort of nightmare. This is a mistake! She's not supposed to be here!

"Can someone here explain to me about Carl Jung's concept of the shadow?"

"I'll do it!" Annika raised her hand.

Professor Juni grinned and nodded her head.

"Didn't think I'd have two students raising their hands at the same time so quickly. I feel like a proud mother."

Annika turned her face, astonished to see another person compete with her for a question.

"Suvi raised her hand first, by half a second."

She is real. Really here. In the classroom with me. Answering a question.

"Sooo…according to Mr. Jung, the shadow is a part within ourselves that we do not wish to show others. It embodies everything that goes against what we want to be, but it is inside of us, hidden away by our own minds. Our urges, our instincts, our emotions, our desires, everything that we feel, but hold back is our shadow. It is like a monster in the cages of our soul, locked away for no one to see."

Suvi glanced at me.

"Until they are let free."

Why did she look at me? Why the hell did she look at me?! Why?!

"Very good, Suvi!" Professor Juni clapped her hands. "Thank you for the wonderful explanation!"

"She explained it quite well," Annika said.


Annika gave me another look of concern, so I tried my best to keep myself together and sealed every emotion in my head from leaking out. I decided to give her a smug grin and followed up with a flirty line.

“The amount of looks you’ve been giving me makes my heart flutter.”

Annika grumbled and looked away from me. I guess my little plan worked. But, I’m not sure how long I can last in this situation.

Professor Juni continued on with her lesson and discussed the subject with more details, just like any other ordinary class day. She spoke with her usual sassy demeanor, simplifying complex nerdy concepts through the wit and charm of her silver tongue. Everyone took notes and eagerly listened to the teacher, and the occasional laughter would ensue across the room. It was all normal. All except for one thing.

Suvi had her eyes on me. Her gaze appeared to be fixated towards me, and she would bite her lip whenever I would turn to look at her. Even when I tried to escape her looks, I still felt as though I was being watched by the lady. Sweat began to leak out from my skin, almost as if the sun was inside this very room. My legs quivered uncontrollably, and I felt an uncomfortable tension between my thighs. My fingers could no longer type on the keyboard correctly, all the words fell into an incomprehensible jumble.

At that point, I realized I could no longer concentrate on anything.


A hand touched my shoulder, causing me to shudder in place. Annika narrowed her eyes and leaned her face towards my own.

“You don’t look okay.”

“W-Well,” I looked away. “I don’t look okay. I look amazing. Amazingly handsome.”

“I’m being serious here.” Annika furrowed her eyebrows. “Something’s wrong.”

“N-Nothing’s wrong with my face.”

Annika sighed and massaged her forehead. “You’re sweating like crazy.”

“That’s because I’m hot.” I forced a smile.

“Can you not joke around for once? I’m worried about you.”

“I’m fine, Annika.” I flicked my hand.

“Don’t lie to me.”

“That’s it for today, everyone!” Professor Juni announced. “Class dismissed! Gotta get ready for my date later.”

“You have a date, Prof?!” A student asked.

“Nah, I’m just kidding. Unfortunately.” She hung her head down.

I tried to sneak away to the door, but Annika grabbed my hand.

“Wait. I’m not letting you off just yet.”

“Please let go of my hand,” I said. “Now’s not the time, but any other time would be the best time.”

“Hiiiiiii Kwan! We meet again!”

In what felt like a flash of lightning, Suvi popped in front of the both of us.

Damn it.

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