Chapter 91:

The perfect defense

Elyon - Gods among us

—We are the personal escort of the great Anath, we are not just any malakim, but elite— said one of the malaks to the group of Haida gods led by Dzelarhons.

—We don't care who you are. Leave or we'll exterminate you right now!— Dzelarhons yelled furiously, and the other gods nodded in agreement.

—Alright. Finish them off!— the malak leader shouted, and at that moment, hundreds of angels hurled themselves at the Haida gods to fight them.

—Show these foreigners the power of the Haida!— Dzelarhons yelled, as the rest of the deities summoned their weapons, and then, waves of energy began to collide on the outskirts of the city.

Meanwhile, Loki was with Y'aahl inside the great banquet hall, and in front of them, hundreds of people.

—We need to get all the civilians out of here, but I don't know the place, and because of these anti-divinity barriers, I can't teleport them somewhere else, like Sedna's realm— Loki said imperatively.

—I have an idea— Y'aahl said. —Teleport the groups outside the city, and from there I will teleport them to the forests of this region—

—Agreed— said Loki.

Y'aahl then teleported out of the city to wait for the group of civilians.
—I know you don't know me well yet, but you'll have to trust me— Loki said to the group of people. They didn't understand what he was saying, but they understood that he was trying to help them.

—Don't worry, foreign deity— one of the people responded. —If the Great Y'aahl trusts you, so do we—

All the other people nodded.

—I didn't understand what you said, but I think you agree— Loki replied. —I can't teleport all of you at once, but we'll be moving in groups— said the Norse god, but the people didn't understand.

Loki then, using his mental powers, showed an illusion where he stood in the middle of a group of people holding hands. The Norse god pointed to the illusion and the people nodded.

—In groups of a hundred, is that okay?— asked a person. Loki didn't know what to say, so they showed him the amount with their fingers. The Norse god then nodded.

The people gathered in groups of a hundred holding hands. So Loki stood in the middle of the first group and touched the shoulder of one of them. They immediately disappeared from the large room.

Meanwhile, Freyr continued to launch his arrows at Anath and she didn't move, as her barrier stopped all attacks. At that moment, Menrva appeared behind the goddess with her spear wrapped in lightning and tried to impale the goddess, but again, the barrier protecting Anath prevented it.

Menrva's totema shone golden and electricity emanated from her body. Her blue eyes had turned honey-colored and her hair had light brown highlights. The goddess held the Hikaptha in her left hand as she struggled to impale Anath with her spear.

—Oh, what is this? I see that my suspicions that you guys killed Bellona were indeed correct— Anath said looking into Menrva's eyes.

Menrva couldn't hold on any longer and was expelled by the Phoenician goddess's barrier, falling to the ground. At that moment, the Etruscan goddess saw Epona jumping out of her hiding place and trying to hit Anath, and like lightning, she stopped her.

—If you touch that barrier, you will die— the Etruscan goddess shouted, showing Thor unconscious on the ground, riddled by the attack.

—But we have to do something!— Epona cried out in desperation.

—Listen, Epona. You go and give ambrosia to Thor— Menrva commanded the Irish goddess. —For some reason, Anath doesn't move; it surely has to do with her barrier— she continued to explain.

—Alright, the more the merrier— Epona replied, and taking a horn of mead, she ran towards Thor and gave him a drink.

—Listen, Norse gods!— Menrva shouted as she got up with a furious look. —This is not a game, and we need everyone's help to defeat this Phoenician demon—

—Meow have purr own way of doing things and you have another— Freyja replied, annoyed.

—No, child. We have come this far because we are always willing to cooperate with each other, to join our forces. What honor will there be if we all wake up dead because of this bloodthirsty demon?— the Etruscan goddess replied.

Then, Menrva pointed at the Phoenician goddess.

—She hasn't moved at all, she's just been withstanding our attacks. It's very likely that her barrier only works while she's immobile. If we make her move, we'll be able to start hurting her— Menrva shouted. —That's why we need your help, together we're going to make her move—

Anath continued to laugh at Menrva's words. —Almost moved me!— the Phoenician goddess said to the Etruscan goddess.

—So we're just going to help move her?— Thor asked as he got up. —It won't really be a duel, we just have to make her move, right?—

—That's right— Menrva replied.

—Alright, Asgardian gods, let's fight together to move this witch!— Thor shouted as he raised his hammer Mjolnir.

—Alpurright, Thor— said Freyja.

Although the Nordic goddess explicitly refused, deep down she was hoping that Thor would say those words, because she was quite scared of the threat they were facing.

—We'll fight together for the first time as you order, Little Thor ♬— Freyr shouted.

—Meh, I'll only do it this time— Tyr replied.

Ana then also prepared Gram to fight while Menrva held her golden electric spear.

—Let's see how much that cowardly barrier can resist!— the Etruscan goddess yelled.

Freyja then shouted: —Köttur lögun!—. Immediately, her appearance changed. She now had a more feline form than before, specifically a white cat with a blonde mane and green eyes. Her armor had become more like a leotard to give her more space to move, and her huge lance had turned into a golden staff.

—Everyone attack now!— Menrva shouted, and then she, Ana, Thor, Freyja, and Tyr launched themselves at Anath in a collective attack, while Freyr and Epona prepared energy spheres to throw at the goddess. All the attacks collided at the same time against Anath, but just like before, they were all repelled.

—Not yet!— Menrva shouted, and then the Etruscan goddess yelled: —Pulumchva Luri!
Beams of light fell on Anath, attacks that had no effect.

Freyjulundr!— Freyja shouted, and a field of flowers appeared next to Anath as the goddess ran, accompanied by illusions of Valkyries. She held her staff in both hands and struck Anath with all her might. But the barrier, once again, stopped the attack and threw the goddess away, causing the illusion to disappear.

At that moment, Thor and Tyr launched a combined attack. Tyr threw his boiling blood beam, shouting: —Sjódandi Blódrista!

At the same time, Thor caught it with his hammer while shouting: —Tanngrisnir aen Tanngnjóstr!—. The Norse god was then completely enveloped in red electricity, caused by the technique of both gods, and with this attack, he collided with Anath. But once again, the barrier expelled him, causing the god of thunder to fall to the ground.

Ana and Epona also launched a joint attack. Epona formed a blue energy ball with her hands while jumping high over the goddess Anath, shouting: —Ép sunarth!

Ana grabbed it with her sword and threw herself at the goddess from above, shouting: —Súil Balor!— The impact created a huge shockwave, and Ana struggled to break the barrier. Her hands began to bleed from the impact.

Then, Menrva threw a huge wave of energy with her spear, shouting: —Unus Frontac!—.
The technique hit the same spot where Ana was struggling, causing a massive explosion that destroyed several houses around them. Both goddesses were thrown back by the barrier, but they could see that Anath had taken two steps back with that attack.

—She moved!— Thor shouted excitedly. Then, the god of thunder attacked again, using his technique: —Tanngrisnir aen Tanngnjóstr!

Two goats made of electricity appeared alongside him. Freyja also jumped with her staff surrounded by light, and Tyr used his bloody sword. The three gods were then covered by Freyr's beams of light. The combined attack of the four hit Anath's barrier and made her move two steps back, at the same time that they were thrown back by the impact of her invisible shield.

—Only two meowserable steps— Freyja said frustrated.

—But it's a fact that if we continue, we can break through that foolish barrier of hers— Thor commented, raising his hammer and pointing at Anath.

At that moment, Loki teleported the last group of humans out of the village.

Anath then smiled.

—I've finished teleporting everyone out, you can fight to your heart's content— Loki telepathically told the members of Orniskem and the Norse gods, which caused a victorious smile on their faces.

—Did you hear that, Anath? Now we'll fight with all our power!— Thor shouted triumphantly.

—I was waiting for this moment— Anath said, and then, to everyone's surprise, the goddess started walking.

Anath then disappeared from everyone's view, and when she reappeared, she was in front of Tyr, who was sliced by her protective barrier. The god fell unconscious to the ground on his back, with his totema broken and in a pool of blood.

—Can she move with the barrier!?— Menrva asked fearfully.

—It's very simple, I was waiting for you to fight with all your power so I could exterminate you, that's why I didn't move— Anath said.

Immediately, the Phoenician goddess appeared in front of Freyja and sliced her completely, causing her transformation to end, and she fell face down on the ground with her totema broken and in a pool of blood.

—How dare you do that to my little sister?!— Freyr shouted, summoning a white and a dark sphere and throwing their combination at the Phoenician goddess, while yelling: —Andstaedingur galdr!

A huge explosion of sacred and dark energy emanated from Anath's body, and everyone present was thrown away as Haida Gwaii was completely destroyed, leaving only a crater on the ground as if a meteorite had fallen. Freyr lost his elf transformation and fell to his knees.

—Did it hit her directly?— Epona asked while standing up.

But to everyone's surprise, Anath emerged from the smoke of the explosion without a scratch.

—Sacred and darkness, it's unbelievable that savages like you can do something like this— the goddess said, and quickly, she moved in front of the god, destroying his boar totema and cleaving him at the same time. Freyr fell to the ground unconscious, his intestines outside of his body.

—Damn you!— Thor shouted as he threw his hammer at Anath, but to everyone's surprise, Anath stopped the hammer with her bare hand.

—No, Thor, I plan to kill you right now. Not even ambrosia will bring you back to life— said the goddess, while, with her left hand, she drew her katana Mikazuki from its sheath.

—She's going to kill Thor!— Epona shouted in anguish.

At that moment, Epona saw that Menrva was holding the Hikaptha and, immediately, she took it from her.

—Epona, what are you doing?!— Menrva shouted as the Celtic goddess ran full speed towards Anath holding the Hikaptha.

—Tell Rodrigo that I love him and Anpiel to forgive me!— shouted the equine goddess, just as she stood in front of Anath; and with the Hikaptha, she slammed it into her face, breaking it in the process. Anath turned her head due to the impact.

—That's your secret, right? Your barrier is just the swift movement of your sword when it's sheathed!— Epona yelled, as she saw Anath turning to look at her with a line of blood on her lip.

—Blonde girl, what the hell are you doing?— Thor shouted, but he couldn't move because Anath was holding him by his hammer.

—I'm just declaring that I, a simple and vulgar igigi, was the first person to injure Bitchanat!— Epona shouted, when at that moment she made a look of horror.

Anath, using her sword, had split Epona in half; falling her lower part, which started from her waist, to the ground in a sea of blood. Epona's eyes lost their shine and she stopped breathing.