Chapter 90:

The last supper

Elyon - Gods among us

In the enormous house that Thor had seen from the small window of his prison, the gods were invited to a feast in their honor. The house was gigantic, with totem poles surrounding the structure. The mansion had a red and black roof, and the walls were painted white with colored stripes at the bottom. Above the main door, there was a drawing with black and red paint of a raven.

Inside the grand house, torches were lit, illuminating the massive room, which was basically a vast, undecorated chamber, except for the columns supporting the roof adorned with human faces. In the background, on the wall, there were paintings of animals in red and black tones, and Y'aahl sat on a throne. Next to him, men with musical instruments and two men dressed in bear masks and skins danced to the sound of the music. The people who had gathered on this occasion were seated in front of the throne and the dancers.

The four gods who fought against the Norse gods managed to recover, barely, thanks to the mead that Ana had in her pocket dimensions. They were also standing next to Y'aahl, along with several other gods.

Meanwhile, Thor, Loki, and the other Norse gods were sitting in front of the audience, their gazes directed towards them. Menrva, Ana, and Epona were also seated among the crowd.

—It is a leader's duty to acknowledge their mistakes— Y'aahl said to the audience once the music stopped and the dancers ceased. —For that reason, I want to rectify that these people are not demons, but very powerful gods who come from the other side of the ocean—

The audience began to applaud, while Thor waved his hand to greet them all.

—So, in honor of the courage and valor shown by these gods, today we shall have a banquet in their honor— Y'aahl continued, explaining as the people continued to applaud.

Plates of salmon and cooked seaweed were brought to each of the guests. Thor and the other Norse gods received several roasted salmon, still on their skewers, along with plates of herring roe. Thor, who hadn't eaten in a while, savored all the food, leaving almost nothing for his other Norse brothers, who looked at him with disdain at that moment.

However, the climactic moment of the banquet that Thor was looking forward to was disappointing. The Haida did not drink alcohol, only pure spring water. The god could not hide his melancholy as he received glasses of fresh water, while he hoped for mead or wine, but none of those drinks were made in that region of the world. Freyja couldn't help but burst into laughter at Thor's disappointed expression as he looked at the glasses of water.

The goddesses of Orniskem enjoyed their food to the fullest. Epona was quite satisfied with the seaweed and snail stews she received. For some strange reason, Epona had no problems eating mollusks. Although she would have preferred, both she and Ana, a bit of beer. Menrva just drank water from her cup while she watched the Haida people celebrating with great joy.

At that moment, Loki left the grand room to see the starry sky. However, without realizing it, Freyja followed him.

—It was a good fight, Loki— said the beautiful blonde goddess to the dark god.

—Well, it was something only I could have done; you would have lost— Loki replied.

—Yes, that's quite likely— Freyja replied just as she sat on a log in front of the cabin.

—I suppose you've come to interrogate me about the whereabouts of Father Odin, since you seem to be the only one concerned about it— Loki asked, while still standing, gazing at the stars.

—You're too perceptive— Freyja replied.

—Father Odin came to these lands disguised as a Viking explorer, but I don't know where he might be now. With all the time that has passed, he could be anywhere, so it's a matter of him finding us, not us finding him— Loki said firmly.

—Do you realize that's virtually impossible?— Freyja commented.

—It's not— Loki replied with an evil smile, looking at Freyja.

At that moment, Ana, who was heading out to go to the bathroom, saw them and overheard their conversation.

—Lel knows that Father Odin is in these lands, probably some spy in Orniskem told them. So they someone here to kill him, but surely they will use us as bait— Loki continued explaining.

—Who from Lel, exactly?— Freyja asked.

—The eldest daughter of Elyon— the dark god replied.

Freyja was startled. She knew he was referring to Anath, Elyon's right-hand woman and current commander of Lel's armies. Her name was so famous and legendary in the world of gods that it caused great terror just to hear it.

—It's impossible! Why would someone so important come here?— Freyja asked, puzzled.

—Because if the other Elohim couldn't kill Father Odin, she surely can. Besides, he's weakened and in a territory where divine power is diminished— Loki explained disappointedly.

—I heard you created that foolish human war to recover Father Odin's energy, right?— Freyja commented. —Do you think Father... can defeat this Anath?— she asked.

—I did what I could, but I don't know how much can be done against a goddess who is literally intoxicated in rivers of human sacrifices— Loki commented, disappointed.

—Still, she's not used to this barrier, and Father Odin must have been adapting here for quite some time now, over a year, probably— Freyja said.

—Yes, that's why we must meet with Anath... only then, surely, Father Odin will appear— Loki explained to the goddess.

At that moment, Loki realized that Freyja was quite scared and nervous. Normally, the goddess was quite brave and strong, willing to face any challenge that came her way. But Anath was a challenge she never expected to face, neither now nor ever. However, the goddess swallowed her fear and put on a cheerful face again.

—It will be an interesting fight— she commented.

—Perhaps the last one we have— Loki said, laughing.

The two gods fell silent for a while, so Ana was about to leave to go to the bathroom when she was interrupted by a question Freyja asked Loki.

—Why did you have to kill him, Loki?— the blonde goddess asked the dark god.

—You know that I hated him— Loki sharply replied.

—I believe that in Asgard, everyone was annoyed by that petulant boy, but still... he was Frigg's son— Freyja continued. —I'm sure that a good beating would have been enough to calm his ego—

—Freyja, do you remember when I called you a whore in front of all of Valhalla?— Loki commented, and he saw the goddess's face distort.

—How could I forget when you humiliated me in front of everyone?— The blonde goddess answered irritably.

—I'm not proud of doing it, but even though I'm sorry for it, what's done is done— he responded.

—I suppose you will never return to Asgard after this— Freyja inquired.

—I believe I have found a place where I can stay, but, as I have said before: Despite our differences, I will never allow Lel to enter Yggdrassil— Loki answered.

—That's enough for me— said the blonde goddess as she stood up.

—A place to be, is he referring to Pallas?— Ana wondered at that moment, as she left them and went to the bathroom.

The bathroom was in a small room at the back of the cabin. Despite the crowd, there was only one person in front of the door, but the person did not seem to be waiting to enter.

—Excuse me, could I use the bathroom?— Ana asked the person, even though she knew she would not understand because she was using the divine language.

—With pleasure— a woman's voice replied in clear divine language; at that moment, Ana saw that in that silhouette pink eyes were peeking out and she froze in fear.

—Don't you want to use the bathroom?— The woman continued to ask, while Ana slowly and nervously walked backwards.

—What are you doing here?— Ana asked. —How do you know we were here?— She continued to inquire.

—Half of Vinland already knew that those fools Thor and company had come to this land, what I did not expect was to find you, Morrigan— the woman continued.

Then, the strange woman took a few steps forward and the moon fully illuminated her. It was Anath, but she was dressed only in a purple dress, that is, she did not wear her totema.

—Why are you here?— Ana asked nervously.

—Why? I think it's obvious, Morrigan. To kill the rats from Asgard who have sneaked into this territory— the goddess continued, as she approached Ana and touched her face with her hand.

—And don't try to scream or run away, I have the whole city surrounded by my personal guard— she warned.

Ana then snapped to attention and hit Anath's arm as she jumped back and invoked her totema.

The Irish goddess sported her dark totema, although the white and gold variants she had achieved with Excalibur were not present. The deity then landed on the ground while holding her twin swords Caladcholg and Fragarach.

—I will neither run nor scream. I will face you right here— Ana said with an angry face, although her legs could not help but tremble with fear.

—You can't beat me, Morrigan. Even without a totema, I can kill you without problems— the Phoenician goddess replied as she continued to walk slowly towards Ana.

—Although, I wonder, how many people will you kill if you attack me right here?— Anath continued, when she saw that Ana made a nervous gesture for having to fight in the open air.

—I must get her out of here, but how?— The Irish goddess asked herself.

—Always with those moral dilemmas, Morrigan, that's why you are weak— Anath continued and approached the Irish goddess again.

—Come on Morrigan, attack me, show me that you're not just a pathetic crybaby— she ordered.

Ana, furious at the words, tried to cut the goddess's neck with her two swords, but as if she had hit steel, the two swords trembled as they hit the Phoenician goddess's neck, even slightly cracking.

—What's the matter, Morrigan? Is that all you have to offer?— Anath retorted with a malevolent smile.

—Rui, forgive me, but I will have to leave you here— the Irish goddess said to herself, as she closed her eyes and began to elevate her power.

Ana tried to invoke her crows, but nothing happened, still, with her two swords, she lunged at Anath in the form of a thrust shouting: —Beanna pollta—. But Anath held Ana's swords in her bare hands.

—Slow, weak, weak, boring— said the Phoenician goddess and her eyes glowed red, at the same time she destroyed the swords and the totema of the Irish goddess, while she fell to the ground bathed in blood.

At that point, Ana saw that the goddess Anath wore a sheath of a Japanese sword at her waist, very similar to the one Susanoo used. But she could hardly see anything anymore because her vision was becoming cloudy.

Anath then walked over to Ana and put her heel on her face.

—Do you know why I sent you to be killed along with my little sister, Morrigan?— Anath asked the Irish goddess, but she no longer said anything, as she was almost unconscious.

—Do you think it's because of your relationship with that butch Athena?— the goddess continued to ask as she dug her heel into Ana's cheek and it bled.

—No, it's because it's pathetic to see a woman who can't overcome a trauma, and fails in her duties because of it— Anath continued.

—My malakim said you were never in Ireland, when it could be invaded by these barbarians from Asgard. You spent all your time with my little sister, putting idiotic ideas of weakness into her head. You are the reason my sister has so much shit in her head— she said.

—Please... someone help me— Ana cried within herself hoping for a miracle to save her.

—That's why you were really my target to kill. I also tried to kill my sister, but now I have reconsidered and understand that all she needs is a good reeducation, since her power is still considerable— Anath continued to explain, while she continued to press Ana's face.

In that moment, Mjollnir flew towards the goddess, but the hammer, as if it had struck an invisible wall, collided and returned to Thor's hand, who was already dressed in his totema. Behind him, Freyr and Tyr were both also in their totemas.

—Let the girl go, witch!— Thor shouted.

Anath turned to see Thor and smiled.

—Just my target has come right here to see me— she said with a smile.

Anath kicked Ana, who was left floating in the air, because Loki had saved her. The dark god was already there with Freyja, both also in their totemas.

—Ana!— Loki shouted. —You must open your pocket dimension and bring out the mead—

But Ana no longer responded, she had lost consciousness with that last kick.

—Damn it, well, don't blame me later— Loki yelled, and then he took off his helmet and pressed his forehead against Ana's.

—What the hell are purr doing to that girl?— Freyja asked furiously.

—I'm getting into her mind to be able to open her pocket dimensions— Loki said with a look of desperation.

—I never thought purr really cared about saving anyone other than purrrself— the beautiful Nordic goddess said mockingly.

—Instead of standing here judging me, go over there and help your brother and the other two Asgardian idiots— Loki yelled, and Freyja nodded.

—Damn it, just what I feared most is happening now— thought the Nordic goddess as she leaped into battle.

Thor continued to try to strike Anath, but that invisible barrier prevented any attack, even lightning bolts that the god threw at the goddess.

—We need to get her out of this town— Thor shouted. —We can't sacrifice the people who fed us such delicious fish—

—You're the only one who ate— Tyr retorted in a bad mood.

At that moment, Loki managed to open Ana's pocket dimension and make her cabin appear. With his telekinesis, he took out several containers of mead and closed it again, storing the cabin.

—Stupid, drink this— Loki said, giving the goddess mead mixed with ambrosia to drink.

Ana then opened her eyes and got up.

—Loki, did you save me?— the goddess asked as her wounds healed.

—You and the others must run, Ana. Anath wants us— Loki said nervously.

—It's impossible— Ana said. —Apparently she has the city surrounded, and she plans to massacre all the inhabitants—

—I'll get you out of here with my teleportation— Loki said, still nervous, but Ana shook her head in denial.

—If we don't all get out alive, I won't leave here— Ana said decisively, summoning her sword Gram and holding it in both hands.

However, in the fight, Thor had tried to get close to Anath to hit her directly with Mjolnir, but as if he had crashed into a blade field, the barrier had torn and thrown Thor far away, he fell in a sea of blood with his totema destroyed.

—Getting close doesn't seem like a good idea— Freyja said nervously.

—We need to destroy that barrier first— Tyr commented as well.

—Will you continue fighting individually or will you finally attack me all at once?— Anath asked with a complacent smile.

—That would go against the warrior's manual— Freyr commented, transforming into a magic elf as he prayed: —Alfheim blessun

Freyr then appeared in his elf form and summoned his golden bow beside him. The god shot some arrows at the goddess, which simply bounced off her barrier.

—If I seriously fight her, I'll destroy the whole village, so I need everyone here to be evacuated— Freyr continued.

Just then, the Haida goddess Dzelarhons appeared behind them with a look of concern.

—What the hell are you doing?— the goddess asked.

—Dzelarhons, good you came— Tyr said without turning to look at her. —Outside there's an army of soldiers who are going to destroy this village, go with yours and take care of them. Also, we need to evacuate the city as soon as possible—

—Hold on a second, what? What's all this?— the Haida goddess asked, still looking worried.

—Just do it! Be thankful that we decided to help you even though you treated us so badly at first— Tyr shouted angrily.

Meanwhile, Freyr continued trying to destroy the Phoenician goddess's barrier with his arrows, though Anath didn't move an inch, with that sly smile she often wore.

Dzelarhons ran out of there, and then the alarms started to ring throughout the city. Ana, who was already standing with her huge sword Gram, was ready to fight again, but was quickly stopped by Menrva and Epona, who had also arrived on the scene.

—What the hell are you going to do with that broken totema, Ana?— Menrva asked furiously as she grabbed the Irish goddess's arm.

—I won't sit around doing nothing!— Ana shouted furiously as she struggled to free herself from Menrva's grip.

—Loki!— Menrva shouted as she continued to hold Ana. —I want you to teleport all the civilians from this city, now!— she yelled imperatively.

—Are you crazy? There must be over 10,000 people in this little town...— Loki protested.

—Just do it, damn it!— Menrva screamed furiously, her face turning red and her eyes glowing with tremendous anger.

—You have nowhere to go, right? If you want to earn a place among us, you must do something for humanity, starting with this— she threatened.

Loki reluctantly agreed and disappeared.

—Although they seem like barbarians, but I can see that the Norse gods also don't want to seriously fight while the civilians are still in this city— Epona commented with a completely white complexion. It was a fact that the goddess was dead with fear.

—Epona, do you still have the Hikaptha?— Menrva asked the equine goddess, and she took out the sphere from her dress. It was shining brightly.

—It seems that the fight of Thor and company in the coliseum charged it with energy again— Epona commented.

—Alright, give it to me. I will be the one to fight against that Canaanite abomination— Menrva replied, extending her open hand to the Celtic goddess.