Chapter 14:

Cooking with Sven

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

We arrived at Sven and Astrid’s place a little less than 2 hours before the stream.

“I didn’t expect you to have a small house next to your grandparent's large traditional house,” I stated.

“It’s called a mikrohus. Sis is usually the one that lives and streams here. I on the other hand do the cooking in the main house,” Sven explained.

“Wait, so where’s Astrid?” Leona asked.

Sven smirked as he handed Leona a can of whip cream.

“Sleeping like a baby. Why don’t you go have some fun with her. The guys are gonna cook. Oh, and no need to worry about taking your shoes off in the mikrohus.”

Leona giddily ran off as Sven and I walked towards the main house.

“You don’t know how many times we’d get scolded for not taking our shoes off,” Sven chuckled.

“How long have you two been living here?”

“About 5 years now. Sis has always been more attracted to Japan than Sweden. I’m also into manga and anime, so when Sis asked if I wanted to come live with our grandparents with her, I said yes. Since our mom is Japanese, we knew the language and had been to Japan a few times before moving in. Naturally, there were a lot of differences between Swedish culture and Japanese culture. Shoes were easily the big one for us. It took us about a month before we finally got into the habit of taking our shoes off before entering the house. As for the mikrohus, Sis had it built so she could stream without disturbing our grandparents with her shouting.”

We entered the house and greeted Sven’s grandparents before going to the kitchen.

“Can you even cook with that long mask on?” Sven’s grandmother asked.

“It’s fine. His mask won’t get in the way in the slightest,” Sven replied.

It was time to get cooking. We got everything set up before Sven started recording.

“Hej! Svenfjordsalt here with special guest Crowboy50.”


“Today we’re making some ramen for a collab stream between my sis Astrid and Leona.”

“There will be two kinds of ramen dishes we’ll be making.”

“The good stuff.”

“And the bad stuff.”

We began by heating up some cup ramen before placing them in the fridge. These would be used for the gunge part of the challenge. Next it was time for the main dishes.

“The core dishes will be the same, so we’ll essentially just make multiple portions of the same dish,” Sven explained.

Due to my experience with helping my mother cook, I did very well following Sven’s instructions. In no time at all, we had finished our first dish.

“Not bad, you’re better at this than I thought," Sven smiled.

“Well, a cute girl really wants to try my cooking.”

“Lucky girl, though now its time to go full Crowboy. You bring the goods?”

I whipped out some imported spice I found while shopping the day before.

“It says it’s made from ghost peppers.”


“Well, you’re the guy who gave Leona a can of whip cream to play with. Besides, I’m sure both of them would love a spicy dish.”

“Well, can’t argue with that, dump it in.”

I sprinkled in the spice as Sven pulled out some salmiak.

“You’ll have to teach me how to make that sometime,” I stated.

“Maybe for our next collab. But more importantly, you got wasabi?”

“Since I’m around Leona a lot, I carry at least one tube on me at all times,” I declared as I whipped out my tube of wasabi.


The two of us laughed evilly as we gazed at our weapon of destruction. It was Ghost-salmiak-wasabi ramen.

“We’ll wrap these up and put it in the fridge for now. If they get too cold, we’ll heat them up again in Sis’ microwave. Now, let’s get to work on the ramen bucket.”

With our main dish done, we then began moving everything to the mikrohus. When we walked in, Astrid and Leona were covered in whip cream.

“Oh Sven, care to explain why I woke up looking like a cream monster?” Astrid playfully growled.

“No clue.”

“Well, your little messenger got caught and has been converted to a cream monster.”

Leona playfully growled as she walked toward us.

“WAIT! I bring a peace offering! If you let us pass, I’ll let you two take a shot at me in a game of Metriss. If you beat me, I’ll have to eat something very nasty.” I playfully pleaded.

“Hmm, it will take a lot to convince me.”

“It’s a brand-new item that just dropped at the foreign import store. I doubt either of you have tried these.”

“And you’re not going to tell us what it is?”

“I don’t want to ruin the fun.”

“Alright, I’ll free your girl from my spell and let you pass. Though we’re starting the stream early, so we can make you eat your own meal.”

If only Astrid knew how good I was at Metriss. Though, I really did want to see the two of them eat the candy I spotted at the store.


“HEJ! Astrid here!”

“YO! It’s your girl Leona!"

“Now you’re probably wondering why we’re starting early, and why there’s some residual whip cream on us.”

“Well, for the whip cream, check Astrid’s Mewtube in a day or two.”

“As for the early start time, seems Crowboy found something really disgusting at the store and thinks he can make us eat it if he beats us in Metriss.”

“We’ll each challenge him one on one, though if either of us beat him, he loses.”

“I’m up first.”

Metris is a puzzle game where you arrange falling cubes to create a line. It was easily one of the top 5 games I was really good at. Astrid was a challenging opponent, but I did beat her in the end.

“Skit! Leona, you better not blow this.”

“Please, I know how to beat him thanks to you.”



Leona had played Metriss before, but she was a complete rookie at the game. She hadn’t quite mastered the more advanced techniques like Astrid had, making it far easier to beat her.

“Just so you know, if it contains laxatives we eat it after the ramen challenge,” Astrid stated.

“No need to worry about that. I doubt these little guys will upset your stomachs too much,” I snickered.

Astrid and Leona shrieked when I whipped out the candy. It was a scorpion encased in a lollipop. When I spotted these while out shopping for the spice, I knew I had to get them. It was a great way to spend the money I got from my streams and videos.

“They put a SCORPION in there?” they both shouted.

“Yeah, Kageyama from the shop said he immediately ordered some when one of his suppliers informed him about it.”

“Ugh, I really need to learn that I reap what I sow,” Astrid grumbled as she began eating it.

Leona naturally took a few licks before covering it in wasabi.


“Well, THAT was an experience. I’ve eaten crickets before, but never a scorpion lollipop,” Astrid declared.

“You’re totally gonna do a challenge around them,” Leona teased.

“Wouldn’t want to buy out the entire stock. Though I doubt this will be the last time I eat one of these. Anyway, with the appetizer out of the way, let’s get on to the main event.”

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