Chapter 16:

Ramen gunge challenge

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

“For those of you joining just now and wondering why we’ve been live for 30 minutes, Crowboy here decided to issue a last second challenge.” Astrid stated.

I waved to the camera as I helped Sven fill the bucket with cold cup ramen.

“They have SCORPION lolipops now! Any one in chat tried one?” Leona asked.

I briefly looked over at chat. It was mostly a sea of “no” with the occasional “yeah I ate one” response.

“Now for the main event. Just like yesterday, the punishment will increase with each concurrent loss,” Astrid declared.

“Whoever loses a total of 3 times first, gets the ramen gunge,” Leona stated.

“As for the other two, the first loss will result in a single cup of cold cup ramen being dumped on your head. The second loss will result in the loser eating a malicious bowl of ramen containing who knows what Svenfjordsalt and Crowboy50 stuffed in them.”

“We have a total of 5 games. We’ll choose each one at random with the Wich spinner function.”

The first game they drew was Moon Dingo Barrage. It was primarily a single player on rails shooter, but it did feature an intricate multiplayer mode.

“Coyote is easily the best in the game! I’ll crush you!” Leona declared.

“Brawl Brothers is a whole different story, though Coyote is one of the top tiers. If we draw Brawl Brothers, we’re doing a Dingo vs Coyote match there as well!” Astrid stated.

Leona managed to eke out the win, meaning Astrid would get cold cup ramen dumped on her head. She shrieked when the cold ramen made contact with her head.

“Dang it really is a lot colder without hair,” Astrid chuckled as she ate some of the stray noodles.

“I thought that was your hair,” Leona jibbed.

“We’ll see how you react when you lose next round.”

The next game was Brawl Brothers. As promised, the two played as Coyote and Dingo respectively.

“Dingo’s really good and tough to beat, but at least he’s not a broken piece of shit like Metabob,” Astrid stated.

“How do I do the wave shield?”

“Coyote’s works different from Dingo’s. If you were more skilled at this game, I’d have a challenge, but since you aren’t…”


“GYAH!” Leona screamed as cold ramen was dumped on her head.

“Told you it was cold,” Astrid snickered.

“Well, you’ll warm up with the devious ramen,” Leona pouted as she tried to secure the empty cup of ramen on her head.

The third round was Metriss. Astrid easily routed Leona there.

“You’ll want to eat this at the table,” I warned as Leona wearily got up.

Astrid turned the camera towards the table as Leona sat down.

“What’s in it?”

“Try it and find out.”

“OO mystery! Well, I can clearly see some wasabi and salmiak in there. Itadakimasu! Ohm… MMPH! IYAAAAAA! SPICY! IZ EALLY ICY!”


“GHOST PEPPER SPICE!? AND you brought those scorpion lollipops with you? You’re a cruel man Crowboy,” Astrid stated.

“Yo ryin om ext!” Leona growled.

Her tongue was still sore from chugging down the whole bowl. It took a few more sips of water before she could talk normally again.

Maria Raceway was next. It was an intense race, but Leona was far more skilled than Astrid and easily won despite the numerous blue eggs thrown at her.

“I gulped the entire thing down. You know what that means right?” Leona snickered.

Astrid groaned in frustration as she sat at the table.

“Itadakimasu. MMPH! AAAH!”


“**** u row oy!” Astrid growled as she chugged down another water.

Like Leona, she had finished the whole bowl.

“You look like you could use a cold ramen gunge,” Leona teased.

“Oh, I think I’ll channel this red-hot rage into victory.

The final game was the battle mode of Pilemen 4.

“You haven’t started this game yet have you?” Leona asked.

“I played the demo, and I’ve played the first three games. You really think you’re a pilemen master after just one game?”

“Well, there’s still the final boss left to beat, but I’ve got Regis.”

“Regis, oh yeah. Heh heh heh.”

Astrid truly channeled her rage into her gameplay.

“NO NO NO! YOU BITCH! NOT REGIS! Now I gotta go purple for the next stream,” Leona moaned as Astrid completely decimated her.

“Time for a cold bucket of ramen,” Astrid snickered.

Leona giggled as we all hoisted the bucket above her head.


Leona shrieked as she was covered in cold ramen. When the bucket was empty, Astrid began eating some of the noodles off Leona’s head.

“Your hair tastes great. Say how close are you to 100,000? I bumped past 850,000 just before we started,” Astrid asked.

“75,000. I told you I’d get there before you.”

“Win or lose, I’ll make sure your hair is baked into something nice. Maybe we’ll try soup or popsicles.”

I laughed as the two bantered. Though I did hope Leona reached her subscriber threshold before Astrid. Afterall, Leona’s 100,000 subscriber special was where I planned to make my confession.


After cleaning up, we joined Sven and Astrid’s grandparents for dinner.

“Now THIS is the ramen I was waiting for!” Leona exclaimed as she slurped up the good ramen Sven and I made.

"I'm surprised you use your real name as your username," I said to Astrid.

"Yeah, it varies from streamer to streamer. Some use their real names, while others use variations of their names or a completely different name all together."

"Yeah, I get that. I chose to make my username a variation of my name, Mukuro."

"Well, that explains your affinity for crows. How about you Leona?"

Leona laughed dramatically.

"My real name is actually far more epic. I am Wasabi Wasabi! And YES, I did legally make it my name," Leona proudly stated.

"So you changed your name?" Astrid asked.

"I mean my original name sucked ass, I didn't even like the stuff I was named after."

"Heh, now I'm curious. Come on. My grandparents are cool and won't let your secret out."

Leona pouted as she muttered, "Wakame."

Astrid began to giggle.

"I HATE wakame! The only way I can eat it is if I gunge it with wasabi."

"So, what's the history behind your username?" I asked.

"Oh, that's easy. I like lions and I'm a Leo. Though I have to admit, it is arguably cuter than Wasabi. Maybe I'll legally change my name to Leona Wasabi."

"You'll always be Leona to me," I stated.

"Heh, I'm so used to calling you Crowboy, that I don't think I'd be able to just start calling you by your name. Though I guess Crowboy technically is your name," Leona laughed.

We all laughed and smiled as we ate our ramen.

As we were leaving, I noticed a blue stuffed bear in a glass case.

“Oh, starin at the bear? That’s actually got a nice story behind it,” Sven’s Grandfather stated.

“What’s the story?”

“Well, way back when, our daughter, their mother, broke her leg and couldn’t play outside. Wanting to improve her mood, I stopped by a toy store to get something for her. It was a nice little place. The owner wasn’t a great businessman, but he was kindhearted and superb at his craft. When I told him my circumstances, he instantly picked out that bear. He stubbornly refused to take my money, but I secretly stashed it on his shelf when he wasn’t looking. Talk about reverse shoplifting. Ha ha! Sadly, the place closed down, but the bear brought my daughter great happiness.”

“Oh, yeah. One of my streaming friends was curious about the man who made it,” Astrid chimed.

“The one at that shop you always go to, right?”

"Yeah, Oilerclean96. He's the one that also does those restoration videos. So do you know what happened to the maker of the bear?"

Well sadly I don’t know what happened to that guy or if he’s even still alive. Though I’m satisfied just knowing he helped make my daughter’s life a little brighter. She really did like that bear, and if she didn't accidentally rip it, I'm sure she'd have taken it with her rather than entrusting it here with us for safekeeping.”

I chuckled as he finished his story.

“Why are you chuckling?” asked Leona.

“Oh, no reason. The story just put me in a good mood, that’s all.”

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