Chapter 8:


Wind Sniper 0

I began trembling in horror as I slowly faced Himesake.

“Akagame and I were out the other day when I noticed you sneaking around. Curious, we tailed you and witnessed you break into a car and steal a VERY peculiar briefcase. Now why would you do that, and what could be in that case,” Himesaki mused.

My mind went into overtime as I tried to think of a way to get out of this.

“Oh um, it was for a variety show. See I met someone and they asked if I’d like to star in a video. They tasked me with retrieving a long briefcase. It was just a film project. They fully consented to me smashing their car.”

“Oh really, is that why you ran up to the top floor of the F-building? Were those men Akagame and I beat up also part of the act? They looked like Yakuza to me. And why did you bring the long case with you home?”

Oh no, this was bad.

“He said I could keep it as a prop. As for the men, um I don’t know. Maybe they were with him, maybe not.”

“So why did you have a sniper rifle?”


My heart began thumping as I broke into a cold sweat.

“What are you talking about?”

“Funnily enough, I think Shimemura-san told me that three girls from our school were held hostage on the roof of a nearby building. There were also loads of bullets found on that roof and in a Yakuza’s corpse. You killed him did you not?”

My knees gave out and I sunk to the floor.

“How much do you know?” I sighed.

“Oh, so you admit that’s your rifle. Coincidentally, Shimemura-san also informed me that the bullets found at the crime scene were the same as the ones that murdered those three detectives.”

My heart beat faster as my stomach began to turn.

“Since the rifle is at your house, I simply need to give a tip and its off to prison for you, Erika, your family, and Naname.”


“Guilt by association. We’ll just say the whole kidnapping stint was a falling out amongst allies- “

“I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!” I begged as I groveled before her.

She smiled and stomped her shoe on my head.

“Well, aren’t you an easy read, aside from the pictures, everything else I made up based on hypothetical scenarios. But to think it was true. Shimemura-san did inform me about the kidnapping, but said nothing about the bullets matching the ones that killed the detectives. Though for you to be so freaked out means you probably DID kill them. And based on how stupid you are, I bet the murder weapon is hidden under your back porch. Now hand over your phone.”

I begrudgingly handed it over.

Even though it had a password, she effortlessly guessed it.

“Naname Hosen’s birthday? Pathetic.”

Her eyes widened with curiosity as she played around with my phone.

“So you DO have a job. Though why is your payment in Euros? I believe this app is for a Swiss bank. Then there’s this “boss”; who is it?”

“No clue, she didn’t tell me her name.”

“You’re a bad liar under pressure.”

“Ramona Panini.”


“She’s the boss of Familia Panini, an infamous Italian mafia.”

“I’ve heard of them, but I don’t believe they have a boss, or if they do it’s not public knowledge. Call her and put it on speaker.

I begrudgingly did as she asked.

“The number you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please hang up and try again.”

I miserably stared at Himesaki.

“Well it seems you’ve been abandoned, how tragic.”

“Just ask Sakura, she’s with them,” I sobbingly growled.

Himesaki glared and made a phone call.


Sakura glared as Akagame stared her down.

“Move, I’ve got classes to get to.”

“Looking like THAT!? Sorry, but we can’t just have mummies rolling around the halls. Though I’m curious. You’re all bandaged up, yet nothing’s in a cast. Even your arm in the sling is just simply bandaged. When I flicked your breasts, you didn’t move a muscle. What happened to you?”

“You heard about the kidnapping incident, yes? I was one of the victims. This is a result of that incident. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

Akagame tapped Sakura on the shoulder causing her to grunt in pain.

“You’re pretty buff. So how the hell did you get injured like this?”

“I got shot,” Sakura groaned.

“Then why all the excess bandages? Were you just trying not to make people worried. Come to think of it, why are you even here if you’re THIS injured?”

Akagame was interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing.

“Madam President? Yes. Oh her, she’s right here. Shall I drag her over? OK.”

Akagame grinned as she stared down Sakura.

“Looks like Zero cracked.”

She then slapped tape over Sakura’s mouth as she wheeled her into the school.


Sakura shot me a death glare as Akagame wheeled her into the news room. She then ripped the bandages off Sakura revealing the various bullet wounds she received from me.

“Well would ya look at that. All those wounds are non-lethal and won’t cause permanent injury. It’s like someone used you to launch a surprise attack. Now where do we know someone that’s capable of pulling off shots like that?” Akagame mused as she stared at me.

“Looks you ARE in cahoots. Now Sakura Harukawa, assuming that’s your real name, please tell us about this Ramona Panini.

“MMPH MMPH MMPH!” Sakura roared as she glared at me.

“Akagame, her phone.”

“Yes, Madam President.

Sakura’s eyes widened as Akagame stripped her of her phone.

“Password!” Himesaki ordered, as she slid the phone under Sakura’s fingers.

Sakura refused to budge so Akagame began squeezing on one of her wounds, causing her to howl in pain.

Sakura still refused to budge.

Himesaki sighed and took back the phone. She handed it to Akagame, who then hooked it up to her laptop.

“Akagame is quite skilled with computers you know,” Himesaki taunted.

In a few minutes, Akagame had unlocked Sakura’s phone. Himesaki gazed over as Akagame dissected the phone.

“Seems you’re a cautious woman, there’s no messages, photos, anything. Which in itself is suspicious. Though you do have Zerou, Naname Hosen, and Erika Tsubaki all listed as contacts. Does this mean they’re all your collaborators as well? In that case I’ll report them too to the police- “

“MMPH MMPH MMPH!” Sakura roared.

I was surprised. Why was Sakura getting so mad, don’t tell me she actually considered Erika and Naname her friends.

Akagame ripped the tape off allowing Sakura to speak.

“What do you want?” she growled.

“Community Service. Since I’m going to be Prime Minister, I’ll need the streets of Japan to be as crime free as possible. You are going to help me achieve that. Though I don’t think you’re suitable for the task. Therefore, Zerou will do all the heavy lifting while you provide intel. Tell me everything about your mafia.”


“Well then, I think I’ll send your friends to- “

“NO! __!”

“Amusing, you just arrived yesterday, yet you care about your new friends THAT much? I guess it could be the suspension bridge effect.”

“No, I’ll never sell out my friends, nor allow you to hurt them!”

“Well then, it seems your mouth has no use to me. Akagame!”

Akagame then gagged Sakura and punched one of her wounds causing her to howl in pain.

“Bandage her up and keep her in “the dungeon.” This is to remain between you and me.”

“Yes, Madam President!”

Himesaki turned to me and tossed me a walkie talkie as Akagame left with Sakura.

“For your first act of Community Service, I want you to take out a monster. I will give you the details over this walkie talkie after school. Keep it on you at ALL times. Akagame will be monitoring you as well.”

I then depressingly trudged to class.

“Great, now I have TWO evil bitches ordering me to kill people. Why me?”

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