Chapter 7:

Richochet revenge

Wind Sniper 0

I turned my head in shock as I saw an explosion coming from the roof of a building near me.

“No way! Is that bastard trying to blow me up? __! Oh no!”

I then realized I had fallen right into that psychopath’s trap. There was no time to lose. I took aim and began firing ricochet shots.

“Keh! Looks like he’s still alive. Well good thing I planted bombs on every adjacent building!” Hyena sneered as he set off another bomb.

To make matters worse, he was dodging all my shots. The rain hadn’t affected him in the slightest. I also had to be careful not to hit any of the girls. Then to my shock, Sakura attempted to stand up.

“Keh heh! You really are a trooper. Though it must be agonizing having that busted arm tied behind your back.”

Another building went up in smoke.

“Shit, there’s only one left besides mine. I have to take him out now.”

As I readied my shot, Hyena grinned as he pulled out a gun and pointed it at Naname.

“No, he wouldn’t!”

In a split second, I saw a line that could get everyone out of this mess.

“I’m sorry Sakura, but this will save your life,” I said as I fired my shots.

My first shot effortlessly deflected the bullet Hyena fired at Naname, sending it into Sakura’s left thigh. My second shot ricocheted off the air conditioner and went right through Sakura’s left shoulder before flying towards Hyena. He effortlessly dodged that along with my 3rd shot.

“Keh heh KEH!?”

Hyena realized he was snared too little to late. My 4th shot was aimed right at the gun he was holding.

Hyena immediately dropped his gun in an effort to avoid my bullet ricocheting off it. Too bad for him that sealed his fate. 

My final shot ricocheted off his falling gun and right into his throat. Hyena coughed up blood and fell to the ground as I reloaded. Now it was like shooting fish in a barrel. I pummeled all his vitals before using my remaining shots to free Naname.

Naname slowly opened her eyes when she realized her restraints had been cut.

“Na Naname’s free!? KYAAAH!” she screamed as she pulled off her gag and saw the carnage before her.

“Harukawa-chan! Are you alright!?” she screamed as she ripped off Sakura’s gag.

“Heh, more or less. That bastard really put some holes in me, but I don’t think any will cause permanent damage.”

I watched the girls call the police, before hightailing it.

“Oh yeah, what am I going to do with the rifle!?”

I probably couldn’t return it to Sakura’s car, and if I called Ramona, she’d just say “that’s your problem not mine.” The only thing I could think of was to hide it at my house.

“If anyone finds it, I’ll just say it was a gift from someone I met at the shooting range,” I thought.


“WHY! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!?” Erika sobbed, as she hugged Naname.


“The medics better get here soon. I can’t move a muscle,” Sakura groaned.

“Heh, you’re a brave woman Harukawa-chan,” Naname sniffled.

“Just call me Sakura. I’m just glad you’re all safe.”


30 minutes after I got home, Erika came home. She was still shaking and crying. I retreated back to my room before she noticed me.

“It’s best if she doesn’t see me. Who knows what might happen.”

I then decided to call Ramona.

“Ah, Zerou! Well, looks like you passed the make-up exam. Though you only just pass considering your test paper was extremely messy and hard to read. Next time don’t poke so many holes in it.”

“I have a question; why didn’t you just have one of your more experienced hitmen take out this creep?” I asked.

“Why should I waste top talent on trash like that? Besides, I want to build you up to be one of my strongest hitmen.”


“Your sniping talent is already professional level. If only you were good with close range combat, you’d be ideal. Well, I’ve wired the payment, though I did deduct a chunk for Sakura’s medical fees.”

I grumbled as she ended the call and stared at my ceiling.

“Should I call Naname to comfort her? No, I need to be careful. I can’t let it slip that I was there.”

I decided to send her a text.

“Hey Naname, Erika just got back crying and sobbing. Do you know what happened?”

To my shock, Naname called me.


“BAKA! KAZEROU-Kun BAKA!” she sobbed!

“Naname, what’s wrong!?”

“Naname’s terrified! Naname was kidnapped. The kidnapper said he’d sell us if you didn’t pay. Waaah!”

The poor girl must still be traumatized.

“It’s OK. If you need me, I’ll be there for you.”

“Ka Kazerou-kun. Naname’s sorry. Naname’s just overwhelmed. Naname needs to rest. Naname might not be at school tomorrow. Thanks for caring about Naname though. Naname’s glad you’re safe. Goodnight.”

I sighed as I drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Erika refused to go to school. I also received a text from Naname stating she wasn’t going to school either. It was completely understandable. Sakura however, did show up.

She was now in an electric wheelchair and covered in more bandages than before.

“Ah, Zerou-kun. You REALLY messed up. Luckily, I can still move my left hand so I can pilot this wheelchair,” Sakura giggled in a cute voice.

“Why are you even here? You can’t even do anything mummy.”

“Gotta build up student rapport. And keep an eye on YOU!” she muttered under her breath.

Suddenly a girl with short brunette hair and tan skin came running up to us. I cringed as I recognized who it was.

“YO ZERO! Heard ya broke every bone in a girl’s body and kidnapped your sister and girlfriend,” she snickered.

It was Kana Akagame, the ace of the track team as well as head of the news club. She was also Himesaki’s right hand woman.

“So what’d he do to ya pinky?” Akagame sneered.

“He just busted my shoulder, the rest of these are honorable wounds I received from defending my friends from a kidnapper.”

“Oh yeah, heard some girls are skippin school today cuz of that,” she snickered as she flicked Sakura’s breasts.

“The hell was that for!?”

“Oh, just seein if you can actually move. I guess since your new here, ya don’t know but the Tsubaki’s are losers. This one’s trash, and his sister’s a cheating scumbag that molded her brother into the trash he is now.”

“Bullshit! You just smeared Erika because she dared to challenge your master, what I do has NOTHING to do with her,” I yelled.

“Oh really? Well guess you need to get more informed and read the school paper.”

“Never! It’s just propaganda shit out by your master.”

“Slander of the Press! Oh, speaking of which, Madam President wants to see you in the club room immediately. Guess I forgot to mention that first.”

I grumbled as I stormed off to the newspaper club room.

“What could that tyrant want now?”


I cringed as I stared at the walls of the club room. They were adorned with articles demonizing and slandering all of Himesaki’s foes.

“Ah, Zerou. I see you’ve taken an interest in Akagame’s superb journalism. My personal favorite was last year’s reporting on the cheating scandal,” Himesaki sneered as she pointed to an article.

The article in question was titled “Cheater gets punished! Forced to shave head and repeat a grade!”. It also contained a picture of Erika wearing gym clothes and sobbing as her head was shaved.

“Pure evil! Erika never did anything wrong! I passed that final thanks to my own effort and Naname’s tutoring!”

“So Naname Hosen was a collaborator? Interesting.”


“Zerou, Zerou, Zerou. You don’t realize how much trouble you’re in do you? Himesaki sneered as she pulled out a large envelope and threw its contents on the table.

I went pale with fear as I saw the contents. It was photos of me breaking into Sakura’s car and taking the sniper rifle.

“Now care to explain?” Himesaki sneered.

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