Chapter 28:

Chapter 28

Prince of the Sun

It had been a few days since the solstice, Jace had unfortunately been unable to catch Momoka. It worried him a little yet he was keeping busy with his studies of the Fae. The Palace had slowly de-glittered itself as it stepped away from the winter solstice. It was a shame to see all the decorations be gone for another year, yet the palace was grand all on its own.

Jace was early for the big meeting of the court. He was pouring over a history book of goblins. Trying to deduce if they had any kind of relative or any mention of a Fae creature with teal skin. He had not had much luck at all. Fae history and archaic creatures were just as mysterious as Zebedaios himself.

Lynn sat beside him. “Quite the dedication you have there,” she said after looking over his shoulder and reading a page of the book.

“It’s my job to understand what he was,” Jace grumbled.

Lynn chuckled, leafing through some of the papers in front of her. “That might be a bit of a stretch.”

Jace ignored her and went back to looking through the book. He barely even took any notice of Nikita sitting beside him nor the comment she made about him reading.

Slowly the rest of the court started to file in, including Momoka. Jace didn’t notice until Lynn gave him a tap on the wrist. There she was in a brown knitted cardigan. Jace offered her a smile and she offered one back. He was happy to get a response from her after so long of complete silence between the two.

He hoped that she had cooled down considerably since the night of the solstice. He supposed him sitting next to Nikita really didn’t help yet he couldn’t really change that. No matter how much it irritated him all his life he had sat next to Nikita for every single official event and it would not change.

He was about to say hello to her when Queen Pearl and King Cassianus walked in.

They all rose and the meeting formally began.

Jace quickly hid his book in his coat and looked through the notes in front of him.

Cassianus spoke first, “Danya, and Fujimura Alphas are you aware of the Myth Hunters celebrating Winter Solstice traditions.”

Tadashi responded, “Our pack has not kept too close an eye on them during such holidays, we usually have large celebrations ourselves. In saying that we have not usually had large scale attacks during the days surrounding the solstice.”

“Myth Hunters are unusual myths; they as we all should know have a tenuous relationship with their god Welios the god of war. In Myth Hunter groups the worship of him varies from non-existence to fanatical. Though that aside they all largely consider the other gods to be myths in themselves, especially these radical Myth Hunters that find us such an issue. Celebrations such as the solstices are very important to us Phoenix and the werecreatures for our God and Goddess of the Sun and Moon, Omthys and Naanke. The solstice celebration is considered a huge deal within mythical as a whole, even by those not fond of Omthys and Naanke, yet I would understand if these Myth Hunters completely discarded the holiday as they wish to take down our God and Goddess,” Danya explained at length.

After a moment’s silence of everyone taking in that information Gaufrid spoke, “My scouts have discovered that the Myth Hunter base had had some high profile visitors. They were heavily guarded when they entered, we unfortunately are unsure of what kind of myth they are though we assume they are not indeed locals of the base. With how quiet the base has been I believe this is serious cause for concern.”

“Since then what have your scouts reported?” Pearl asked.

Gaufrid shifted a little under Pearl’s direct gaze. “No attacks, they continue to be very quiet, my Queen. In terms of the base itself, it seemed to be more alive than ever. More lights on, smoke out of chimneys, magical energy being used apparently.”

Jace dared to glance over at Momoka. She was staring directly at Nikita, something nasty burning behind her eyes.

Jace’s stomach fell. Was all hope truly lost for this relationship?

He could only hope to be able to talk to her and shake off some of this awful jealousy toward Nikita. For Nikita was only sitting next to him. She was paying him no mind at all. Nikita watched nervously as her mother, Jana, contributed to the conversation about the Myth Hunter’s new guests. Nikita didn’t seem to have noticed Momoka’s glare or at least she didn’t want to draw attention to it. Jace certainly didn’t. During a formal meeting with the Queen present, how much of an embarrassment it would be to have Momoka glaring at Nikita.

Jace looked down at his papers.

He needed to fix this, so she wouldn’t embarrass herself, him or most importantly her pack. What a mess he had made of this alliance with the Fujimura pack.

The meeting came to an end with an uneasy feeling settling over all of the court. Jace kept up his formal appearance as the meeting ended and they exited the room yet his eyes kept flicking toward Momoka, trying to keep track of where she was.

She started to walk down the hallway with her pack. Jace followed her, walking briskly.

“Momoka, may I have a moment of your time,” Jace said.

The Alphas stopped and looked at him, then Momoka in some silent language of the wolves, they gave her their blessing before continuing onward.

Momoka stood before him, now looking down at his feet, not staring at his face as she usually would, her hand gripping her elbow. She waited a moment before finally saying, “Sorry Jace I just don’t really feel like talking right now.”

Jace nodded, “I understand, when you are ready I’d really love to discuss some things with you.”

Momoka flinched like he had just slapped her across the face. “Okay,” was all she said before turning away.

“Momoka I promise I’m not breaking up with you, it’s not going to be bad,” Jace said, a little desperation sneaking its way into his voice.

“Okay,” was her response and she was already walking away.

Jace now looked down at the ground, not wanting to watch her walk away so dejected. Was this truly the effect he had on romantic relationships? All magical and amazing then suddenly darkness and depression. It seemed like it was his pattern that he was forever doomed to repeat.

If he could have cried in that alway he would have. Unfortunately or fortunately being a being of pure light made it impossible for a single tear to be shed much less roll down his face. He wanted to curl into a ball and hide. Yet he was still the Prince of the Phoenix and he was in a public place, he would have to wait until he got into his room before he did that.

Jace steeled himself and lifted his head.

And there it was.

That masked face and that teal smile beckoning.