Chapter 29:

Chapter 29

Prince of the Sun

Jace was frozen in place. He wasn’t quite sure if he was imagining what he was seeing before him. Had Zebedaios really decided to appear? Why here and why now?

These and other questions swirled around Jace's mind as he stared directly at Zebedaios. He didn’t flinch with Jace’s gaze upon him. In fact he appeared to be enjoying it, his smile widening.

Jace unfroze and took a step toward him. And another.

Zebedaios didn’t move in fact stayed impossibly still.

Jace moved a little faster.

Suddenly Zebedaios turned and ran down the corridor to the left. Jace was a little taken aback. Not expecting it he hesitated.

Jace didn’t know if it was at all possible to catch Zebedaios, yet he didn’t want to let him go again.

So Jace gave chase. He knew it was wrong for the Prince to be running like a child through the palace but Zebedaios was fast. Even when running down the stairs he was fast, Jace really had to push himself to keep up.

Zebedaios was wearing the same mask, the curves of his horns Jace could see as they ran through the palace. He was wearing different clothing today, a black coat. Not quite the same as a Phoenix coat but it made him blend in at least a little more as he dashed past the Phoenix in the hallways.

Jace couldn’t help but smile as he ran, he had thought that maybe Zebedaios had been someone he could only see during the winter solstice. He was delighted it wasn’t true.

Zebedaios was going further and further down the palace. He seemed to know the palace with eerie familiarity. Perhaps as much as one who lived within it.

They got odd looks from the Phoenix they ran past but Jace couldn’t allow any of them to slow him down. He was fine with using his authority to get past them in this case. He felt if he slipped up or slowed down Zebedaios would leave him in the dust and who knows when or if he would ever see the mysterious myth again.

Zebedaios led him down onto the ground level and began running towards one of the wings of the palace, Jace kept after him. He ran up to a door leading outside and threw it open, quickly passing through it into the darkness of the outside world.

Strangely there were no guards around, Jace didn’t think about it too deeply as he followed Zebedaios outside.

Jace kept running but Zebedaios came to a stop. Jace nearly ran into him struggling to stop. Zebedaios took Jace’s arms, steadying him.

All was quiet, except their breathing, breath coming out in white clouds from smiling mouths, behind them the doors swung shut. Light was minimal out there as the sky was filled with clouds so Jace allowed his eyes to glow. Yet it wasn’t the sky Jace was looking at, it was Zebedaios’ mouth, close to him once again.

“Decided to stick around?” Jace said playfully.

“Oh I have no place that I would rather be Prince,” Zebedaios purred, his fingers stroking Jace’s bicep.

“So you have been here since the solstice?” Jace asked, looking at the mask even though it was completely opaque.

Zebedaios chuckled, deep rumbling filling Jace. “You and your questions.”

“I find it quite unfair that you know almost everything about myself and all I seem to know about you is your name,” Jace whispered.

The soft blue light of Jace’s eyes complemented Zebedaios’ skin perfectly, the gloss of his lips shined enticingly as he spoke and Jace could think of nothing other than them. They smiled, leaning forward, so extremely close to Jace’s own lips.

“You know how I taste.”

Jace felt a blush rising in his face. “How is that important?” he barely managed to say.

Zebedaios gripped him tighter and their lips met. Jace was glad that Zebedaios was holding him because he surely would have collapsed to his knees if not. Zebedaios tasted sweet, just how he smelt. His touch sent lightning all over Jace’s body. Jace leaned into his kiss, his left hand wrapping around Zebedaios. Holding him tightly. He didn’t want him to just disappear on him again. No, he needed his kiss to last.

Zebedaios held his waist firmly, being in Zebedaios’ arms just felt so right, Jace could have just slipped into the bliss of the moment. The kiss deepened, Zebedaios’ tongue brushing against Jace’s lips.

Jace’s heart was racing and he was pretty sure that he wasn’t breathing yet with his right hand he slid it up Zebedaios’ perfectly sculpted shoulder blade. Cupped the back of Zebedaios’ neck, making him shiver in pleasure and grip Jace even tighter.

The kiss once again threatened to take over Jace’s whole mind.

He was Prince of the Phoenix, he would not be bested.

His right hand dug into Zebedaios’ hair, smooth as silk on his bare hands. He could feel Zebedaios smile on his lips.

Quickly, with his right hand jace knocked the mask off Zebedaios’ face.

Still deep within a kiss Jace to his horror saw eyes like shattered glass staring into his own.

A demon.