Chapter 8:

Deep wounds

Vampire Lanterns

"Please don't be too strict with Mirko." Those words half silently leaked out of her lips. "I can not ask him to risk everything, just to protect me... I am sure he feels already bad, because of it anyway." She was hugging the backrest of the chair. She laid her head on it and looked out of the window. She was ready for the treatment.
Demyan sat down on the ground and started with the process. Carefully he began to clean her back from the blood. As his body was healing fast, the vampire side was trying to overpower him. He sensed how his appearance started to change. Mentally he fought it with all his strong will. Demyan wished to stay in the human form a little longer.
His human fingernails were changing colors and size: dark - light - dark - light; long - short - long - short... No! He can't change now! He has to help her! Inhale and a long exhale... Petrona wondered, what was going on with him.
She could sense his discomfort. "Are you scared of blood my Lord?" He chuckled. "Yes, you can say so..." He paused and then continued. "Something like that."  The precise cleaning ate up most of the time. The sun began to set. He wanted to be gentle and not cause her any further pain.
As he was done with the initial cleaning, he saw the extent of her injuries. His blood was boiling by this point. Her back was in a really bad state. Those wounds were deep and painful. "Didn't you have any other option, than this?" She gently giggled. "I did... I would have to pay 30 pieces of gold coins."
Saddened Demyan hangs his head down. "I see... that is a big amount for any commoner in your situation." She waved her right hand in the air to catch his attention. "I rather get blows, than give up 30 gold coins to that asshole." He was baffled. "So, do you have that much money???" She smiled at the moon sitting over the tower in the Waste Lands.
"Yes I do, but those are meant for my friend. That lantern I wish to send to my friend, is quite expensive. I need a lot of magic spells to use, so it works as I wish. The most expensive one is the protecting spell. So it can reach the tower through the fumes unharmed."

Demyan realized she got injured on purpose, just for him! Tears began to flow out of his shocked eyes. He noticed them and was amazed analyzing them. This short time he spent with her, made him experience emotions. He felt sad, happy, frustrated, amused, angry, in awe, anxiety, joy, worry, hope... Why was this happening? Was it because of the human form? Was it because of her?
He felt like the Fenix rising back up to the sky after its death. He was looking for enjoying the festival together with her. He pressed his forehead carefully against her lower back. "Huh? Are you ok my Lord?" He collected himself after this huge realization. "Yes, I am, don't worry." With a smile, he continued to address her wounds, which still kept bleeding a little.
Petrona silently watched the cat licking its own wounds. "Now we are equal right?" Demyan was confused? "Pardon me?" She chuckled. "Me and that kitty... We both are hurt right now." He stopped and looked at the cat, which froze as soon, as it felt Demyan's eyes on itself. The cat was very well aware, of what Demyan was in reality. It glared at him.
Petrona laughed about it. Demyan proclaimed defeat. "I know, that the tomcat hates me, but at least you show liking towards me." He blurted out. Petrona fell silent. She dug her chin into the backrest. Embarrassed and full face red, she couldn't utter a word. Demyan knew and just smiled over it. An unknown warm feeling surrounded his heart. It felt nice.
A sting in his chest and a pulse moving through his whole body appeared. His vampire side was trying hard to take over again. It wanted back its lost authority over Demyan's body. His eyes turned gray and the round pupils slowly became slits again. His brown hair shade turned raven black and his nails got elongated and back to be black.
Petrona didn't notice it, yet. She had her eyes closed and humming a calming melody. Demyan canine teeth were getting pointier and lusting for being sank into some warm flesh. That strong urge forced him to move his face closer towards her body.
How long it has been? When was the last time he drank blood? He is so near to it, but his heart makes it so far... His eyes are filling with tears again, but of the sad sort, because he doesn't want to drink HER blood. He losing the battle with himself... His heart is racing so fast. Should he fly out of the window and never come back?
He loosen his willpower and does something... He took a lick of fresh blood from her wound... She shrieked out of surprise. That snapped him out of the whole transformation and his appearance regresses back to his human form. He is so happy about that. It stopped!
She jumped out of the chair backing off holding tight to her undershirt and covering her front side of the body. "M-my LORD! Why? What was you trying to do?"
Demyan tried to quickly find a believable excuse. He pointed towards the cat unfazed still licking its own wounds. Petrona standing confused looking back and forth from Yan to the cat. "I am honored my Lord, but... I am not a cat! I know it's your first time for tending to injuries, but we humans, just don't do such things... Please, continue as before..."

He was relieved, she swallowed that lie...