Chapter 9:

The Earring

Vampire Lanterns

The moon was high up, when Demyan was done with caring for her. Somehow she fell asleep in the middle of it and he had to wrap the bandages around her by himself. Of course, he looked away beet red, as he was going front and back with it. He took her into his arms and placed Petrona on the bed with her stomach down.
He brought the chair closer and sat down leaning his upper body on the bed, watching her sleep. Demyan carefully stroked his fingers over her hurt back for few times, until he covered her with the blanket to not get sick. He was contemplating his next steps for the following days.
Silently Demyan sneaked out of the room outside. He was looking from the balcony at the view of Lush Lands. Soon he will be there experiencing the Festival together with her. It brought a smile on his lips, but... Firstly he has to take revenge for her.
He picked up the scent of Mirko. He followed it to his door and banged on it. With a sleepy face, Mirko opened the door and his eyes rose up. He got scared by Demyan's downwards glare, but surprised him soon after. "I need your help with something!" Demyan sat with Mirko across each other.
He stated finally, why he came. "I need to get back my earring. I am pretty sure I lost it around the lake, or even inside the lake. I have to show off my status..." Mirko almost fell down from his chair. "I think that will be quite complicated your Highness. We need to get some more help..." Demyan knew, who he meant with it.
The next early morning both men stood in front of Luka. "Why should I help YOU... my Lord?!" said the werewolf man with a sarcastic tone in his voice. "I need it back; for Petrona's sake. I am gonna teach that asshole, who did that to her a lesson!"
Luka frowned. He didn't know yet, about the punishment she got. Ashamed Mirko revealed it. "The supervisor gave her 30 whip blows on her back." Luka outraged screamed. "WHAAAT?! I have to see her!" Demyan turned his head to Mirko. "So it was the supervisor?! Good to know, I planned to ask you about that too... I think I don't need that anymore." He smirked.
Demyan cut them both. "We need to!" At the lake, Luka sniffed the air around Demyan and then began to walk around the grounds. He picked some vampire scents around as well. That made Demyan suspicious. He paused and looked Demyan up and down.
He brushed that off, he looks like a full human or max an unknown hybrid. Those must be just some old smells, which came before or after... Luka's nose brought him to the edge of the lake, where they both fell inside. He jumped straight into the water. Mirko gasped. "Wait!"
Luka surfaced after a minute out of breath, but with something in his hand. Still a little snarky: "Here your HIGHNESS! Is this, what you were searching for?" Demyan smirked, as he clutched the earring in his palm.
It was long, geometrically cut obsidian framed by gold. Luka couldn't believe Demyan was really a prince, but that smell was his. Since the earring was quite soaked in it, with a little trace of Demyan's blood on it. So it was legit.
Mirko bowed down. "What is your next order your Highness?" Demyan was stroking his chin. "Keep my real status from Petrona... she doesn't need to know, that I am a prince. It's enough, what she believes I am, right now." Both men begrudgingly nodded.
Demyan put the earring in its place and hurried up to be back before she woke up. He returned at the right time back. He leaned over her, when she opened her eyes and looked at him. His long dark earring absorbed some sunlight and shined green into her face.
Suddenly Demyan felt tired; like human level of tired. His body slowly slid down, while closing his eyes and unfortunately pinned Petrona down under him. She tried to wiggle her way out, but Yan was too heavy. Laying next to each other, face to face and his heavy upper body with his arm over hers.
Petrona's face was burning red and her heart was so much racing, its sound filled the room. The cat decided to jump up on Demyan's back and lay down to sleep. Petrona's eyes darted towards it. "Well,... great!" He slept like that hugging her till he was done.
Afternoon, as Demyan finally woke up, he was embarrassed and apologized to Petrona, who was still flustered with her flushed face sank into the palms of her hands. "It's ok my Lord! I am fine! It is nothing! I am glad you had your well-deserved rest." She shook off her disposition... "I see you found your earring, my Lord."
Demyan smiled at her. "Yes I asked Mirko and Luka for some help." Petrona was in awe. The three of them became closer! She was happy about it, she feared they would tear their heads of each other. Especially Demyan and Luka. Mirko was more the fearful one.
Demyan leaned in. "Do you want to see it up close?" Petrona gasped and her heart reacted as well. She was fearing for this day. The day she will fall in love... one-sidedly. She took a small peek at that beautiful piece of jewelry and then removed herself from him. She decided from that point on, to keep her distance. Not only was he tall and handsome, but the differences in their ranks were way more greater... and impossible.
On the other side, Demyan wished to close that distance. His mind didn't even come across anything at all. His thoughts were occupied by all those good deeds and sacrifices she made for him.