Chapter 39:

A cruel twist of fate

Escape Witch

A petite blond woman walked through Athens. She was dressed in a casual brown suit, and wore gloves and sunglasses. The most notable thing about her was the cane she wielded. It was fancy and had the letter M engraved on its hilt. The woman thought to herself as she looked at her phone.

“Eika Kuramori, so you were a Ginkawa all along. That means your daughters also possess Ginkawa blood. While I do believe there is merit to keeping you all alive. It is more advantageous to wipe out the opposition and install Harumi Ginkawa’s twin daughters as the head. Unlike the Illumous sympathizers within the Ginkawa family, these two have been properly brainwashed and will graciously become cogs in the machine. As for the other two, Mao Ookuma will be dealt with internally, and Dakota’s daughter? Could care less. She is far from the threat her mother was. Now then, for this game, the most advantageous opposition for me to face would be…”


Emeri groaned at the spectacle before her. Paparazzi crowded around the SPA where her family was.

“Let’s go, I’m NOT getting caught up in this,” Emeri growled as she began dragging everyone away.

"But I wanna see," whined Madoka.

"Watch the highlight reel. If they notice us we'll all be hairless freaks within the hour."

Madoka gulped and decided to obey Emeri's demand.


“Yeah, I can see why you don’t get along with them. Still, they’re sadly better parents than the bitch I was stuck with,” Serika lamented.

“I’ll concede that point. They may be the most stubborn and idiot jocks on the planet, but at least they aren’t an Illumous shithead.”

“Come to think of it, how does your family deal with Illumous?”

“Well, my mother changed her name and hair, and never really talked about Ginkawa affairs with us. She was close with auntie and got to see her under the guise of guest starring in her videos. I only learned about everything when I moved in with Auntie. The jocks travel around frequently, though they tend to come back to Athens the most due to its Olympic history.”

“So they’re completely oblivious to them?” asked Yuni.

“All except for maybe my mother, but she ran away from home at a young age in order to make a name for herself.”

The girls were interrupted by the sound of footsteps running towards them. Emeri groaned as she recognized the footsteps. It was her now clean shaven family. The three of them glistened in the sun as they posed.

“Whada ya think Emeri? Just like the old days, though now it’s permanent. You really should join us, it’ll shave minutes off your time.”

“Now how about that sightseeing jog. Come on you can do it.”

“You gotta stay in shape if you don’t want to become fat and greasy.”

“Et tu Eriza!? Ugh, I DO keep in shape. My figure is very sexy and healthy. I’m just not an athletic jock like you three.”

“Come on, its been a while since we were all together. Come run with us!”


“*huff* *huff* Ugh!”

Emeri collapsed in exhaustion.

“Come on girl, that wasn’t even 400 meters,” Eika berated.

Serika walked over and picked up Emeri.

“Learn to take a hint dammit! Be a better mother for your daughter! I had a lousy piece of shit for one and went through hell because of her. Don’t repeat history dammit!”

Serika turned and walked away with Emeri as Eika stared in confusion.


At the hotel, the girls lounged in their room.

“Thanks for sticking up for me back there,” Emeri said as she rested her head on Serika’s thighs.

“No problem, those idiots were unrelenting. If you wanna hunker down here, I’ll stay with you.”

“Thanks. We just need to wait until the mansion arrives. Then we just travel on that.”

“We should check out the restaurant here at the hotel, the food looks really good,” said Madoka.


"What's wrong? Why're ya just standing there honey?" Eika called out.

Kouki was standing infront of an alleyway with his back towards Eika.

"There some muggers in there? I'll circle round the other-MMPH!?"

Kouki suddenly grabbed Eika by the mouth and hoisted her in the air as he retreated into the alleyway.

Eika's eyes widened in fear when she saw his face.

"What the hell? It's his face, but those eyes. They're glowing!" Eika thought as she heard the sound of a someone with a cane approaching.

"Well hello girlfriend. Quite the cruel twist of fate you've found yourself in."

"Eika began struggling to no avail as Kouki restrained her.

"Do not bother. Even with your strength, you cannot best this beast. Fear not, you will join your husband soon, Akina Ginkawa."

Eika's heart beat out of her chest as she unleashed a mighty kick, breaking off Kouki's arm.

"What the hell!?" Eika yelled as she ripped Kouki's hand off her face.

Electrical sparks were flying from where she had severed the arm. Kouki then charged and began attacking Eika.

"What a shame Akina. You left your family and changed your name at a young age just so you wouldn't be seen as a Ginkawa. You started a successful family and raised one of the most talented athletes the world has seen. How unfortunate Ginkawa blood runs through her veins," the blonde woman lamented.


"True, you are a Kuramori by marriage. However, you can't change the blood running through your veins. You were born a Ginkawa, therefore you and your daughters must be treated as Ginkawas. How ironic Emeri resents you. Had it not been for her, your chances of living free from the Ginkawa burden would have risen to 85%. I imagine your sister Harumi contacted you to warn you about our declaration of war. This would explain why you and your daughter decided to destroy your hair follicles.  That would have drastically reduced the chances of you being tied back to the Ginkawas. How unfortunate. Had you not run up to me and asked me to be your girlfriend, you could have successfully avoided your demise-"

"WILL YOU SHUT UP!?" Eika roared as she leapt over Kouki and ran.

"Damn it! What have they done to him!?  I hopped I'd never have to be threatened by those Illumous bastards ever again. If they've turned Kouki into a robot, there's nothing I can do to save him. **** YOU ILLUMOUS! I'll kill you for that, but first I must find Eriza. I can't let them hurt her. She's innocent. She has nothing to do with this!" Eika thought as she frantically ran around the city.

She then saw Eriza jogging and sprinted up to her.


Eriza drove her hand through Eika's abdomen. The last thing Eika saw before losing consciousness was Eriza's glowing eyes.

"No, not you too. Not my beautiful daughter..."


After enjoying dinner, the girls exited the restaurant to come face to face once again with Emeri’s family in the hotel lobby.

“Come and jog with us,” they all said in unison.

“You three idiots, how many times do we- “

“SERIKA! GET BACK! Something’s not right!” Emeri yelled.

Serika looked at the three and shuddered. Their eyes glowed like LED lights.

“What, happened- “

*Clonk* *Clonk*

The girls turned to see the blonde woman from before approaching them with her cane.

“Wait, aren’t you- “

“Yes, your mother’s girlfriend. Quite the cruel twist of fate Emeri Kuramori.”