Chapter 38:

Really DUMB jocks

Escape Witch

“I wanna see the colosseum on the cliff!” Madoka stated.

“Mado-chan, it’s the Parthenon,” Emeri sighed.

“Is it always like this with you two?” asked Yuni.

“More or less. Mado-chan’s a lot like a little sister to me. Though I do have a good relationship with my biological sister, Eriza. Unlike my dumb jock parents, she’s a dumb jock, but respects and supports my decision not to be an athlete. I in return am supportive of her and her sports career.

“You said she’s already won Olympic gold, right?” asked Serika.

“Yeah, in all the speed swimming events. She’s also won multiple world cup gold medals, as well as some gold medals at the Winter Olympics. She ended up getting the best of everyone’s genes and is set to become the strongest most successful female athlete in the world.”

“Maybe they’re here now at the Olympic stadium!” Madoka exclaimed.

Emeri sighed.

“I’m fine with seeing Eriza, but my parents ugh. Let’s see the Parthenon before it gets too crowded.”

The girls then made their way to the Parthenon.

“Wow, that place was amazing, though I wonder if there were any secret rooms hidden in it,” Madoka mused.

“I doubt it considering we’d probably know about it by now.” Emeri stated.

“So there’s no secret passage connecting to the minotaur’s labyrinth?”

“The Minotaur's labyrinth, assuming it exists would be in Crete, not Athens. Wait! Mado-chan, don’t tell me you want to try and escape from it.”

“Yep, no thread needed, just pure Madoka sense. If the Minotaur shows up, I’ll either run or kick him.”

“Pretty sure he’s dead according to mythology.”

“So, what’s the myth? I never really studied much Greek mythology,” grumbled Serika.

“Oh, I know this one, allow me to explain,” Yuni proclaimed.

“I was asking my girlfriend.”

“She’s busy babysitting, you’re stuck with me.”

“Oh hey, Creekypedia’s got it right here. Now let’s see…”

“I wanted to show off my knowledge dammit,” Yuni pouted as Serika read through the Creekypedia page on the myth.


Emeri hid behind Serika as the girls arrived at the Olympic stadium.

“What’s got you acting all cute Emeri?” Serika cooed as she placed her hat on her head.

“I just really don’t want to run into those jocks. I’m not ready to tell them I have a girlfriend.”

“Would they get mad?”

“No, but I think they’d do something really stupid.”

The four girls then ran into a swole but sexy woman. She wore nothing but running shorts, running shoes, and a sports bra that struggled to contain her titanic breasts. Her skin was smooth and covered with oil, while her short crimson hair perfectly framed her beautiful face. Her Lapis lazuli colored eyes gazed at the girls.

“Ara! Emeri! Whatcha hidin behind a sports model for girl?” she asked.

“Ugh, hello mother,” Emeri mumbled.

“Oba!? Is that you? I thought you had silver hair,” Madoka exclaimed.

“Oh! MADOKA! How ya been? How’s Rumi-ne doin?”

“Momma’s sailing on the mansion, and some thugs broke all my bones the other day. But I escaped with my friends.”

“How’d ya loose to some thugs? I know ya say your bad at martial arts, but your kick is an Olympic treasure. You should try out for the national team, I know-“

“MOTHER! She’s a magician, not an athlete! Besides she just healed up to the point where she can walk around THIS MORNING!”

“Then let’s do a physical therapy session!” a man’s voice boomed out.

Everyone turned to see large buff hairless man with gold eyes wearing nothing but a speedo and running shoes sprinting towards them. He towered over everyone as he smiled and flexed his pecks. Emeri groaned as she sunk to the ground.

“Hello Father,” she mumbled.

“So you girls here to be Olympians!? Never fear! We’re in the middle of Eriza’s training session, but the more the merrier! Ha ha ha!” the man laughed.


“Perfect! We’ll sprint around Athens then! Want to do the 2004 marathon course?”


Emeri’s parents were Kouki Kuramori and Eika Kuramori, two world-class Olympic athletes. Despite their great athleticism, they lacked intelligence and could be stubborn at times.

Eika looked at the four girls.

“Greenie’s got the workings of a great athlete, I can tell just by looking that that sexy body of yours is stronger than it looks. You might even be able to surpass me in strength and beauty if ya undergo daily training.”

“I can see why you’re uncomfortable,” Serika whispered to Emiri.

“Yeah, I warned you. They’re dumb jocks.”

“SPEAK UP EMERI! We can’t hear what you’re sayin!”

“That’s the point.”

Serika began thinking of a way to get out of this situation.

“Yeah sorry, but we’ve got a tight schedule. Don’t want to miss our SPA appointment.”

“OH, YOU TOO HUH!?” The jocks cheered in unison.


“Us and Eriza have a athletic Spa appointment booked in an hour. We’re booked for a complete laser hair removal, massage, moisturizing, and oiling treatment that will improve our strength and mobility,” Eika explained.

“Wait laser? Don’t tell me- “

“YUP! Me an Eriza are joinin your dad in total baldness for good. Our times are gonna blast through the roof when we're done. The World circuit won’t know what hit it. So you comin with us?”

“HELL NO!” Emeri, Serika, Madoka, and Yuni yelled in unison.

“What’s wrong? You shaved your head all the time for swimin.”


“But we never wear jeans, they’d just rip to shreds if we put em on.”


“Can’t you idiots take the message!? We got shit to do. Not everyone’s cut out to be an Olympian. Stop trying to force your damn will on us you dumbasses!” Serika roared.

“You two are really full of energy. Do you train together?” asked Kouki.

“She’s my girlfriend dammit, and I won’t let her shitty parents force her to do something she’s not into,” Serika declared as she tilted Emeri’s head into her breasts.

Kouki and Eika’s expressions grew dark.

“GIRLFRIEND!?” they roared in confusion.

“Ugh, I get you were trying to help me, but these two are just so dumb,” Emeri thought.

“I thought ya were supposed ta have a boyfriend. Isn’t that what girls are supposed to get?” asked Eika.

“It’s the Reiwa era, girls can have girlfriends mother,” Emeri growled.

“I never had a girlfriend.”

“And I never had a boyfriend, though I’m friends with plenty of guys, does that count?”


“I’ve got it Kouki, lets race to see who can get a friend first! “

“Good thinking Eika, clearly there must be some training benefit to having them.”

“Yup! I bet Greenie got that sexy body by having lot’s of girlfriends. Plus Rumi-ne’s always been saying she wants a bunch of cute girls and she’s sexy strong. Let’s race!”

The two dumb jocks ran off, as a girl ran into the stadium. She looked similar to Eika except she was shorter, less swole, and had slightly longer crimson hair.

“Emeri-ne!” the girl yelled as she ran up and hugged Emeri.

“Eriza, OW! You’re breaking my back.”

“Sorry Emeri-ne. Oh, Madoka-ne’s here too?”

“Don’t hug her, she’s injured.”

“Oh, gotcha gotcha. So these your friends?”

“Yep, the one with the twin tails is Yuni-chan, while the beauty with the green hair is Serika-chan, my girlfriend.”

“You got a girlfriend? Congratulations.”

“You seem a lot different from your parents,” Yuni noted.

“Yeah, I’m a cool girl. I know what’s hip and how to count. I also know my sports history and geography. So why’re you all here?”

“Oh, we’re sightseeing until Auntie arrives.”

“Auntie’s coming? Is she gonna watch me train and compete?”

“No clue, though you could just call and ask her.”

The conversation was interrupted by the return of Kouki and Eika. They were each carrying a member of the same sex with them.

“LOOK Eika, I found a boyfriend!”

“I got here first with my girlfriend!”

“Um, who’s the bald guy? He your training partner? The woman in Eika’s arms asked.”

“Nope, he’s my husband!”

“And she’s my wife!” Kouki responded.


The two people walked away in anger as Kouki and Eika massaged their sore faces.

“What went wrong? I got a girlfriend just like you Emeri.”

“UGHHH!” Emeri groaned as she face palmed.


“Are you really OK with this?” Emeri asked Eriza.

“Yeah, I’m totally fine with going bald if it improves my performance. Well nice seeing you Emeri-ne, come watch me win gold in a few days!”

Emeri smiled as she waved goodbye.

“I’m glad Eriza was born. We may have different interests, but we get along great with each other. She’s a good little sister.”


The woman whom Eika had tried to make her girlfriend stared at her phone as she stroked her long  beautiful blonde locks.

“So, all 4 of those girls are wanted? I knew one of them was a Ginkawa, but to think the others would have bounties this high. Fate really works in mysterious ways. I went looking for love but found money instead. Tee hee.”