Chapter 16:

Continuing Construction

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

Everyone seemed to like my bento boxes. They were made pretty simply but they could be easily made, and mass produced with my crafting. I even let everyone keep the boxes. Grinding those horned bunnies totally paid off.

Construction was going well, most of the smaller buildings were nearly done. Paths, gates, fences, and other such amenities were remade. Morale seemed high and everyone was energetic enough to get back to work. I kept crafting parts and walls. It was kind of boring, but it got the job done quickly.

Thinking back about Grandeiwos, what was it doing buried under the village? It looks nothing like the Stahl-Soldats from this world. In fact, it looked more like a typical sci-fi robot. No matter what I did the frame couldn’t be taken apart. Sure, it was able to do a rocket punch type attack, but it seems to be a special case. I could probably kit it out with some weapons and magic gems to boost its power.

“Hey, Akio!” Carine called to me, “Do you think you can make a grave for the village chief; his name was Metallum…” Oh yeah, I never had a chance to meet him. It was the least I could do. “It wouldn’t be any trouble at all.” Which was true, I had plenty of wood to make a coffin and it wouldn’t take too much stone for a tombstone. A hole had already been prepared.

Ferro had come up to us. “Thanks, we’ll have his funeral tomorrow. We need to get the village back in good condition before we can have any distractions.”

Carine looked at him worryingly, “I see where you’re coming from but, how can you say that about your own father?” He simply scoffed and walked off. Here I am helping make a grave for his dad and all he does is give a half-hearted “thanks” and what was basically a “get back to work”. I’M the one moving everything forward here. “What’s with him?”

Carine faced me with a sad look in her eye, “I know he’s had a hard time being a defender of the village but I don’t know what’s gotten into him. Metallum was a kind man who led the village and even gave me a place to stay.”

We quickly finished making the grave and continued working on the buildings. The village was nearly restored, but it would be a good idea to try to do something to improve the defenses. Maybe I should teach other warriors here how to pilot Stahl-Soldats. From those parts I got from that gang of incubi and recycling parts from the Halberds I might be able to build a few more Craft-Knights or more fighter jets.

I am curious about other locations in this world, whatever kingdom Alcier Village is in probably has a capital where I could buy a lot of material from. I can try to get directions tonight when we’re done.

Inside our Craft-Knights, we finished up by putting roofs on all of the buildings. The villagers were celebrating with a big dinner.

I sat by Zelezo to get more information from him, “I noticed I never asked, what even is the kingdom we’re living in?” He laughed at my honestly stupid but legitimate question I wanted answered, “Well Alcier Village is in the Kingdom of Grilise, on the continent of Sera.” “Great, I’m looking to see if I can get to the kingdom’s capital to try to buy different materials.”

Zelezo looked deep in thought, “I can get behind that. Well, I suppose you could try going tomorrow. I’d say that you should be the one to go along with someone who isn’t a pilot.”

Carine shifted her head over, “I’ve been wanting to see the capital for some time now.” Zelezo poked my arm in a teasing manner. “Yeah sure, you can come with me.”

I know I shouldn’t be thinking like this, but it’s going to feel like a date, isn’t it? We’ll even have to cram ourselves into the fighter jet’s seat. I continue eating to get my mind off of it. The food was actually tasting quite good, they must have gone all out on this feast.

“Zelezo, do you think you could train up some more Stahl-Soldat pilots, it would be better to make the other warriors be able to join our battles. I can make some more Craft-Knights, though it might be useful to test them to find ways of bettering the designs.” He gave a nod and a thumbs up, “Sure thing kid!”

I can use the money and treasure from Osaur’s hoard to buy lots of good materials. Other than metals I should get cotton and wool to make new clothes, I'm already getting tired of just wearing furs. Using fruits for seeds I can plant them for a better variety.

Maybe I should use the extra time I have tonight to upgrade the jet. A few gems to shoot magic will probably be enough. Once I’m done eating, I’ll start.

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